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  1. Biohazard bounce sold, og wwc bounce 1.25” still available $500 And candy crush hybrid still available
  2. benjho


  3. benjho


    Yeah actually I will create a thread, I’ll definitely post a link to it here when I do. I love shallow tanks because less wet arms and more top down views . I used to have a shallow tank before so I kno and I miss it lol.
  4. benjho


    Maybe I don’t know yet ahha cus it’s gonna be a slow stocking livestock thread lol
  5. benjho


    Yes I am still using the stock light for this tank. But I am also setting up another tank!!! Another tank in the house in process of getting wet this weekend!!
  6. benjho


    Thanks man
  7. Lol no it means I want my 3.5” mama to be at 5” big in two years lol and it’s not a status symbol thing lol I fkin love my mama mushroom lol peeps keep telling me to cut it but I jus can’t
  8. Any pics of ur bounces? Yeah I’m an insanely impatient guy lol. I actually wanna buy more mama bounce and grow em bigger lol.
  9. It’s a typo.. I meant I’m willing to trade my mushrooms plus cash for a mama bounce mushroom or mama mushrooms or rare plate corals.. lol
  10. Lol I’m saying I’m willing to trade these mushrooms plus some cash for a mama bounce mushroom or mama mushrooms or plate corals. And no it’s not a status symbol thing I’m literally in love with my mama bounce mushrooms lol.. there was a typo error I believe, I jus revised it up top.
  11. It’s a candy crush hybrid, same colors jus different texture and patterns. More rare this one
  12. I wish that was the case lol. I’m literally obsessed with my og bounce mamas
  13. True but it would take 2 plus years which I don’t have patience for
  14. Nah they jus too small lol. I only want mama sizes now