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  1. Such a cool looking little bowl. All this just makes me want to have a wall of picos
  2. Oh for sure. This is just temporary to get the tank cycled and seeded with all the good stuff from my frag tank refugium. All of the macro will be removed and the tonga is going to be glued to the lid to make sure as much light as possible gets through.
  3. Keeping a Six line Wrasse

    hmmm that I dunno. The only other issue I have had with a sixline really being aggressive is with a a red ruby dragonette. They do like extensive rock work to go in and out of though. That being said they aren't really that hard to keep and are a good starter fish. If you really want to read into it there is another incredibly similar species of six line wrasse that isn't as aggresive. It looks exactly the same but is around 3-4 times more expensive but is supposed to be entirely passive . I can'f for the life of me think of the name now.
  4. Keeping a Six line Wrasse

    What is a tsb?
  5. It's pretty amazing how much life is already in there. I turned off all the flow to my frag tank fuge, stirred it up, and added 75% of that water and 25% fresh salt water mixed with red sea coral pro salt to start the pico. Also I had planned on adding a small powerhead but the flow generated from the air stone seems to be more than adequate. I am a little worried about salt creep since we cant drill the lids and the airline creates a small gap but we will see I guess. This is absolutely my new favorite tank . Got that sweet first coral in there as well
  6. Upside Down Pico Reef

    Thank you very much! This could all fail miserably but hey that's part of the fun. I just wanted to try something different.
  7. Done... mostly. I still need to get the Tonga situated the way I want it and glue it to the lid. I just wanted to get the tank up and running though and let it sit for a few weeks. All of the equipment is hidden in the drawers below. The only equipment besides the light currently is an airstone. The Caulerpa is just temporary as well and will be pulled out soon. I just wanted all those good bugs from my frag tank fuge.
  8. Upside Down Pico Reef

    Gonna be real interesting to see how this experiment goes. I am pretty excited though!
  9. I'm really happy with the way things are coming along.
  10. Finally got a day off so you know this bad boy is getting up and running today!
  11. .......Don't give me ideas. I wonder if I could suspend a cup full of sand with small holes in it and attach the tonga branch to the bottom but grow mangroves out of the top. I know the idea is simplicity but damn would that be something cool. Would solve my biological filtration concerns too.