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  1. TFish77

    Barton's 20g I won the lottery

    Looking good! Out of curiosity what are you using to take those photos.
  2. TFish77

    Mag cleaner ???

    Have had flipper in tank for over a year submerged with no issues on the blade. The biggest reason I would remove it is just to prevent stuff from growing on it over time. I keep mine in the back in the shade.
  3. TFish77

    Upside Down Pico Reef - A very Pico Christmas!

    All but one. Most of them have larger reefs but they have all expressed interest over the last year about having a simple small tank for their offices. I did a similar one a few months ago for my girlfriend which turned out really well so I figured I would try again.
  4. TFish77

    Upside Down Pico Reef - A very Pico Christmas!

    So on a sorta related note this contest has really gotten me back into picos. Soooooo guess what some of my friends are getting for Christmas . I wouldn't be mean and set them up with reefs so they will be ultra low maintenance planted picos. Bonus you can see the reflection of the pico jar in one of the pictures!
  5. TFish77

    Just Your Basic 12 Gal Nano Journal

    One of the coolest things you can put in a nano in my opinion. They will kick some sand up but its really not that bad. Just make sure you put your rock in before your sand or I would not recommend getting one. Other than that they are amazing.
  6. TFish77

    Just Your Basic 12 Gal Nano Journal

    Looking good so far! Please tell me you plan to get a candy cane pistol shrimp to go with that high fin?!?!?
  7. TFish77

    Got zoas?!!

    Looks like some pretty good deals. Any way to get some pics with less blue? Edit: In store only
  8. TFish77

    Can i add several torch frags together (different colours and sizes)

    In my experience hammers and frogspawns will play nice together but torches will kill both of the former in most cases. Torches should all be fine together. It is relatively easy to tell when they start to sting each other though and if you do happen to notice it just remove one of them. Here is my old frogpsawn/hammer colony hanging out together. When I tried to add an aussi gold torch it stung both of them so I removed it.
  9. TFish77

    Upside Down Pico Reef - A very Pico Christmas!

    I know me too. So far though nothing seems to be negatively impacted at all. I really thought stuff would react a lot more to being upside down but so far so good (famous last words )
  10. TFish77

    Nano Tank From BALI "sps dominated"

    Very nice tank! A good friend of mine is from Bali and frequently goes back to visit/get coral. Sooner rather than later I will make it out there with him. Is that where you got your love of corals from?
  11. ^This. I do it temporarily for pictures and have looking into painting over the diodes or something else as a permanent fix.
  12. I did the exact same thing with electrical tape for pictures . I am considering painting over the white diodes as a permanent solution but wanted to check with @Felicia first to make sure it was an acceptable modification.
  13. TFish77

    seabass's cookie jar (to be retired)

    Is that what's left of the GSP mat? Duncan looks good though.