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  1. Horsey_Cat

    Wanted to share the journey so far of my pico reef

    The tank is 2.9 gallons. With the AC50 that adds a little more water volume
  2. I started my pico reef in August. After finally deciding on a tank I got it up and running with some live rock. This is what it looked like not long after it was initially setup Very empty and quite bare During this stage of the tank I would browse nano-reef, looking at peoples grown out tanks and seeing how beautiful they where. Wishing that mine would look like them. Fast forward a month and this is when I had my long tentacle plate coral. Along with some other corals which started to make my tank look a bit better in my opinion. I really loved my plate coral, my clown even hosted it and it was so cool to watch... Ohhh and did I mention it GLOWED under the lights!!! Unfortunately at one point I noticed it started losing some flesh, and soon the tissue loss spread. It took about a week for it to turn into a disk looking skeleton. The whole time I was hoping it would bounce back, but I knew what was ultimately going to happen. Fast forward to today, and this is what it looks like (6 months after the first picture). Im quite happy with the way it looks now. It's also pretty hardy, after being out of state for 2 week and only having someone top off water and feed occasionally I was stunned how good it looked after having hardly any maintenance done.
  3. Horsey_Cat

    WTB: Mushrooms, polyps, easy corals

    Really sorry about the delay, I meant to reply and it turns out I never did. Please don't hesitate selling it to the other interested party
  4. Horsey_Cat

    Re-adding rock to my tank

    Still out there, its been about a week
  5. Horsey_Cat

    Re-adding rock to my tank

    About a week ago I did a major aquascaping because of a live aquaria order I received. In order to add everything from the shipment, I had to take out a big piece of live rock and crush parts of it to fit everything else in. With the chunks that I wasn't able to fit back in I just placed them outside until I could figure out what to do with it. Im now considering adding some of the rock I took out to my AC50 since I have some room in it, just to increase the biological filtration. What do I need to do to the rock in order to add it back into my system. I imagine taking it off my porch and just placing it in my filter wouldn't be the best idea.
  6. Horsey_Cat

    FS: Aquaclear 70 + Intank Media Basket

    Well how about some pictures to go with it too
  7. Horsey_Cat

    Why does my GSP look like this?

    Other coral look good, but I have mostly softies so I have low flow. Especially where the GSP is at, Im just using my AC50 for all my flow. Im considering putting a small power head in there if it will make the GSP look better.
  8. Horsey_Cat

    Why does my GSP look like this?

    Its been in my tank for probably about a month, but just a couple days ago I did a major reaquascape. So I removed the GSP on the rock it was on, and propped it up like you see in the picture. Hoping it will attach to the back wall and grow. Im really hoping it turns out looking beautiful like As opposed to
  9. Horsey_Cat

    Why does my GSP look like this?

    The only thing I know about it is that its aquacultured metallic GSP. If it is branching why is it good? The pictures I see of people with GSP in their tanks it looks much nicer
  10. Ive seen GSP in peoples tanks and it looks like long beautiful flowing grass. Im just wondering why mine looks like this. Once it grows out more will it look better like I see in pictures and videos?
  11. Horsey_Cat

    My tank stinks

    That would be cool, I thought that only happens if you have a sand bed of 4+ inches. Or what if the rock I had in before had the nitrafying bacteria and now the introduction of this rock depletes it... or something lol Anyways, sounds like I just need to just let nature take its course. Thanks I will definitely consider using the chemipure blue if I can't take it anymore. Thanks
  12. Horsey_Cat

    My tank stinks

    No, I don't do a 95% WC everyday. Closer to every week give or take a few days. I feed pellets every other day, when I do big feedings with miss shrimp, reef roids, and coral frenzy that is when I do the big WC Thank you, that sounds pretty reasonable. It would make sense since Ive added completely new live rock from a new place that there would be different bacteria. Is it possibly a good thing that new bacteria was added which would add to the diversity, or does it not matter one bit?
  13. Horsey_Cat

    My tank stinks

    I don't check parameters besides salinity, I just do 95% water changes after heavy feedings. Besides for today I just do the 50% WC. I do have Chemipure blue, but I have never used it before. I think that may be a good option, but I just don't want it to strip my tank of too many nutrients
  14. Horsey_Cat

    My tank stinks

    So I have a pico reef that has been doing well, just looking a little bare. I got a liveaquaria order yesterday, and everything I got came on rocks. There was no way to fit all the rocks that came, plus the rock I already had in my tank. So I took a big piece of rock in my tank and busted it up with a hammer. I added everything that came in my LA order to my tank, and then I added little chunks of rock where I could. Today I notice the water is cloudy, and Ive never got that before and it smells. I have my tank on a nightstand right next to my bed, and without even trying I occasionally get whiffs of this bad smell. When I take the lid off my tank thats another story. Im just wondering if this is normal, and with time things will settle down or is there something I need to do to fix this? I did a 50% WC earlier today and replaced my filter pad. I can't tell if that made any difference, so Im wondering what I should do next
  15. Horsey_Cat

    WTB: Mushrooms, polyps, easy corals

    I would absolutely be interested in seeing pictures. Do you think they would survive 2 day priority shipping?