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  1. Trav's 70g Reef - April 18 Video Update

    There will be a floor to ceiling entertainment and book shelf unit built permanently onto this wall.
  2. Trav's 70g Reef - April 18 Video Update

    Reno Progress!!! We used two false walls to support the ceiling as the ceiling joists where split in the middle of the house, supported by the center wall. Beam Up, False walls out, NO WALL!! No creaking sounds either, the beam is very strong. Pictured is my uncle in-law Joey and my buddy, OD. And we moved the entry way into the new dining room. we are going to make it a case opening. Stay tuned, more Reno updates to come.
  3. FS - 2G IQ3 Nano Reef Setup

    Price just for the AI Nano Sol?
  4. To drill or not to drill?

    Doubt it drills well, you will want to use a diamond tipped dremel bit and make multiple passes around and around until you grind out a circle. I would say use the glass pipe and hook it to a small canister filter so you don't have to worry about syphons.
  5. Palytoxin hits again

    Passive aggressive much....lol
  6. If you could start over..

    My tanks that I have started with dried rock have done the brown sand thing until either a: I added PO4, or b: the tank matured to the point that the fish population kept the PO4 detectable.
  7. Palytoxin hits again

  8. If you could start over..

    Your Phosphates are too low.
  9. Palytoxin hits again

    Xenia has politoxins? thats a new one.
  10. f/s Neptune apex AFS

  11. If you could start over..

    ATI is running great on my tank. The nice thing about ATI is that it is so diluted if your doser messes up a little your tank will hardly notice.
  12. f/s Neptune apex AFS

  13. Trav's 70g Reef - April 18 Video Update

    Standard laminated beam. Its only holding the weight of the floor. The roof is supported by the exterior walls.
  14. Trav's 70g Reef - April 18 Video Update

    Quick video FTS for April. Lost tge plate coral since the last video. Really not sure why. It was sold to me as a wild collected coral so I guess it didn’t transition to captivity all that well.