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  1. Thanks! The stand has held up well. The Artisan II line is solid cherry wood, not MDF.
  2. Yeh. I really need something like this. Good job!!!
  3. Man, if I had a something like that I'd do water changes more often 🤣
  4. I can tell you from experience, be ready for new tank syndrome for at least 6 months to a year. The uglies seem to last MUCH longer than when using real LR. I understand the eco friendliness of using man made rock but there’s just no way of getting the same level of biodiversity that LR offered. My best advise would be to use a good bacteria in a bottle like Fritz zyme 9 and to add in a bunch of different pods from Algae Barn. Then feed those pods phyto plankton to keep their population alive. There’s nothing for them to eat off of man made rock until it gets really matured with sponge growth and fish poop. 😂 These new reefers just don’t know how easy it was to setup a tank with “uncured” live rock. No need to add anything more than heated saltwater and flow. The rock did the rest.
  5. Two other pickups. Yellow Lobo and no name Acro.
  6. Thanks! I’ve been wanting one for years.
  7. Didn’t get a chance to make an update video yet, but here’s a teaser pic from my frag show pickups. 😄
  8. 😂 Haha! Not your eye ball. He's as big as my tangs. Things are going really well actually! I'll get ya'll an update video hopefully today. Going to a local frag show tomorrow! Fragniappe 2019!!! http://www.fragniappe.com/
  9. Well....problems.... The TM All The Reef has failed me... My alk was dropping this past week so I started to bump up the dose but couldn't get it to come up. Over the past week or two it has dropped from 10 to 8.2 this morning. I had time today to inspect everything and what I found was disappointing. First, I found that the dosing line near the exit into the sump was clogged with a chuck of calcium carbonate, uggghhh. But secondly, and most disturbingly was this. Yeh, black goo growing on the bottom of the container. Bacteria I suppose? I only had about 200 mL left out of the 1000 mL. Was TM All For Reef bad for my tank? No, it definitely grew coral. As seen here. With the clogged dosing line and bacteria growth inside the bottle, I'm not sure I can recommend this product anymore.
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