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  1. Well....problems.... The TM All The Reef has failed me... My alk was dropping this past week so I started to bump up the dose but couldn't get it to come up. Over the past week or two it has dropped from 10 to 8.2 this morning. I had time today to inspect everything and what I found was disappointing. First, I found that the dosing line near the exit into the sump was clogged with a chuck of calcium carbonate, uggghhh. But secondly, and most disturbingly was this. Yeh, black goo growing on the bottom of the container. Bacteria I suppose? I only had about 200 mL left out of the 1000 mL. Was TM All For Reef bad for my tank? No, it definitely grew coral. As seen here. With the clogged dosing line and bacteria growth inside the bottle, I'm not sure I can recommend this product anymore.
  2. Allready have two on order lol. One for the TM and the other for the nopox
  3. Whats wrong with my two tangs?
  4. Thanks for asking, you gave me a reason to test the tank lol. 🤣 Alk 8.3 Ca 450 Mag 1400 The levels have been very stable, I love this stuff. I also have been dosing NOPOX to get me NO3 and PO4 down, which it has done, and since lowering the levels, the Alk consumption has increased. All good signs I suppose. Side note, I just ordered two Kamoer X1 mini dosing pumps. One for the TM All The Reef and One for the NOPOX. I had been dosing the NOPOX daily. That was getting old, fast lol.
  5. Another month has gone by with the new lights. Everything has adjusted well and are clearly growing. I am running the lights at 100% intensity, 20% color and the Violet at 100%. Red and Green are 0%. Full intensity from 11am - 5pm.
  6. He lives! IM tanks are very well made. If it's the size you like, I don't see any reason to hesitate.
  7. Just watched that portion of the video. I’m officially a “trail blazer” 😂 Nope, I have not. But I believe that it’s because I started with a balanced system and the All For Reef is keeping it balanced.
  8. I wouldn’t start a no water change routine until the tank is about a year old. Too many fluctuations in a young tank. Other than that, yes it’s similar to the triton method. I only run a protein skimmer. I can’t keep cheato alive for what ever reason.
  9. All smooth sailing as of late. 8ml per day is keeping my tank’s params nice and stable.
  10. I never claimed this product to be magic juice. I just thought it was neat to have an all in one balanced dise that is easy to implement with a cheap BRS doser.