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  1. Berghia Nudibranchs for sale

    you still have any?
  2. As you can tell, there is a LOT of brown hairy stuff growing constantly in the back!!! I am ordering the LED strip tonight and will install it ASAP. Gives me time to clean up the Reactor and get it ready! Do you guys run a little pouch of Carbon? I have some BRS stuff, the 0.8 or whatever. I read it should be placed one week out of the month and used only for 3 months. So 3 times before Inthrow it away? Really? Does carbon really “lose” its effectiveness? What is the deal with throwing this out?
  3. Day 0 FTS and Top-Down pics ————0———— This morning! Day 4
  4. cool info everyone! i have decided to omit the skimmer per the conversation, for the time being. My tank only has Onyx the Clownfish and 3 anemones, 2 hermit crabs, about 6 nassarius and a camel shrimp. I may add some peppermint shrimp and MAYBE two more fish ... still dont know what I want.. .either another clownfish to pair up with Onyx or a Mandarin Goby (yes i have a separate pod culture) or a Goby/Shrimp. According to the conversation neither of these choices should require both skimmer & macro-reactor.
  5. I have a BRS Deluxe Reactor and i just ordered the LED strip from Amazon. I don't have Chaeto, but I do have Caulerpa, I will give that a go see what luck I have.
  6. cool... i will be making the transfer on sunday. will try to document as much of it as possible.
  7. I am re-setting up a Fusion 10g and I want to house mainly an anemone some chalices maybe a stick if i am lucky ...oh and my clownfish. So wanted to get a conversation started regarding the filtration I currently have in mind: Was thinking of going with: Reef Glass Protein Skimmer MarinePure Ceramic Spheres Chaeto Algae Reactor Do you guys think this is overkill? What you think? Thanks for your time.
  8. Nah LOL wouldn’t that be a bargain!? $250 each buddy! (; they were purchased from BRS in 2015
  9. Moving tanks. HELP

    ooooohhh!!! so you mean empty the 10, put it all in the 50, and restart the 10? correct? LOL