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  1. So in order to get the most accurate results possible with the Red Sea Alk test, I test twice in a row. It is pretty simple. Rinse the vial with tank water. Fill it with 10ml of tankwater. Use your titration needle with the ALK (make sure to suck, push out hard - to remove micro bubbles), fill it finally. Swirl constantly adding drops slowly, it should change to blue soon, then followed by transparent, this is when I go drop-by-drop, then a drop or two later it turns sort of pinkish. THAT is where I stop the test and read the result. The Salifert Alk Kit is actually pretty good as well, results are almost exactly as Red Sea Alk. These are the results since I have been testing with both Red Sea and Salifert Alk. As the pH, I have nothing to compare it to, but have 8.0pH throughout since I started testing everyday with it. 3/18 ALK (Red Sea) - #1= 7.4dkH ; #2= 7.3 dkH ALK (Salifert) - 7.4dkH CA - 450 pH 8.0 3/19 ALK RS - 7.2dkH ALK S - 7.3dkH CA - 445 MG 1580 pH 8.0 3/20 ALK RS - 7.1dkH ALK S - 7.1dkH CA - 450 pH - 8.0 So we can observe the tank seems to be consuming approx 0.1dkH a day of ALK. Please correct me if I am wrong: Assuming that ALK will go back up to 7.8dkH on Water Change Day, ALK needs to be replenished 0.1dkH every single day, to keep it at 7.8dkH for all eternity? This is better for the coral than trying to raise ALK to 9dkH? Also, MAGNESIUM seems to be on the rise... is this because of the ALK consumption? At the same time, why is my CALCIUM staying at 450? All that being said, I agree that the Hanna ALK Checker doesn't have a great reputation. However investing in the phosphorous Checker is a MUST. So this investment will be made pretty soon. I am taking a trip with my wife to LA from tomorrow Tuesday till Saturday. If any of you can suggest any MUST SEE coral shops, that would be badass! I look forward to your input ...
  2. Another day, another test. I got my Salifert PH and ALK tests in the mail yesterday! woot! Alk Red Sea - #1 7.6dkH ; #2 7.5dkH Alk Salifert - 7.7dkH CA 440 MG 1600 pH 8.xx (the salifert test only has 8.0 as an option so who knows exactly what pH is) All coral look fantastic. Still no Po4 test. Waiting on a few paydays to get the Phosphorous Hanna Checker. Still experiencing some green algae on the rocks. but it seems to be receding. Still dosing NOPOX 3ml a day. See you tomorrow!
  3. Water change was performed last night. 12 hours later we have these results 3/16 - CA 450 Alk 7.8 MG 1600 I will keep testing everyday until the next water change. I think that is when I will start dosing. Would you keep it at 7.8dkH or would you raise it? What do you guys think of my MG ? Will that drop when Alk / CA have better numbers, or will it rise?
  4. Start looking into getting a better light. AI Prime HD or a Kessila160 or whatever... Second, I recommend to reduce the amount of water you change a week. 50% is too much! not allowing parameters or organisms to establish, its like a revolving door of water on steroids! 11 gallons total water means you should be doing about a gallon dude! you could even do a gallon twice a week. but 5 gallons a week in one flush ..pff that is a lot! test alk/ca/mg everyday for a month. include testing for new water before water changes, as well as before and after water changes. this is advice that i took to heart and it is the only way you can understand what is really happening. log everything (amounts of dosing, methods of dosing, etc) you do everyday (be specific!) in the same place you log your test results. at the end of the month you will understand and be grateful you did!
  5. Thanks Clown79 I have been testing almost daily since 3/1/2017 dosing 3ml of NoPox (keeping nitrates undetectable, still no phosphate checker). 3/1 - CA 430 Alk ... MG 1520 (alk syringe numbers rubbed off, order new syringes) 3/2 - CA 440 Alk ... MG 1520 3/3 - CA 445 Alk ... MG 1540 3/4 - CA 430 Alk... MG 1560 3/5 - CA 445 Alk ... MG 1580 3/6 - CA 445 Alk ... MG 1560 3/8 - CA 450 Alk ... MG 1580 (WATER CHANGE = Alk - 11.5dkH) 3/10 - CA 440 Alk 7.1 3/12 - CA 450 Alk #1=7.0dkH #2=7.2dkH #3=7.1dkH (new syringes arrive, tested alk 3 times) 3/13 - CA 440 Alk 7.0 3/14 - CA 430 Alk 6.9 MG 1600 Today is Water Change day. I will test the new water as well as the tank before WC and post the results so you guys may help me interpret them.
  6. I had a vermetid snail that Saltcritters sent as a freebie, never saw a problem with it... it just send out this long spider-web-like string into the water column and traps debris that it eats.
  7. Great info Clown79!! I have the ESV B-ionic supplements, see how they do. So you are saying that even if I have 450 CA I should dose CA anyway? How do I figure that out? Cool, so I tested before the Water Change. According to my results it was anywhere between 6.7 & 6.9 dkH ... I tested the new batch of water and it read 12.6dkH.... about 15 hours after the WC the tank's dkH is anywhere between 7.0 & 7.6dkH. Assuming the dkH is 7.2dkH, to raise ALK 1.8 to 9dkH the tank requires 1.4oz or 44.1ml of ALK. Now obviously my PH is going to rise, my pH read crapped out on me and I don't have a pH test, is it necessary as well? any recommendations? since 1.4 oz will be required, I assume 15 days should suffice for the dosing. Does that mean I have to divide 1.4oz by 15 to get a daily dose? I used this website's reef calculator to figure it out:
  8. Hey everyone, I really appreciate all the advice and input. Before I spend another dollar on more test kits instead of coral... Today was water change day, so I tested for my new batch just to check that possibility off the list, sure enough, the salt mix is perfect and all parameters match those on the label of the bucket. That said, I tested 4 times for ALK today. 2 during the morning, and 2 before the water change. All came back at 6.6 dkH in the system. Which means, I have to start dosing ALK, right? Since my CA is around 450 and MG is at 1500+ do I ONLY dose ALK? or should I also dose CA? I assume I can hold off on dosing MG, since it has been steady? or am I missing something? Thanks in advance!
  9. Is it wise to test more than once a day? All this talk I hear about ALK fluctuating during the day, obviously. But does that mean testing everyday at 12pm as opposed to different times of the day everyday it is tested, will give different results? I have also heard dosing ALK should be done at night with lights out? So start dosing ALK?
  10. Hey everyone, I have been testing everyday for nearly 2 weeks now using the Red Sea Foundation Kit. First of all, both my Calcium and Magnesium (tritration liquid) bottles have white floating particles in them. Contacted the seller from Amazon and Red Sea, they both sent replacements to my surprise, I was only requesting instructions, they sent replacements instead. The replacements ALSO have particles floating in them... WTF?! So I decided to test anyway, side by side. Same results from all three calcium, magnesium and alkalinity test kits. Having said all this, thank you for continuing to read, I started dosing NOPOX two weeks ago, which is what drove me to test for everything everyday...almost. Nitrate was at 80ppm, surprisingly everything was still alive, but it explained why nothing thrived but the effing algae. There WAS also a Powder Blue Tang in there, and those guys are filthy! He has finally made it into his 375 gallon home (my 50gal was his nursery - I rescued him at 3 months old, they were giving up on him, was not eating I fattened him up in 6 months, now he is back where he belongs). Regardless, NOPOX has brought down Nitrates successfully in two weeks, dosing the 50Gal reef 6ml daily for 18 days, now that Nitrates are undetectable dosing has been reduced to 3ml of NOPOX per day, keeping Nitrates undetectable. SOME patches of algae are disappearing from the rock, I have started to see this green film/moss algae grow on some parts of the rock, I can only assume it is the die off as it still happens at a bacterial/molecular level, so I will remain patient. I also believe this is an indicator my phosphates are disappearing? Would you start the GFO reactor back up or keep it off? ALK has been weird tho. I have been double testing since I have 2 different tests. I only have one syringe, which might explain the following: 2/10/2017 Blue Powder Tang "Pepe the Fish" has new home. NA 80. NOPOX DAY 1 dosing 6ml. GFO REACTOR OFF! 2/11/2017 NA 60 HADN'T TESTED FOR EVERYTHING YET. WATER CHANGE. 2/12/2017 - NA 15-20 ; MG 1500 ; CA 395 ; DKH 6.7 EVERYTHING STRUGGLES, LOTS OF CLOSED POLYPS 2/13/2017 - NA 15-20 ; MG 1480 ; CA 395 ; DKH 7 2/15/2017 - NA 15-20 ; MG 1480 ; CA 395 ; DKH 7 EVERYTHING STARTS TO LOOK HEALTHIER, LESS CLOSED POLYPS 2/16/2017 - NA 20 ; MG 1460 ; CA 400 ; OUT 2/17/2017 - NA 10-15 ; OUT ; CA 410 ; OUT EVERYTHING LOOKS HEALTHY 2/19/2017 - NA 10 ; OUT ; CA 395 ; OUT 2/21/2017 - NA 5 ; OUT ; CA 410 ; OUT EVERYONE IS HAPPY 2/22/2017 - NA 5 ; OUT , CA 415 ; OUT WATER CHANGE 2/23/2017 - NA 0-1 ; MG 1530 ; CA 445 ; DKH 7.6 - REDUCE NOPOX 6ml=3ml NEW KITSS POLYP EXTENSION, BTAS COLORING UP, FISH SWIM MORE 2/24/2017 - NA 0 ; MG 1580 ; CA 450 ; DKH 7.7 2/28/2017 - NA 0 ; MG 1520 ; CA 450 ; 8.4 EVERYTHING IS HAPPY, MORE BTA COLORATION, FISH ARE HUNGRIER 3/01/2017 - NA 0 ; MG 1520 ; CA 430 ; 7.8 - 8.4 DOUBLE TESTED ALK, DOUBLE DIFFERENT RESULT. WATER CHANGE. 3/02/2017 - NA 0 ; MG 1520 ; CA 440 ; STOPPED TRUSTING ALK KIT 3/03/2017 - NA 0 ; MG 1540 ; CA 445 ; 7.4 DECIDED TO CHANGE TO DIFFERENT SYRINGE 3/04/2017 - NA 0 ; MG 1560 ; CA 430 ; 6.5 WTF ALK? 3/05/2017 - NA 0 ; MG 1580 ; CA 445 ; GRRRRR ALK TEST ! AGAIN!! 3/06/2017 - NA 0 ; MG 1560 ; CA 445 ; 6.5 RESTESTED TWICED (so yeah, 4 different times, same result always, same syringe though) Aside from the syringe situation though, can someone interpret my numbers and tell me what is going on? do I need to dose ALK? should I trust the Red Sea ALK test kit ? do you? I am trying to grow out my coral, they have been there long enough and I have been through two algae outbreaks, finally got my Nitrates under control, phosphates will have to be guessed for now until I can get a test kit... Water runs at 79/80 degrees, if it gets too hot it rises to 81/82. All acceptable levels I believe? Salinity is at 1.025 I also heard Clams can be Phosphate absorbers is this true? IF this where YOUR tank, what would you do? Help me get my coral happy and growing.
  11. sooo many options buddy. just start by looking at the sponsored stores here in
  12. sharpee? LOL
  13. ...perhaps these hackers are also disturbed girls by men who played them wrong
  14. you sold them both? i am interested in one
  15. Read that over buddy, of course he wants you to buy it from him. You will appreciate having your own filtration system at home. everyone benefits, your fish and your family. As for the flow, don't bother with numbers. depending on the coral that you house. If you have SPS then probably a couple of really great powerheads to ensure strong enough and variable flow, on the other hand if you only keep zoas or low flow coral, or even a lagoon, then perhaps low flow is best. Multiple pumps will also ensure that you have no dead spots, but that is besides the strength of the flow. which if you have a low flow system your maintenance increases because you need to stay on top of blowing off fish poop from the rocks and vacuum the sand more anally. I run an MP10 and an MP40 in a 50gallon display, both at opposite sides of the tank, but not exactly opposite of each other, offset a little to the side so the flow is random at all times.