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  1. If you wanna just part with the Prime... $150shipped?
  2. Standard version preferred since it's going on a 5 gallon... white or black. gooseneck required please! please Pm me with price + shipping to 44216
  3. I'll pay the shipping + some extra for that kessil... whenever my turn is up lol
  4. Interested in just the a80 and gooseneck. let me know if you're will to part
  5. See title. Looking for Kessil a80 w/ gooseneck. no controller needed. Please message me your asking with shipping to 44216. Paypal only way of payment please!
  6. second on the RW-4 if Wesley doesn't want it! :)
  7. This looks amazing! I struggle to keep a 10 gallon going and you're making a cookie jar look easy...
  8. bump. open to offers!
  9. Looking to sell my Mame Skimmer with Air Pump. Used for a couple months before tank tear down. Has since been cleaned *Will need new stones Asking $100 shipped from 44216. Pictures upon request
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