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  1. FlamingPrawn

    Icecap gyre 1k

    message sent
  2. FlamingPrawn

    Icecap gyre 1k fs

    Message Sent
  3. FlamingPrawn

    MP40 QD W, Aquamai Nano and RW4 For Sale

    second on the RW-4 if Wesley doesn't want it! :)
  4. FlamingPrawn

    FS: kessil 150w ocean blue w/ arm

    I know this is old... but did this sell?
  5. FlamingPrawn

    Dawn's shrimp chalet & 5.5 AIO !

    This looks amazing! I struggle to keep a 10 gallon going and you're making a cookie jar look easy...
  6. FlamingPrawn

    Mame Skimmer FS

  7. FlamingPrawn

    Mame Skimmer & Air Pump

    bump. open to offers!
  8. FlamingPrawn

    Mame Skimmer & Air Pump

    Looking to sell my Mame Skimmer with Air Pump. Used for a couple months before tank tear down. Has since been cleaned *Will need new stones Asking $100 shipped from 44216. Pictures upon request
  9. FlamingPrawn

    No more

    message sent
  10. FlamingPrawn

    Mame Skimmer FS

    not to start stuff with him boggers but it was a very...shady communication back and forth.
  11. FlamingPrawn

    Mame Skimmer FS

    all still available. make me an offer!
  12. FlamingPrawn

    Mame Skimmer FS

    Yep please message me! If you want pictures include a cell number and i'll send them over. I get off work at 4:30pm EST
  13. FlamingPrawn

    Mame Skimmer FS

    Bump. Open to offers as well!
  14. FlamingPrawn

    Mame Skimmer FS

    Bump. Open to offers as well!