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  1. Eshopp nano skimmer SOLD!

    thanks for asking but I sold it this morning.
  2. Eshopp nano skimmer SOLD!

    Yes it will it is a small skimmer
  3. Skimmer for sale almost new $60 shipped thanks
  4. Icecap K2 50 skimmer sold!

    Still for sale.
  5. Up for sale icecap K2 50 skimmer. Upgraded to a bigger tank and do not need this anymore. Asking $80 shipped. Thanks for looking
  6. Is there any place to stay at the island or it’s just a day trip ? I was in Galapagos last October and I used a GoPro and it was an amazing little camera took really good pictures and I just strap it to my hand all the time I was in the water.
  7. Sorry to hear what happened. Hope she is not too shaken up. Where is that island near to? Koh Koon? I am quiet familiar with most of Thailand but never heard of Koh Koon. Can you tell me where did you get to this island from? Where in the mainland is what I mean. looking to go back in summer and will probably do some diving trips too. I am originally from Penang Malaysia and only a 4 hour drive to Thailand for me. There is also great diving and snorkeling in Malaysia.
  8. WTB EB8 or EB4

    Hi all I am looking for an EB 8 or Eb4. If anyone have one and wanting to sell please let me know . Thanks
  9. Central Ohio Shops

    Hi I am in Columbus and a Cora member. I just got back from my first MACNA in New Orleans. And guess who I saw there....the owner of Phisy Business. He is now in the hardware business he had a booth at Macna. I think he said he bought Geosreef. They make reactors and sumps. Good looking products.I think there is someone else here in columbus but I think he works from his house. I have never been but it's called Matts corals. Also the columbus frag swap is coming soon . I have never been to Bluefish but heard good things, might go and have a look when I am up in Cleveland.
  10. how old is this? will you shipped for $100. Thanks

  11. you have an amazing tank! Can you list what you dose ? Thanks
  12. Red Sea Reefer 170

    it is a Little fishes reactor I modifies for Biopellets. Pump takes water into the reactor and water comes out goes straight into the skimmer before going into the display. Skimmer is a Icecap K2-50, I decide on this skimmer cos of the size as I do't know what else I want in the sump so having a smaller skimmer will leave me space if I need to put something else there. As for the green stuff its Cheato in an acrylic box with holes so strands of cheat don't get suck into the pumps. I also have a bag of Carbon where the black sponge was. I took the sponge off as it gets clock up. If you have anymore question. Let me know. Thanks
  13. Red Sea Reefer 170

    Set up My 170 about 3 months ago. Here is my sump. This will give you an idea. [/URL]
  14. WTB Kessil 360 we

    Hello all wanted to let people know especially those looking to buy, I was contacted thru PM this morning from the scammer his/her handle "kimsreef2sea" saying he/ she have an extra Kessil to sell and name a price and ask for my email so he/ she can send me pictures. I remembered the name so I looked up the thread and sure enough it's the same person. So I decline telling he/ she that I know about her. So warning to people her wanting to buy cos I think that's where he/ she strikes
  15. WTB Kessil 360 we

    Looking to see if anyone have a Kessil 360 we for sale. Thanks