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  1. how old is this? will you shipped for $100. Thanks

  2. you have an amazing tank! Can you list what you dose ? Thanks
  3. Red Sea Reefer 170

    it is a Little fishes reactor I modifies for Biopellets. Pump takes water into the reactor and water comes out goes straight into the skimmer before going into the display. Skimmer is a Icecap K2-50, I decide on this skimmer cos of the size as I do't know what else I want in the sump so having a smaller skimmer will leave me space if I need to put something else there. As for the green stuff its Cheato in an acrylic box with holes so strands of cheat don't get suck into the pumps. I also have a bag of Carbon where the black sponge was. I took the sponge off as it gets clock up. If you have anymore question. Let me know. Thanks
  4. Red Sea Reefer 170

    Set up My 170 about 3 months ago. Here is my sump. This will give you an idea. [/URL]
  5. WTB Kessil 360 we

    Hello all wanted to let people know especially those looking to buy, I was contacted thru PM this morning from the scammer his/her handle "kimsreef2sea" saying he/ she have an extra Kessil to sell and name a price and ask for my email so he/ she can send me pictures. I remembered the name so I looked up the thread and sure enough it's the same person. So I decline telling he/ she that I know about her. So warning to people her wanting to buy cos I think that's where he/ she strikes
  6. WTB Kessil 360 we

    Looking to see if anyone have a Kessil 360 we for sale. Thanks
  7. still have the biopellets reactor? can you post a pic? thanks
  8. how much just for the lights? Thanks
  9. Red Sea reefer 170

    ok thanks for the reply
  10. Red Sea reefer 170

    here is a pic
  11. Red Sea reefer 170

    Hi I have a question for owners of the reefer 170. I have a 350 and just bought a reefer 170. I unpacked it last night and found that there is two holes that is cut on the back for the drain but it's plugged. My reefer 350 did not have it, is this normal?
  12. Kessil

    Hi I am looking for a kessil but just the light I have the gooseneck and controller if you want to sell just the lights please let me know. Thanks
  13. NanoBox Red Sea 170 : New Start

    Looking at getting the same tank. Do I need a quad ? Can a Duo be ok on this tank? Thanks
  14. Overwhelmed....

    I am in the same boat. Cannot decide as there is just so many out there and of course the price is also kind of crazy.
  15. I have a Red sea 350 and I have a small Foxface, some smaller fish looking to add a yellow tang also small. Local LFS closing down so I am tempted but I am worried that they might kill each other as both are yellow? Need some advise. Thanks