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  1. MadReefer13

    removing polys

    never once did u say kill them bro I was asking what to do....never said I wouldn't sell the rock's witch is what is going to happen ...so read before you write some smart ass remark So one thing I must ask will taking out some big pieces Of the rock mess with the tank and make cycle... Cuz ima have to trade like half my rock's Did you have a cycle and was it a lot of the rock from your tank I have a nem in it and stuff so don't wanna kill that stuff moving my rock's out
  2. MadReefer13

    removing polys

    I run carbon always anyway I really want these gone
  3. MadReefer13

    removing polys

    won't relase to many toxins? this is them tonight this is more then half my 20 long
  4. MadReefer13

    removing polys

    Ya that's what I'm going to see if I can do ...it's my whole tank tho every single rock lol
  5. MadReefer13

    removing polys

    Dang that sucks figgured it was gonna be a restart. Well atleast not cuz it died I guess
  6. MadReefer13

    Achievement 20 gallon long turns 2 years last month!

    Ya I'm in Bend where you at nooooo store right here sucks
  7. MadReefer13

    removing polys

    My tank has been takin over by green polyps killed all my zoas and all...how can I get them out easy ..just peel off or what and will the toxens mess with my tank or me These are them just now the whole tankno rock left at all
  8. My tank turned 2 years old on the 21st of March I'm so stoked.I hadent post or been on here in months.then otherday I figgured I would see what's going on and wouldent you know it my thank was 2 years old..wooooow I cant explain how awesome it feels to hit the years and two that is amazing...just felt I needed to put out and show off alil ...and I mean alil cuz tanks not greatby any means
  9. MadReefer13

    MadReefers 20long 2 years 3/2016

    Ooo dang just realized tank turned 2 last month..amazing never thought it would last this long ...it's been doing amazing never any algae nothing it's runs it's self pretty much ...just a awesome easy tank
  10. MadReefer13

    Addicted Reefer 20 Long (57 Corals & Counting)

    how do you like the lights looking to get one for my 20 long
  11. How big of a tank would it do
  12. MadReefer13

    Is carib sea reef sand most ideal?

    Yep I just let the hard tube on the vac fillup with sand then kink the hose ..sand runs back down dirty water stays in the tube..then suck out dirty water.and repeat
  13. MadReefer13

    MadReefers 20long 2 years 3/2016

    Yes a lot of up and downs ...and tons of learning this is my second tank going on five years since started. I don't think you ever stop learning... The nem is in same spot I put it it was on a rock already from store never had a be toke off and hasent moved ☺.it's all extended and bubbled up also..this is second nem fist one was a month in on my frist tank and it got shredded the fist night.I now know that tanks old enough and have protected my powerheads so fill pretty ready for it now.quote name="vlangel" post="5175441" timestamp="1446823828"] First time reading your thread. Like most of us it seems you went through the learning curve and like most of us, you are still learning which is awesome! It's looking good and I think your clowns are going to love the nem.
  14. MadReefer13

    MadReefers 20long 2 years 3/2016

    My tank is just past it's year and six month Mark soooo happy with it also ...so finally feeling ready and the tanks stable and old enough I went and bought a beautiful rbta today.it's in drip right now will have pics once in tank..hope my clowns like it
  15. MadReefer13


    Ya it's a shallow tank any light would be great just don't wanna spend a lot