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  1. Just did a wc yesterday and decided to do a quick video update for you guys! Not much change going on, just waiting for things to grow out and keeping things on track.
  2. Just saw that this morning, I need some too
  3. Is this real? they asked I think its grape caulerpa but not I was never great with names lol Thanks Marc! There has been a lot of ups and downs but im keeping up. Let's see some action with your tank already...jeez!!
  4. Hi Martin The tank progress is still being documented but the details on the filtration design will not be released at the moment due to copycats bastard lol.
  5. Thanks! I still have a bird nest bleached and became really thin, not sure why? It's a bird of paradise frag that I really love to nurture back into shape. Any luck with yours?
  6. Tonight's top down views. Did someone say Orbit Marine LED doesn't work?
  7. Crazy PE on these two
  8. Thanks man! Believe me you don't want to see that right now, it's a mess back there with ghetto LEDs light, all will be clean up eventually, just don't have the time to mess with it yet. Eventually I plan on making a 36" custom cover sit on the rear part of the tank and hide the overflow and everything behind the tank. Stay tuned.
  9. Photography! I love to shoot landscapes but I occasionally hold session for photoshoot professionally. The biggest difference between the two hobbies is the camera and gears won't die but the corals/fishes will
  10. Tank thread:

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  11. Tank thread:
  12. BIG tank update! I know it's due time and a lot of people are wondering how my tank is doing. Enjoy! Early morning, day, and night shot after a water change. Tank is a little over 2 years old. Some corals died here and there and new ones were added, I realized it's just part of the fun, just like life!!! One thing I learned of my ongoing successful in keeping this 12g nano reef has been growing macros in the custom mini sump on the back. New goni pack My preee..cious!!
  13. JDH, this simple mod let you use a dosing pump instead, I'd imagine it will be a lot more quiet than a water pump.
  14. Thanks!! Be sure to comment on the build thread to stay current on updates.
  15. My Custom 2.1G PicoStar Reef Follow the build at -Custom Low-iron 8x8x8" cube -Custom Hybrid AIO w/Aquaclear AC20 -50W Mini Heater w/External Controller -Full Spectrum Nano LED