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  1. Drew11

    Tomini Tang MIA

    Glass lid on the tank and I checked all on the floor to see if he jumped through the small opening in the back where the glass doesnt cover. I'm going to do a water change today so I'll take a look. But I agree, hard to kill a fish in that amount of time... I've had fish hide before after introducing them to the tank for a few days, but I'd occasionally see them swim in and back out of the rocks. This one is a really good hider!
  2. Drew11

    Tomini Tang MIA

    So I purchased a baby Tomini Tang for my 40 breeder this past Friday.... I acclimated it for over an hour and placed it in the tank. I noticed my coral beauty wasn't too pleased to have a new tank mate but seemed to just be more curious than aggressive towards him. No nipping or anything. The next day I couldn't find the tang anywhere in the tank. Still no sign of the tang, I even fed rods frozen food to see if he'd swim out of the rockwork somewhere, no sign of him. So Im assuming he just swam into the rock work and has since died in there somewhere? The fish store said they had had the tang for over a month now and it had been healthy and eating. Maybe the coral beauty stressed him out??? I figured it wouldn't be an issue, I guess I was wrong? Anyone else have any experience with a tang disappearing or a coral beauty not taking a liking to one? Current fish in tank: Coral Beauty, Sixline, clown Inverts: just snails and hermits
  3. Drew11

    K.I.S.S. 40B Mixed Reef

    Yes! I ordered a Nanobox retro from Dave... 2 arrays with 2 bulbs 24". I have yet to put it up though as I'm trying to find the best way to hang the fixture. I'm not very handy so I'm thinking I might just use some wall shelf brackets. I thought of the bending conduit idea as well. We'll see what happens. I was also able to move the tank a little to get enough room in the back to use the CPR refugium. Currently going with no skimmer at the moment. I used the Tunze 9004 for a little bit but it doesn't fit with the glass lid so I opted for the glass cover instead to reduce evap. The tank itself is actually looking great, most of the summer I was just dealing with some algae but that has all gone away for the most part as it has stabilized nicely. The time of year where I can give the tank some more attention is approaching, so I will most likely be adding some fish & coral slowly in the next few months. I love the bare bottom... it makes sucking up all the detritus super easy when doing a water change. It tends to settle mostly in one spot anyway, and whatever doesn't I use a turkey baster to blow over to where the rest of it is, then just siphon it all out. I kind of miss the look of sand, but I've seen some awesome tanks that just grow different encrusting coral on the tank bottom, so I'd like to try something like that maybe.
  4. Trying to connect my Nanobox Retro to bluefish app. Im getting a screen that gives me 4 choices: <unknown ssid> Change Network Connect using WPS Clear device settings I've tried connecting by choosing all of them except Connect using WPS. my screen brightness is up and power saver mode is off. Bluefish is blinking orange or red. 1 long blink and then 3 quick ones.... joining network? Oh and Ive also tried on 2.4 and 5g.
  5. Drew11

    Skimmer, Light, RKL, AC 70's

    Bump, no one needs a light or controller??? PM me for pics
  6. Drew11

    Skimmer, Light, RKL, AC 70's

    The one that I know is moded sold last night. I'll have to double check the other one. I don't think it's modes. But it's easy to DIY.
  7. A few things for sale. I just need to clear some things out that I am not using. All prices include shipping. Will only ship in cont. US 48. EShopps PSK 100 HOB Skimmer (might just need a new pump, and I glued up and taped a few small cracks that were on it. It didn't leak.) -- $65 Ocean Revive T-247 LED fixture. Original box and parts. I purchased it used this past April, but never used it myself. -- $100 Reef Keeper Lite Basic (display, power bar and w/ temp probe.) -- $90 2x AC 70's with surface skimmers...One was moded to use as a fuge. -- $20 ea. SOLD
  8. Drew11

    K.I.S.S. 40B Mixed Reef

    So I picked up some used equipment and livestock from someone selling locally. I moved the stuff over from my 10g tank into the 40 a couple weeks ago and let that settle in. Here's what I received on what I would call a very generous price: 1. 4 good pieces of established LR 2. Coral Beauty, Clownfish and large elegance coral, large rock covered in purple star polyp, two heads of what looks like a hammer coral, couple small zoa frags. 3. Tunze Doc 9004 skimmer 4. CPR aquafuge medium filled with pods and chaeto 5. Maxspect grye 150 6. Arctic T-247 LED light (I'll use temporarily) 7. Reefkeeper lite (probably won't use -- running Nepune Apex Jr) 8. Full bottles of B-ionic ESV two part. 9. 7 different ATI bulbs for my soon to own Sunpower retro light from nanobox The good news: Everything has settled in nicely, fish are happy, corals look good. Most of the hardware is soaking in vinegar. The BAD news: When I was leveling the tank a while back I must have moved it closer to the wall, and as a result I did not leave enough room for the CPR aquafuge ? I'm short about 1/2 inch. It sucks but I'd really like to run the fuge and don't want it hanging on the side. So my plan is to find a day to drain the water out into a brute can and move the tank and stand out a couple inches away from the wall.
  9. Sunpower RETRO still available?
  10. Drew11

    K.I.S.S. 40B Mixed Reef

    Little update: Wanted to make something that I could put my electronics on, and I had seen something like this on instagram and liked it. Being that I have a metal stand I was lacking a spot to hold my controllers for my MP10, tunze ato, apex, etc. This should do the job. Also decided to paint the back glass black. I'll have quite a bit of stuff on the back (heater, AC70 w/ surface skimmer, CPR Aquafuge, possibly a skimmer) being that most of that equipment is black... this will helps reduce the visibility and eye sore of it.
  11. Drew11

    K.I.S.S. 40B Mixed Reef

    Yeah I agree. Dimensions are ideal a d I've heard a lot of people say great things about the volume of the tank just being in that sweet spot of not too large but not too small. I picked up the glass versa top to use. I want to keep evap to a minimum. I'm just going to make a few customizations to the metal stand to hold electronic controls and power strips.
  12. Drew11

    Drew's IM Fusion 10

    Well, I think it's time to retire this tank. I'm ready to set up my 40 Breeder and I'm tired of not being able to keep my parameters stable enough to support the different coral in this tank. That's my fault, I should have had more of a plan with this tank. I put in a few pieces of Xenia a couple months ago and it died off. The GSP I do have in this tank is a pale green and won't spread. So I might be the only person that can kill Xenia and not grow GSP at an alarming rate . Also, my Zoanthid frags have never done well and never grown. Literally the only coral that has grown has been both of my hammer corals and a few SPS. I'm hoping with a larger tank I can keep my parameters in check and more stable. Plus, I want more fish . I'm excited to start my 40 and the process has already begun. I might start moving the livestock from this tank over to the 40 within the week. Wish me luck!!! RIP IM fusion 10.... for now.
  13. Drew11

    Tuffryu's IM Fusion 10: SPS McLovin

    Looking good. I struggled to keep Ca and Alk stable in my fusion 10, upgrading to a 40B. If I set my fusion 10 back up Ill go with much less rock and probably all soft coral. I love the little fusion 10g, but I used too much rock and the mixed reef was challenging to keep all corals happy in such a small tank. Love the GSP on the back wall!
  14. Drew11

    K.I.S.S. 40B Mixed Reef

    Ok, so this will officially be the largest reef tank I have ever run. I have had a 29g FOWLR when I first started 6 years ago, then a 12g aquapod mixed reef, then a 10g IM fusion mixed reef. Plans for this tank: Basically try to keep it really simple. I'm going sump-less. The contents in this tank will eventually be going into a IM SR-60 I have in storage. So, essentially this is a test tank for a couple reasons. 1. Will I like the size? (Almost identical dimensions) Or do I want to keep things more "nano" still and sell the SR-60. 2. I'm going bare bottom here. So if I like it that's what I'll move forward with. If not I will add sand to the 60. Tank: 40 Breeder Lighting: Kessil A160we lighting one side where coral will be until I decide what fixture I'd like. Most likely a hybrid T5/LED. Flow: AC 70 with surface skimmer, MP10 & RW4 for now, ATO: Tunze nano Control: Apex Jr Heater: 125w jager Skimmer: I have a eshopps PSK HOB skimmer. Id like a Tunze 9004 but I want to sell the eshopps one first. Whats in my IM fusion 10 will be going right into the 40 Breeder!