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  1. I have the 28g nanocube LED stock lighting and have had issues with the daylights now two times in the past month. When I turned the lighting on for the first day..the daylights went out. I called JBJ they were great and sent me a new hood. I upgraded my powerstrip just in case and started using the new hood they sent me....it has been running for about a little under two weeks and just blew again...The moon lights work, the fans work, but the daylights went out. I smelt a burning smell this time....I will be calling JBJ but in the mean time...any suggestions? Does this happen often? Thanks!
  2. WTB frags, Maryland area

    I wanted to buy small frags of zoas, shrooms, xenia, frogspawn or any lower light corals within driving distance to 21048.Thanks