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  1. I have no idea how, but my six line jumped last night. I have egg crate covering the entire top of the tank, so he must have somehow jumped through it. But I'm sure the clowns aren't sad. He had been pretty aggressive towards them at times. Not sure if I'll get another six line or try something new.
  2. Here's the duncan and blasto in my other tank. Both corals started out as 1 head.
  3. I've had both duncans and blastos in both of my tanks, and both have been fast growers. I'd recommend both.
  4. Picture time. Before... And after... Here is a pic of the weird algae that is all over the rocks.
  5. Finished up in about 3 hours. Water is pretty clear now and everything looks good. I have some weird algae on my rocks though. I'm not really sure what it is or where it came from. I'm going to have to re-stock on snails. I wasn't able to do any rockscaping when re-filling the tank, so I'll do that tomorrow and get some pics once the water is all clear. This was the second time I've replaced the sandbed (the first time was in my other tank in Florida). It went much more smoothly this time, even though I did it alone. Very pleased with how the tank looks now.
  6. Dylan.N

    what builds tubes from sand?

    I have hundreds of those in one of my tanks. I see those tentacles all over the sand bed.
  7. Happy New Year! For Christmas I got a marine fusion truelumen light to go with my actinic blues so now I have a complete color spectrum. This is the first time I have white lights on this tank and the look of the tank has completely changed. I love it. After I recover tomorrow, I'll be replacing the sand bed on Monday or Tuesday. I'll have lots of before and after pics then.
  8. Dylan.N

    Bobbit worm

    I hate those things. They aren't very common. I'd kill it rather than putting it back in if I were you.
  9. Dylan.N

    No room for a protein skimmerr?

    The point of a sump is to have a protein skimmer inside of it. Here is the basic premise: Water flows down from the tank into the left side, where it flows through filter socks, which trap detritus. The water then flows into the next chamber where the protein skimmer sits. After the water goes through the skimmer, it goes into the chamber on the right, where a return pump pumps the water back up into the display of the tank. This is a very basic description. There is a ton you can do with a sump.
  10. Dylan.N

    Hey:) I need help

    You want to have ZERO tds in tank water.