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  1. No Problem........and yes that is a Potters Angel , Potters are great looking fish !
  2. Order your bulbs from reefgeek.com , below is the combo I use and will give you a 14k Phoenix look . [ FRONT ] ATI Aquablue Special ATI Blue Plus UV Aqua Sun ATI Blue Plus [ BACK ]
  3. The Sundial T5 HO is a great fixture , I use it in my 40 breeder monti cap tank and the monti's grow like mad . Let me know if you want the bulb combo I'm using , I don't run the original bulbs . Here is a recent FTS .
  4. Thanks.alot more room now for the monti's to spread out .
  5. Time for an update.......Before Vortech and After Vortech
  6. That's ok.........If it doesn't happen before the next group buy , I'll get in on the group buy . Still looking for the best place place to buy a 36" heatsink for right now .
  7. I'll Hold off then and be waiting for your DIY kits to hit the forum board .
  8. Thanks for looking........Are you going to set up something like this in the future for us nano reef members ? I'm thinking of retro fitting an old Coralife 36" PC fixture , but not sure I can get a heatsink to fit the housing . Any advice or links are appreciated .
  9. Evil , What do you think of these kits ? Are these the right cree's ? Is the price right vs buying parts seperate ? http://www.rapidled.com/servlet/the-DIY-Re...Kits/Categories
  10. Calvin , I was just kidding about flying to Chicago , that would be insane just to build a tank . I know you would help if I was local .
  11. Very nice.....always like new toys ! And I knew you wouldn't fly to Chicago to help me . LOL
  12. I was thinking the same thing , I'm going from a two level house to a ranch with full basement , I was thinking of one side with external overflow , against a wall with fish room behind , the tank would then be viewable from three sides and divide the room . I'm not going to make the tank myself ( would never be able to sleep at night LOL ) The length will be decided on how it will get in the house or if I can hire out to be built in the basement . You just might have to fly out to build it for me LOL .
  13. Yeah......I'm only a few years away from retirement and when we sell the house and move , I'll be tearing down all four of my reef tanks and going with one big one for the new house ( long and shallow ) I'll most likely be copying your dimensions . I'm going to pull 15k right off the top from the sale of the house . This will be for the new tank and equipment for the one large ( and only ) reef tank in the house . Keep the pics and videos coming , I'm loving it !