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  1. I've downgraded to cyano, so the issues should be on their way out :) I think I'll have some time for photos and a water change on Sunday, so I'm looking forward to that!
  2. The Homewrecker 24x24! You can't have it; it's mine! (Plus it already shipped and is out for delivery two days later!!)
  3. until

    So great to meet everyone!!
  4. until

    Ooh, I should bring my t-shirt!
  5. They're already disappearing! I did all of those, plus dosed regular old bacteria. They had their tell-tale snot appearance once the mats got thicker, though it started off as just a brown dusting. I'm talking a 3-4" string held up by a bubble, gross, yucky dinos.. 🤢
  6. Sometimes your tank gets dinos and you pull almost all of the rocks out and call it a day...
  7. Does it count if she feeds with a shovel on a daily basis? 😛
  8. Yehp! Going into the basement for storage! Or potentially a quarantine tank? I haven't decided yet...
  9. ...Remind me to start testing more often than 'once in a blue moon'.. Beautiful!!
  10. Of course the top left hand corner is growing algae like it's its job -- this is the side where I placed the rocks from Gulk Live Rock. While the emerald crab works on the actual algae, look what I discovered! The teeniest little christmas tree worm! This is the rock with the bright rose coral (you can see the edge of it at the top right of the photo), and it's also got several kinds of sponges, dusters, and other filter feeders galore. I'm going to have to keep up with feeding 😛
  11. I migrated everyone from the Fusion 20 over to the big tank, and still need to cull some rocks (or make them fuge rocks), reorganize the scape, etc. All the fish made it! Not all the corals made it 😛 But I still have some updates that went on IG and never made it here: ^ I managed to post this one on my old thread, silly me And still no Curse of Maria's House!!
  12. @metrokat and I each got a rose coral in our live rocks, and this little guy is turning super bright!! Love this thing!
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