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  1. So it has been a year and before I dump the bluefish and buy an apex has there been any progress on a power bar or probe array? If not I understand, just want to know!
  2. BillyW

    NanoBox APEX Adaptor

    With this adapter would it also be able to hook up to a GHL or Archon, I want to get a controller to control everything to include light even if it isn't as good as the bluefish, I don't need everything that the bluefish does and care more about everything in one place, just haven't decided which controller I want and this is a big factor!
  3. Yeah this is definitely sick...this would definitely be real nice on a cube! Love it!
  4. How so? But I trust you, guess I have to get a reeflink...
  5. So if I do the update it will pretty much negate the last plug on my bluefish, that is open but then I won't have to use a wall timer for my fan??
  6. I figured the same thing just disappointed, still really happy with the bluefish though, a future accessory that I'd like to see is need a plug in so I can control my vortechs with the bluefish, that's honestly all I really care about my light and pumps, nothing wrong with manually plugging in and out things, I'm not really that lazy. Would be nice to be able to control the vortechs though so I don't need a bunch of apps on my phone for my tank. I think that would be awesome!
  7. I just want to know...vapor ware or not...an apex is looking better and better...
  8. Bueller.....Bueller...........Bueller...............
  9. Any idea when more information will be available...
  10. I've been waiting a year, in March they said they'll only release info when it is very close imminent release...
  11. I've been waiting a year, in March they said they'll only release info when it is very close imminent release, guess I should just get an apex...
  12. I've been waiting since February with no real updates...
  13. The wait is killing me!!!
  14. Everything is in a Rubbermaid tub right now, it needed to be connected or something I don't know not very tech savvy, I set up a wifi hot spot like spencer said on another post and good to go!
  15. How do I get my light to work when my bluefish won't connect because I am staying in a hotel?