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  1. Zoanthids are now added to the site! Lots of great variety along with some rare signature pieces. Cheers, Darwin
  2. Good to see them getting along. Tailspot Blennies are always a must have in all my tanks.
  3. Wonder if anyone has collected them in a ziplock bag. Boy would that smell horrid.
  4. Hopefully he settles in well, they're a bit shy at first but once out they're complete puppies.
  5. That's a very fluffy toadstool! I would say it definitely falls into the category, there's a couple of different strains out there.
  6. Hey there reefers, Just uploaded the website with over 200 WYSIWYG LPS and Encrusters. Lots of high end goodies in this update. Swing on by to view everything. Teasers below! https://www.legendary-corals.com/new-arrivals Cheers, Darwin
  7. Hey there reefers, Our next set of eBay auctions are up TODAY! Added more pieces and variety than the last batch. Take a look at the link to see all of the good stuff we added for you guys. Ending Time: Sunday 6:00PM-7:50PMPST / 9:00PM -10:50PM EST Bidding Time: All items end within one minute of each other! Be sure to check out the link to view all 100+ listings: https://www.ebay.com/sch/legendarycoralsofficial/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= Here's a sneak peek of the selection we have up this month: Cheers, Darwin
  8. Hey there reefers, These three beauties were just posted online. https://www.legendary-corals.com/new-arrivals Sherman Rose, 3"-4" across. LC Wildfire Bubbletip Anemone, 3"-4" across MASSIVE LC Sunshine Bubbletip Anemone, 7"-9" across. Cheers, Darwin
  9. Hey there collectors, You guys have been asking us for some babies of Andre's Ultimate Jawbreakers. Well, there are two up on the site right now. Swing on by quickly to snag one. We usually wait for them to develop patterns and colors before selling, so this is a great chance to see what they turn into on your own. This variant of Jawbreaker gets GREEN first instead of red. This is an aquacultured strain that's over 4 years old, not some wild Jawbreaker strain https://www.legendary-corals.com/new-arrivals Here's a mother that's getting shipped out this week. Available Andre's Jawbreakers: Cheers, Darwin
  10. Hey there reefers! Happy Valentines Day to everyone. We'll be running a 20% coupon until the end of the week (Sunday, February 17th). We don't run promotions often, so this is a great chance to pick up that coral you've been eyeing. Use code: "VDAY2019" for 20% off! https://www.legendary-corals.com/new-arrivals Pucker up, it's Valentines Day! There's also a sweet Ricordea update that just hit the site. We've been baking these for over a month now, so they're plumpy and acclimated to aquarium life. Cheers, Darwin
  11. Hey there Nano-Reefers, Today's the last day to take advantage of this 20% off coupon! If you were on the fence about an order before, now's a great opportunity to try us out.
  12. It's one of my favorite Stylos! As a friendly heads up everyone, all of our eBay items end TONIGHT starting at 6:00 PM PST!!!
  13. Hey there reefers, Happy Friday! We're running a 20% off promotion for the ENTIRE website for the big event this weekend. We hardly ever give out promotions, so this is a great time to grab our stock. https://www.legendary-corals.com/ Code: BIGWEEKEND2019 We've also updated the website with close to 100 pieces to include with this sale. Come grab hot pieces including our very last Deep Water Pink Ricordea. . Cheers, Darwin
  14. Hey there reefers, Our first eBay listings are going live TODAY! This is very exciting for us since this is our first time putting our corals up for auctions. We hope that you all get some good deals out of this and if it works well we'll continue to offer select corals up on eBay. Starting Time: Tuesday 6:00PM PST/ 9:00PM EST Ending Time: Sunday 6:00PM-7:40PMPST / 9:00PM -10:40PM EST Bidding Times: All items start ending within one minute of each other! Be sure to check out the link to view all 100+ listings: https://www.ebay.com/sch/legendarycoralsofficial/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= Cheers, Darwin
  15. Hey there reefers! Hope you all have a good long weekend. I've just updated the site with a few choice corals and anemones. Here's a sneak peek of what's uploaded, click this link to check them all out! https://www.legendary-corals.com/new-arrivals LC Goldilocks Bubbletip Anemone (Huge Potential) LC Insane Rainbow Bubbletip Anemone LC Jolly Rancher Bubbletip Anemone Space Invader Pectenia WWC Tasers RC Alien Antivenoms Zombie Eyes WWC Passion Fruits Queen Stratospheres Hallucinations WWC Magnetos WWC Buttkissers ASD Leprachauns Highlighter Splatter Hammer Unique Purple Tip Hammer (Possiblly Frammer) Neon Green Hammer Unique Inner Core Black Torch Unique Inner Core Black Torch Rare HUGE 5"-6" Show Piece White Tipped Long Tentacle Variety Black Torch (Looks almost like an anemone) Rare Deep Water Belize Pink Ricordea Cheers, Darwin .
  16. Hey there reefers! Check out this MONSTER of a Ricordea Florida. That's right, this is a Florida variant, not a Yuma. Two of these monsters are up on the site now: https://www.legendary-corals.com/new-arrivals Cheers, Darwin
  17. Haha oops... Forgot it was supposed to be a zoa pack. Thought you'd enjoy this more!
  18. Just updated the website with a beautiful batch of Ricordea Floridas! All WYSIWYG, there are a few rare variants from a new collection site as well. And two more Gonzo's Golden Dragon since the last ones went by quickly. All new pieces can be viewed here: https://www.legendary-corals.com/new-arrivals
  19. Thanks for tagging me in this post! I have a couple of frags that I think will do well in your tank. Particularly the middle and right rock.
  20. Hey there reefers, Just revamped the site with over 250 WYSIWYG pieces. A couple of new releases I'm excited to share as well. If there's anything you're looking for from my previous posts just comment below and I'll see if I can add it to the site. All new pieces can be viewed here: https://www.legendary-corals.com/new-arrivals Here's a sneak peek of some of the hotness available. LC Hellfires - New Release LC Extreme Hornets - New Release LC Blue Ringed Red People Eaters - New Release LC Angel Dust - New Release LC Blue Daisies - New Release LC Blue Lightning Cyphastrea - New Release LC Deadeyes WWC Superstars WWC Twizzlers VW Bloodshots Utter Chaos (finally have a frag available) Space Chaos SCA Savages RK Spitfires Rainbow Vamps Rainbow Incinerators LC Shadow Princes LC Petroglyphs Blue Lagoons LC Blankas LC Blackwidows LC Atmospheres Grandis Paly Fruit Loops Teal Tipped Golden MINI-TORCH! Head size stays small, last one available. Purple Tipped Golden MINI-TORCH! Head size stays small, last one available. Yellow Submarine Favia LC Cold Burn Favites CC Darth Maul Favites LC Blue Magma Favites Fascination Favites FX Yellow Brick Road Favites JF Dayglo Favites Gonzo's Spicy Lemon Favites LC Applejacks Favites JF Top Fuel Favites Gonzo's War Machine Favites LC Ultron Favia LC Yellow Fever Favites LC Alien's Blood Cyphastrea LC Blizzard Bizzaro Cyphastrea JF Agent 420 Cyphastrea Peppermint Cyphastrea JF B'Dazzled Cyphastrea Darth Maul Porites JF Freak Hair Pavona WWC Rimmed Lithophyllon AP Acid Rain Leptoseris JF Fire Island Leptoseris RR USA Fallen Horizon Leptoseris MB Dragon Eye Leptoseris JKR Rainbow Apocalypse Chalice LC M80 Rainbow Chalice LC Red Dead Redemption Chalice LC Showstopper Rainbow Chalice LC Vesuvius Chalice WWC Stellaria Chalice LC Grafted Lordhowensis (Last two!) LC LSDs LC Blue Raven Blastomussa BSA Frankenstein Bounce Juggernaut Bounce All new pieces can be viewed here: https://www.legendary-corals.com/new-arrivals
  21. Hey there reefers, Made a couple of packs right before we end shipping by December 12th. There are some exceptional goodies this round and I'm sure there's something here for everyone! First off is our favia pack, 21 pieces of collector quality goodness! Ridiculous Collector's Favia Pack, WYSIWYG Retail Value: $1200, Pack Price: $800 Shipped Names listed from left to right. Row 1: LC Blue Magma, Rain of War, LC Applejacks, JF Top Fuel, FX Yellow Brick Road/ JF Gold Rush, LC Paradise Fears, LC Ferrari Enzo Row 2: LC Supercharger, Gonzo's Spicy Lemon, Fascination, LC Hell Freezes Over, LC Megalomaniac, LC F1s, JF Dayglo Row 3: Gonzo's War Machine, LC Yellow Fever, LC Cold Burn, CC Darth Maul, LC Voltron, WWC Ultron, LC Molten Core Collector's Variety Pack, WYSIWYG Retail Value: $500, Pack Price: $350 Shipped Names listed from left to right. Row 1: Emeralds on Fire, Gonzo's Golden Dragon Shroom, LC Cold Burn Favites, LC Deadpool Hillae Row 2: LC Sapphire Psammacora, LC Raja Rampage Porites, LC Raven Blastomussa Merletti, JKR Rainbow Apocalypse Chalice Row 3: CC Darth Maul Favites, WWC Bizzaro Cyphastrea, Jose Casas Pink Stylocoeniella, LC Petroglyphs Pick up any of these Ricordea packs for $200 shipped! We still have plenty of Ricordeas WYSIWYG if there's any specific color you're looking for. Cheers, Darwin
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