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  1. We don't have a physical store. It will be purely online just like our previous ones! 400+ pieces are WYSIWYG, but in the event that some items are sold out there will be a section to buy add ons/ extras as stock items.
  2. Hey there reefers, We're going to make this nice and easy. Instead of making you guys wait piece by piece, we're going to be unleashing EVERYTHING all at once!!! No this is not a live sale, just one huge update with an even bigger sale! This means no need to sit at your computer for hours waiting to updates, no need to fight over the same coral over everyone else, and best of all you can view all of the selections at once. It's a win-win situation for everyone. Everything will be listed on our website: www.legendary-corals.com We're going to be offering over 400+ WYSIWYG pieces this time with plenty of quantity on each coral type to give everyone a fair chance of purchasing. Since the pieces are WYSIWYG, it is first come first served. The Legendary Black Friday Blowout Event (Rules may change at anytime. By participating in this sale you will automatically agree to the following rules): WHEN: Date: 10:00am (PST) on Friday, November 23rd. The sale will last until Sunday, November 31st). Communication will be solely through email: legendarycorals@gmail.com. We will not be able to reply to PMs very quickly, so please email us for the fastest response. CORALS: 400+ Pure WYSIWYG Corals, posted ALL AT ONCE!!! All corals will be added to our website along with the thread that has a link to the site. Look under the "Black Friday" tab of our site. The tab will be broken up into categories indicating which type of corals is being offered "Zoanthids, LPS, SPS, Softies." Snipers be ready! All corals are heavily discounted from their already awesome prices. All corals will be left up until Sunday, November 31st. Under the rare case that the coral is not well to ship, you will receive a similar piece if in stock. If no coral is in stock, then we will refund you. PAYMENT: PayPal only, first come first served. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No exchanges, refunds, etc. No credit or coupons can be applied. We cannot stress this enough. All sales are final, and we will not be refunding orders. Your item is NOT yours until it's payed for. If it's in your cart, it isn't safe from other reefers! If for some reason you and someone else got the same coral, the first person to check out will win the coral. We will notify you if we have a similar item we can offer. SHIPPING: Shipping options/ dates are available at the end of your checkout process. Shipping will be a flat fee of $50 ($30 for CA). You can order as many items as you want and the shipping rate will be a flat fee (with the exception of orders over 30 pieces, we may need to send out a second box). We will ONLY ship to the address on your PayPal. So please have this updated on your account to avoid any confusion. This includes any work addresses. We will NOT allow combined shipments (no combining shipping with another customer). We will need at least 24 hours to process your order, so items will NOT be shipped out on the same day of purchase. LOCALS: Choose the local pick up option under the shipping tabs (will most likely be at the very end past all the dates). Please notify which Tuesday/Thursday you can meet up (7:30PM/8:00PM). FAQs: For our FAQs, please visit this link: http://www.legendary-corals.com/faqs-1 BLACK FRIDAY BLOWOUT CONTEST!!! This community is one of the best and we can't thank you guys enough for supporting us. So, for this sale we're going to be running a fun little contest! What is the contest? Let's see your photography skills! Post your favorite photo of your a coral or FTS! This is meant to be for fun and to show off a bit of the photographer in you, so every post has the same chance of winning. How do I win?! For the contest, simply post your favorite coral related photo that you've personally taken. Winner will be randomly chosen at the end of the first sale day (Friday, November 23rd). Rules to follow to win! Date: Starting from now until the end of November 23rd. Each participant is allowed to have one post. You must participate in the sale (make a purchase) on the first day of the sale in order to keep your raffle spot. If no order is made by the first day, your eligibility is cancelled will not be a part of the raffle. There's no minimum to an order, just as long as you purchase something on the first day you're good to go! Prize: The prize will be a mixed pack of corals worth $150 in total. The pack will be made around what we see you purchase already. 🙂  BLACK FRIDAY BLOWOUT EVENT SALE SNEAK PEEKS Just a small sneak peek of some of the pieces you'll find in the Black Friday Sale. There's plenty of new goodies that we've been excited to share. And lastly, have fun! Let's make this into another great event!Cheers,Darwin
  3. Legendary Corals

    200+ Legendary Update! Pure WYSIWYG Goodness!!!

  4. Hey there reefers! A huge 200+ WYSIWYG update is live on the site! Lots of high end and rare goodies are up, so swing by quick to grab them first. https://www.legendary-corals.com/new-arrivals Cheers, Darwin
  5. Legendary Corals

    Rare Inner Core Torches Back In Stock!

    Hey there reefers, We have our Inner Core Black Torches back in stock! Very unique black/purple tentacles with neon green centers. Large heads also. View them all here: https://www.legendary-corals.com/new-arrivals This black ringed goniopora is gorgeous. Has a bit of an orange hue on the tentacles too. Australian Highlighter Goniopora Very few frags of our LC XXX Goniopora are left. Rare Red Rim Chalice Colony up for grabs! Cheers, Darwin
  6. Legendary Corals

    POLL: Legendary Corals Windbreakers???

    Bringing these up again!
  7. Hey there reefers, Updated the site with a handful of goodies! All WYSIWYG. Goniopora Pack, Euphyllia Pack, Zoanthids, Yellow Convict Chalice, Mushrooms and much more! View all of the new goodies here: https://www.legendary-corals.com/new-arrivals WYSIWYG Goniopora Pack WYSIWYG Euphyllia Pack Thunder and Lightning Convict Chalice New Release Rainbow Chalice! Jawbreakers, starting at $99.99 Extremely rare orange St. Thomas Extreme grade red St. Thomas shroom! Nice green base you don't see too often. VW Bloodshots Spongebobs Spitfires! One of the brightest zoas out there. Rainbow Hornets Space Monsters Mystiques LC Shadow Princes Rainbow Incinerators Pluto Passion, big polyp size! Solar Circus LC Blue Lagoons GB Bowtie Blasters Cheers, Darwin
  8. Hey there reefers! Just updated the site with a bunch of goodness. Favia lovers are going to be a bit spoiled this time as we have plenty of new releases along with a few that made it out of grow out. Here's a sneak peek of what we have to offer this week: https://www.legendary-corals.com/new-arrivals The Collection Tabs have also been updated with new corals. Be sure to check the tabs out in case there's a coral you're looking for that's not under the WYSIWYG section! Cheers, Darwin
  9. Legendary Corals

    POLL: Legendary Corals Windbreakers???

    Hey there reefers, Just wanted to put a feeler post out there and see if any reefers would be interested in purchasing LC windbreakers? This project has been on our minds for the last few years. We wanted to make something nicer than just t-shirts that still shows your coral swag. We're just a little unsure on the interest for these jackets along with how many of each size to order. The jackets can be made in 3 colors: black, maroon, and navy. All three jackets will still have the same brass buttons, just different base color. Here is a mock up of what they will look like, be sure to voice your opinions and tell us what size and color you're thinking of in the comments! If there's enough interest and votes, we'll move forward with these and can start pre-sales. Pre-Sale Prices will be $40, afterwards they will be $50. Cheers, Darwin
  10. Looks like you'll get your wish and have extra zoas to help fill up that garden. Congratulations on winning!
  11. Thanks for participating everyone! Such an overwhelming amount of support. As a heads up, there's only 2 hours left to submit your photo!
  12. That's a sample of all the pieces we have up on the site, remember to post a photo of your tank and when you hope to get from the sale by tonight to be eligible for the $150 coral pack!
  13. Orange Echinata Sale: $9.99, Retail: $24.99 Aussie Blastomussa Sale: $24.99, Retail: $39.99 Magneto Chalice Sale: $24.99, Retail: $39.99 Red Blastomussa Sale: $29.99, Retail: $49.99 Darth Maul Micromussa Sale: $24.99, Retail: $39.99 JF Sunset Stylocoeniella Sale: $24.99, Retail: $34.99 Snakeskin Mycedium Sale: $19.99, Retail: $39.99 JF PPE Cyphastrea Sale: $29.99, Retail: $49.99 Spongebob Cyphastrea Sale: $49.99, Retail: $79.99 LC Hawkeye Cyphastrea Sale: $24.99, Retail: $39.99 JF Agent 420 Cyphastrea Sale: $19.99, Retail: $29.99 LC Pumpkin King Favia Sale: $24.99, Retail: $44.99 Jello Shot Favia Sale: $19.99, Retail: $29.99 Ultimate Rim Favia Sale: $99.99, Retail: $149.99 Toxicity Favia Sale: $19.99, Retail: $29.99 LC Energizer Cyphastrea Sale: $5, Retail: $9.99 WWC Green Rim Lithophyllon Sale: $19.99, Retail: $29.99 Blue Rainbow Cyphastrea Sale: $9.99, Retail: $19.99 JF B'Dazzled Cyphastrea Sale: $19.99, Retail: $29.99 JKR Rainbow Apocalypse Sale: $69.99, Retail: $99.99 Jello Shot Favia Sale: $69.99, Retail: $99.99 Neptunes Kryptonite Chalice Sale: $49.99, Retail: $89.99 LC Very Berry Lordhowensis Sale: $24.99, Retail: $39.99 LC Rasta Lordhowensis Sale: $59.99, Retail: $89.99 LC Sharkbites Lordhowensis Sale: $29.99, Retail: $49.99 Jello Shot Favia Sale: $19.99, Retail: $29.99 LC Cotton Candy Lordhowensis Sale: $19.99, Retail: $24.99 LC Golden Eye Lordhowensis Sale: $19.99, Retail: $29.99 LC Carnival Lordhowensis Sale: $19.99, Retail: $24.99 LC Hulk Lordhowensis Sale: $9.99, Retail: $19.99 LC Shocktart Lordhowensis Sale: $59.99, Retail: $24.99 LC Sabertooth Lordhowensis Sale: $34.99, Retail: $59.99 LC Melted Crayon Lordhowensis Sale: $29.99, Retail: $49.99 LC Deep Space Lordhowensis Sale: $19.99, Retail: $29.99 LC Deep Space Lordhowensis Sale: $29.99, Retail: $49.99 LC Mercury Rising Lordhowensis Sale: $29.99, Retail: $39.99 Toxic Pie Chalice Sale: $19.99, Retail: $29.99 WWC Blood Diamond Favia Sale: $19.99, Retail: $29.99 LC Cold Burn Favia Sale: $29.99, Retail: $44.99 Jade Leptastrea Sale: $9.99, Retail: $19.99 LC Pit Viper LeptastreaSale: $9.99, Retail: $19.99 JF Spitfire LeptastreaSale: $29.99, Retail: $39.99 RRUSA Pumpkin Spice LeptastreaSale: $19.99, Retail: $29.99 Bleeding War CoralSale: $9.99, Retail: $19.99 LC Luck of the Irish LeptastreaSale: $9.99, Retail: $19.99 LC Emerald Fire LeptastreaSale: $9.99, Retail: $19.99 20,000 Leagues LeptastreaSale: $29.99, Retail: $19.99 GB Lemony Twist LeptastreaSale: $24.99, Retail: $39.99 LC Burning Man LeptastreaSale: $9.99, Retail: $19.99 YR Ironman UnknownSale: $14.99, Retail: $29.99 Spring LeptastreaSale: $9.99, Retail: $19.99 LC Blizzard Bizzaro CyphastreaSale: $24.99, Retail: $49.99 LC Desert Oasis CyphastreaSale: $19.99, Retail: $39.99 LC Alien's Blood CyphastreaSale: $29.99, Retail: $49.99 JF Alien Pox CyphastreaSale: $24.99, Retail: $39.99 Yellow Eye Lithophyllon Sale: $9.99, Retail: $19.99 PPE Cyphastrea Sale: $19.99, Retail: $29.99 WWC Bizzaro CyphastreaSale: $29.99, Retail: $49.99 UC Splendiferous Cyphastrea Sale: $19.99, Retail: $29.99 Red Hentai LithophyllonSale: $24.99, Retail: $39.99 Lemony Lime LeptastreaSale: $19.99, Retail: $29.99 WWC Honeysickle LithophyllonSale: $29.99, Retail: $39.99 HSF Blue Eye Weirdo LithophyllonSale: $34.99, Retail: $49.99 Blue Eyed LepetastreaSale: $9.99, Retail: $19.99 Bubblegum CyphastreaSale: $19.99, Retail: $34.99 29 - SCA Creamsickle Cyphastrea Sale: $19.99, Retail: $29.99 ECC Toxic Plum CyphastreaSale: $19.99, Retail: $29.99 Peppermint Cyphastrea Sale: $14.99, Retail: $24.99 LC Grafted Lithophyllon Sale: $24.99, Retail: $39.99 RR USA King Midas LithophyllonSale: $19.99, Retail: $29.99 WWC C3PO Lithophyllon Sale: $29.99, Retail: $39.99 Japonica CyphastreaSale: $14.99, Retail: $24.99 SCA Raspberry CyphastreaSale: $19.99, Retail: $29.99 Pink StylocoeniellaSale: $9.99, Retail: $24.99 JF Burning Banana StylocoeniellaSale: $19.99, Retail: $29.99 LC Sunburst StylocoeniellaSale: $24.99, Retail: $44.99 JF 24k StylocoeniellaSale: $9.99, Retail: $19.99 SCA Afterburner StylocoeniellaSale: $29.99, Retail: $4https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/858/42967028124_6395c3403e.jpg9.99 Space Invader Mycedium Sale: $39.99, Retail: $69.99 Green Stylocoeniella Sale: $9.99, Retail: $19.99 GB Rapunzel Stylocoeniella Sale: $9.99, Retail: $19.99 LC Blue Diamond Stylocoeniella Sale: $24.99, Retail: $39.99 JF Grassy Fields StylocoeniellaSale: $14.99, Retail: $24.99 LC Blue Mist Cyphastrea Sale: $24.99, Retail: $39.99 RC Rain of War Favia Sale: $69.99, Retail: $99.99 CC Darth Maul Favia Sale: $49.99, Retail: $79.99 Gonzos War Machine FaviaSale: $29.99, Retail: $49.99 JF Top Fuel Favia Sale: $49.99, Retail: $89.99 JF Dayglo Favia Sale: $24.99, Retail: $39.99 UC Fascination Favia Sale: $24.99, Retail: $39.99 LC Ferrari Enzo Favia Sale: $39.99, Retail: $59.99 LC Yellow Fever Favia Sale: $49.99, Retail: $99.99 LC Blitz Blue Favia (New Release) Sale: $24.99, Retail: $49.99 LC Ice Fire FaviaSale: $9.99, Retail: $19.99 LC Blue Magma Favia Sale: $29.99, Retail: $49.99 LC Supercharger Favia Sale: $24.99, Retail: $34.99 [img=https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/941/42781009255_320a95
  14. Utter Chaos Sale: $34.99, Retail: $44.99 LC Rainbow Pixies Sale: $29.99, Retail: $49.99 LC Pink Krakens Sale: $99.99, Retail: $99.99 Blue Lagoons Sale: $29.99, Retail: $39.99 LC Deadeyes (New Release) Sale: $44.99, Retail: $59.99 LC Blankas (New Release) Sale: $49.99, Retail: $69.99 UC Medusas Sale: $19.99, Retail: $34.99 LC Bloodlusts Sale: $24.99, Retail: $39.99 Tutti Fruities Sale: $24.99, Retail: $39.99 Mindblowing Palys Sale: $14.99, Retail: $24.99 Treehouses on Fire Sale: $79.99, Retail: $149.99 UC Nirvanasr Sale: $39.99, Retail: $89.99 Red Deaths Sale: $9.99, Retail: $24.99 Ultra Eagle Eyes Sale: $9.99, Retail: $19.99 Gatorades Sale: $29.99, Retail: $39.99 Red Hornets Sale: $29.99, Retail: $39.99 Circus Sale: $29.99, Retail: $39.99 Captain Americas Sale: $24.99, Retail: $34.99 LC Nosferatus Sale: $29.99, Retail: $49.99 Bam Bams Sale: $19.99, Retail: $29.99 Twizzlers Sale: $29.99, Retail: $39.99 Super Saiyans Sale: $24.99, Retail: $34.99 Highlighter Snake Polyps Sale: $9.99, Retail: $29.99 Tyree Orange Rainbows Sale: $24.99, Retail: $44.99 LC Infrareds Sale: $49.99, Retail: $59.99 Emeralds on Fire Sale: $29.99, Retail: $44.99 Grandis Paly Sale: $24.99, Retail: $29.99 Spitfires Sale: $29.99, Retail: $39.99 Rastas Sale: $19.99, Retail: $24.99 Everlasting Gobstoppers Sale: $14.99, Retail: $24.99 LC Nightshades Sale: $19.99, Retail: $34.99 Blondies Sale: $19.99, Retail: $34.99 Purple Stingers Sale: $29.99, Retail: $44.99 RR USA Pink Diamonds Sale: $49.99, Retail: $69.99 Grapefruits Sale: $24.99, Retail: $34.99 Rainbow Hornets Sale: $34.99, Retail: $44.99 My Clementines Sale: $24.99, Retail: $29.99 Rainbow Incinerators Sale: $49.99, Retail: $29.99 LC Petroglyphs Sale: $39.99, Retail: $64.99 Space Monsters Sale: $24.99, Retail: $29.99 Goblins on Fire Sale: $39.99, Retail: $19.99 LC Spongebobs Sale: $24.99, Retail: $39.99 VW Bloodshots Sale: $39.99, Retail: $89.99 Jello Shot Favia Sale: $19.99, Retail: $29.99 Avatar Favia Sale: $19.99, Retail: $29.99 Highlighter Streak Favia Sale: $19.99, Retail: $29.99 Mindmelter Platygyra Favia Sale: $19.99, Retail: $29.99 Alternating Green and Gold Galaxia Sale: $9.99, Retail: $24.99 Radioactive Green Galaxia Sale: $19.99, Retail: $29.99 Poison Ivy Hydnophora Sale: $19.99, Retail: $29.99 Watermelon Cyphastrea Sale: $9.99, Retail: $24.99 JF Scarlet Fever Stylocoeniella Sale: $29.99, Retail: $49.99 Rainbow Sherbert Goniopora Sale: $49.99, Retail: $79.99 Night Stalker Alveopora Sale: $29.99, Retail: $39.99 True Pink Goniopora Sale: $29.99, Retail: $49.99 Phantom Goniopora Sale: $29.99, Retail: $49.99 3G Mummy Eye Chalice Sale: $29.99, Retail: $49.99 Honey Lavender Goniopora Sale: $29.99, Retail: $49.99 Bubblegum Monster Chalice Sale: $19.99, Retail: $29.99 Rainbow Short Tentacle Goniopora Sale: $19.99, Retail: $29.99 Rainbow Short Tentacle Goniopora Sale: $39.99, Retail: $59.99 OG Mummy Eye Chalice Sale: $24.99, Retail: $39.99 Bulletproof Red Metallic Goniopora Sale: $29.99, Retail: $44.99 LC Glittery Goniopora Sale: $69.99, Retail: $89.99 Cranberry Short Tentacle Goniopora Sale: $19.99, Retail: $29.99 Orange Cream Hillae Sale: $24.99, Retail: $39.99 Hyper Orange Bowerbanki Sale: $24.99, Retail: $39.99 Green Leptastrea Sale: $9.99, Retail: $19.99 Lavender Blastomussa Sale: $19.99, Retail: $29.99 Pipe Organ Sale: $9.99, Retail: $19.99