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  1. Hey there reefers, It's been awhile since we posted an update. This time we've got nearly THIRTY WYSIWYG Jawbreakers for you to choose from. These are all aquacultured and some have some really nice red coming in. Prices start at $49.99 for babies. Along with these choice jawbreakers are a handful of high end zoas, euphyllias, and some blastos. Swing by the site to see everything! Cheers, Darwin
  2. All corals are posted, enjoy folks!
  3. No sir, not for our sale events.
  4. Hey there reefers, We usually host a live sale here on the forums. However, we decided to try something new this time. Instead of making you guys wait piece by piece, we're going to be unleashing EVERYTHING all at once!!! This means no need to sit at your computer for hours waiting to updates, no need to fight over the same coral over everyone else, and best of all you can view all of the selections at once. It's a win-win situation for everyone. Everything will be listed on our website: www.legendary-corals.com We're going to be offering over 400+ WYSIWYG pieces this time with plenty of quantity on each coral type to give everyone a fair chance of purchasing. Since the pieces are WYSIWYG, it is first come first served. It's going to be the first time we've done this, so fingers crossed everything runs smoothly. The Legendary End of Summer Blowout RULES (Rules may change at anytime. By participating in this sale you will automatically agree to the following rules): WHEN: Date: 11:00am (PST) on Saturday, September 16th. The sale will last until Saturday, September 30th (2 weeks). Communication will be solely through email: legendarycorals@gmail.com. We will not be able to reply to PMs very quickly, so please email us for the fastest response. CORALS: 400+ Pure WYSIWYG Corals, posted ALL AT ONCE!!! All corals will be added to our website along with the thread that has a link to the site. Look under the "Summer Extravaganza" tab of our site. The tab will be broken up into categories indicating which type of corals is being offered "Zoanthids, LPS, SPS, Softies." Snipers be ready! All corals are heavily discounted from their already awesome prices. There will be a handful of $5 corals and everything is first come first served! No limits on $5 corals, just go crazy guys. All corals will be left up until Saturday, September 30th (2 weeks). Under the rare case that the coral is not well to ship, you will receive a similar piece if in stock. If no coral is in stock, then we will refund you. PAYMENT: PayPal only, first come first served. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No exchanges, refunds, etc. No credit or coupons can be applied. We cannot stress this enough. All sales are final, and we will not be refunding orders. Your item is NOT yours until it's payed for. If it's in your cart, it isn't safe from other reefers! If for some reason you and someone else got the same coral, the first person to check out will win the coral and we will notify you if we have a similar item we can offer. SHIPPING: Shipping options are available at the end of your checkout process. Shipping will be a flat fee of $50 ($30 for CA). You can order as many items as you want and the shipping rate will be a flat fee (with the exception of orders over 30 pieces, we may need to send out a second box). We will ONLY ship to the address on your PayPal. So please have this updated on your account to avoid any confusion. This includes any work addresses. We will NOT allow combined shipments (no combining shipping with another customer). We will need at least 24 hours to process your order, so items will NOT be shipped out on the same day of purchase. FAQs: For our FAQs, please visit this link: http://www.legendary-corals.com/faqs-1 PRIZE: We're going to be giving away 5 prizes this time! To be eligible for the prizes, you must make a purchase within the first day of the sale (9/16/17). The winners will be announced on 9/17/17. Prize #1: Extreme LPS Pack $300+ Our Choice Prize #2: Extreme Zoa Pack $300+ Our Choice Prize #3: Extreme Mixed Coral Pack $300+ Our Choice Prize #4: $100 Gift Card Prize #5: Legendary Swag Shirt A very small sample of teasers that will make an appearance during the live sale. Bright pink and blue goniopora RR USA Pink Diamonds JKR Rainbow Apocalypse RARE Yellow Highlighter Hammer Jawbreakers Super sexy black torches Rainbow Rhinos Weeping Willow Leathers Dendrophyllias And lastly, have fun! Let's make this into another great event!Cheers,Darwin
  5. Hey there reefers, We have over 50 WYSIWYG Ricordeas available on the site! If you've been looking to create a nice ricordea garden now's the perfect time to do so. We've got tons of colors and a good amount of rare yellow rics. Here's a couple of teaser pics, but swing on by the site to view them all. https://www.legendary-corals.com/mushrooms-1 Cheers, Darwin
  6. WYSIWYG Jawbreakers in Stock!!!

    Yes you can, it's a small baby.
  7. WYSIWYG Jawbreakers in Stock!!!

    Hey there reefers, We finally have a few Jawbreakers in stock. These are the Mark Poletti strain. All pieces are WYSIWYG and are available here on the site: https://www.legendary-corals.com/new-arrivals Be sure to pick these up quickly, as Jawbreakers never last long on our site! Cheers, Darwin
  8. Hello there reefers, Just updated the website with some INSANE cherry! For all of you euphyllia lovers, we just uploaded a bunch of variety including some vary rare morphs. There's a stunning yellow splatter branching hammer and a orange tipped frogspawn we haven't seen before. We also just got in the most gorgeous rock flower anemone along with two simply insane scolies. Head to the site to view everything including prices: https://www.legendary-corals.com/new-arrivals A true ORANGE and YELLOW scoly, even has purple/blue markings. One of the best scolys we've ever seen. This rare variant of scoly is one of the more sought after types. Extremely rare violet skirt RFA! Large 3" in size. Very unique black centered RFA, the red skirts are simply flowing. 3" as well. Probably the best RFA we've ever received, pictures don't do this one justice. 3" in size. Our LC Hellfire Bubbletip Anemone, been aquaculturing this one for close to a year now. Cherry Red Snowy St. Thomas! Rare orange variant of St. Thomas Our Inner Core Black Torch, the neon green base with white tips is truly stunning. Teal tipped Gold Torch! Very odd blue tipped frogspawn Our favorite frogspawn, orange tips on a green body! And it's a branching variant as well. Rare gold stemmed radioactive splatter hammer! This will make a sweet showpiece for one lucky reefer. Limited quantity on these yellow splatter hammers. Night and day difference from your usual greens. Cheers, Darwin
  9. Classroom Tank Setup

    IMO, such a small tank should have an ATO (auto top off) system. It helps keep the tank stable and also will cause less work/ trips to the LFS to get RODI. Stability is a big key point in nanos, since swings happen so quickly. If available, Real Reef/ FHI rock would be a great choice. It's already purple, and a good store should have it cycling in a vat already. If that's not an option, live rock would be my next choice. I think the children will appreciate a very simple set up of clownfish, kenya trees, pulsing xenia, gsp, and mushrooms. The more bullet proof the corals and the sooner they can see the corals grow the happier they'll be since they'll be able to see progress in their work. I would stay away from any stony corals since it means more water changes and the need to check on parameters with maybe the exception of a frogspawn since I'm sure it will be their favorite thing to watch with the clownfish.
  10. Hey there reefers, This week we've got a load of rare goodies! Three eclectus shrooms and one insane candy crusher (1/4 of it is green!). We've also updated the site with lots of other pieces such as LC Vampire Slayers, JF Freak Hair, and our first ever frag of HSF Blue Eyed Weirdo. This is the first frag that we're releasing of the HSF Blue Eyed Weirdo in the 1.5 years that we've been growing it. It's a true rarity for sure, and the best looking litho out there in our opinion! Click here to view all of the new arrivals: https://www.legendary-corals.com/new-arrivals Cheers, Darwin
  11. Yessir, we can meet with people on T/Th in San Jose after 7pm. Just shoot us an email and we can work out a time to meet.
  12. Hey there reefers, Just posted a super sweet update on the website. Includes the coveted Grafted ReefTek Starburst Cap, Rainbow Maul, RR USA Pink Diamonds (the brightest pink zoa you'll ever find), lots of collector favias, and dendros (finally!). Check out the thread and our website to see names and prices of everything. All new pieces can be found here: https://www.legendary-corals.com/new-arrivals Cheers, Darwin
  13. Fighting conches solved my sandbed issues almost overnight.
  14. IM 30l build (new fts)

    Welcome back to the hobby! Great tank, I have one as well. How do you like the Kessil? It seems to give off a lot of shading on the left and right side of the tank.