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  1. Zoa Identification

    Left look like Laser Lemons, right look like Pink and Golds.
  2. Beautiful Zoa Packs, Pure WYSIWYG!

    Hello reefers, It's been awhile since we've made a few packs. With all of the zoas in our systems looking mighty fine, we decided to whip something up! Here's a few different packs for all types of zoa collectors. Packs that are $350 and over include shipping. Here's a link to view them all: https://www.legendary-corals.com/frag-packs The Classic Zoa Pack - $129.99 Row 1: Bam Bams, Blue Hornets, Goblins on Fire Row 2: Scrambled Eggs, Rastas, Blondies Row 3: My Clementines, Tutti Fruities, Emeralds on Fire The Vampire Pack - $249.99 Row 1: CC Bloodsuckers, LC Alucards, LC Joe's Vamps Row 2: LC Petroglyphs, LC Shadow Princes, VW Bloodshots Row 3: LC Rainbow Vamps, Sonic Flares, LC Vampire Slayers The Colony Pack - $350 Shipped Row 1: Raptor's Rainbows, Z's Medusa Row 2: Gatorades, Tyree Orange Rainbows/ CB Rainbow Infusions Row 3: WWC Bloodsuckers, Goblins on Fire The Collector's Pack - $449.99 Shipped - SOLD Row 1: RC Alien Antivenoms, VW Darwin Vamps, (NEW) LC Black Panthers Row 2: RR USA Pink Diamonds, Speckled Krakatoas, (NEW) LC Deadpools Row 3: LC Rainbow Pixies, Treehouses on Fire, LC Space Haze Cheers, Darwin
  3. 25+ WYSIWYG Rock Flower Anemones! Some of the best we've seen.

    Unfortunately no. Any reason why you're searching for captive bred RFAs?
  4. Hey there Nano-Reefers, We received a batch of Rock Flower Anemones last week and boy do they look great! They're all settled in and doing well, ready for their new homes. Here's a small sample of some of the pieces we got in. View the nems here: https://www.legendary-corals.com/anemones Cheers, Darwin
  5. Hey guys! We're back home now and just updated the site with over 150 pieces! Lots of new goodies for you guys to choose from. We've been working on our systems and things have never looked better. https://www.legendary-corals.com/new-arrivals Cheers, Darwin
  6. First round of boxes were just dropped off, still plenty of goodies on the site.
  7. I'm sorry to hear about that, did it happen to work for you? I'd recommend viewing the site via browser since each section has about 200 corals. It's a lot for the mobile to load. They all went super fast! We didn't have that many to start with (maybe only about 5 frags) since they took forever to attach.
  8. SALE IS LIVE, EVERYTHING IS UPLOADED! Enjoy guys, we put a lot of really nice pieces for this one!
  10. Hey there reefers, Just like our last live sale, we're going to make this nice and easy. Instead of making you guys wait piece by piece, we're going to be unleashing EVERYTHING all at once!!! This means no need to sit at your computer for hours waiting to updates, no need to fight over the same coral over everyone else, and best of all you can view all of the selections at once. It's a win-win situation for everyone. Everything will be listed on our website: www.legendary-corals.com We're going to be offering over 500+ WYSIWYG pieces this time with plenty of quantity on each coral type to give everyone a fair chance of purchasing. Since the pieces are WYSIWYG, it is first come first served. The Legendary Black Friday Event (Rules may change at anytime. By participating in this sale you will automatically agree to the following rules): WHEN: Date: 10:00am (PST) on Friday, November 24th. The sale will last until Sunday, December 10th (2 weeks). Communication will be solely through email: legendarycorals@gmail.com. We will not be able to reply to PMs very quickly, so please email us for the fastest response. CORALS: 500+ Pure WYSIWYG Corals, posted ALL AT ONCE!!! All corals will be added to our website along with the thread that has a link to the site. Look under the "Black Friday" tab of our site. The tab will be broken up into categories indicating which type of corals is being offered "Zoanthids, LPS, SPS, Softies." Snipers be ready! All corals are heavily discounted from their already awesome prices. There will be a handful of $5 corals and everything is first come first served! No limits on $5 corals, just go crazy guys. All corals will be left up until Sunday, December 10th (2 weeks). Under the rare case that the coral is not well to ship, you will receive a similar piece if in stock. If no coral is in stock, then we will refund you. PAYMENT: PayPal only, first come first served. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No exchanges, refunds, etc. No credit or coupons can be applied. We cannot stress this enough. All sales are final, and we will not be refunding orders. Your item is NOT yours until it's payed for. If it's in your cart, it isn't safe from other reefers! If for some reason you and someone else got the same coral, the first person to check out will win the coral and we will notify you if we have a similar item we can offer. SHIPPING: Shipping options/ dates are available at the end of your checkout process. Shipping will be a flat fee of $50 ($30 for CA). You can order as many items as you want and the shipping rate will be a flat fee (with the exception of orders over 30 pieces, we may need to send out a second box). We will ONLY ship to the address on your PayPal. So please have this updated on your account to avoid any confusion. This includes any work addresses. We will NOT allow combined shipments (no combining shipping with another customer). We will need at least 24 hours to process your order, so items will NOT be shipped out on the same day of purchase. FAQs: For our FAQs, please visit this link: http://www.legendary-corals.com/faqs-1 A very small sample of teasers that will make an appearance during the live sale. RR USA Pink Diamonds And lastly, have fun! Let's make this into another great event!Cheers,Darwin
  11. Hey there reefers, Get ready, because this is by far the best line of jawbreakers out there. Your average Jawbreaker or Tie Dye starts off orange and over time gets a few red splashes, a few years down you'll get a bit of green, and then you cross your fingers to run into purple maybe 4-5 years later. Having said that... I'd like to introduce Andre's Ultimate Jawbreaker. Who needs an orange body when you can have GREEN! Yup, that's right... GREEN!!! All of the babies from this strain gain green as a MAIN body color early on their life. In all my years of reefing, I've never seen anything like it. Being aquacultured, you don't have to play any guessing games on if they'll change colors or if the babies retain the genes. Some of these get even PURPLE within the first 2 years. He's been stashing these away for a couple of years and growing them well in his aquarium under a Radion running at 30%. All pieces below are on a 1.5" tile. Having said all of that, these pieces are truly one a kind and are very limited. The first Andre's Ultimate Jawbreaker listed for sale is this one below at $1499.99 shipped. https://www.legendary-corals.com/product-page/andre-s-jawbreakers-wysiwyg-2 The second one for sale is this one, is almost completely all green. $1699.99 shipped. https://www.legendary-corals.com/product-page/andre-s-jawbreakers-wysiwyg-1 The third one here is listed at $2499.99 shipped. Already has that infamous purple splash which is so coveted among jawbreaker keepers. https://www.legendary-corals.com/product-page/andre-s-jawbreakers-wysiwyg-3 The last one for sale is this beautiful pie chunk piece. She's going for $2499.99 and is ready to become a beautiful mother shroom. https://www.legendary-corals.com/product-page/andre-s-jawbreakers-wysiwyg Cheers, Darwin
  12. Dr. Felicia's Back to Basics IM14 - New Photos pg. 18!

    I know you asked me to show you a photo when I took one, so here it is. It might be a kenya tree? It's definitely not a carnation coral, it's been alive and growing too well to be one lol.
  13. Hey there reefers, Just posted on the site a lot of new goodies! This update includes some of our best Rock Flower Anemones to date. Along with Rock Flowers, we finally got in some of our popular Inner Core Black Torches. These are definite show pieces with their black tentacles and fluorescent green centers. Check out the site to see everything else! Some teasers: Not yet fragged, will be on the site within the next week or two! Unique's Japanese Pink Nepthea is currently in grow out! We grew this piece as the smallest hitchhiker. We saw a bit of yellow and metallic tips, but never expected it to look like this! Really unique with it's yellow base, purple/pink polyps and metallic silver tips. We're calling it the Pink Lemonade Kenya Tree, but we're unsure if it really is a kenya tree. Anyone care to chime in on what it might be? Cheers, Darwin
  14. Hey there reefers, It's been awhile since we posted an update. This time we've got nearly THIRTY WYSIWYG Jawbreakers for you to choose from. These are all aquacultured and some have some really nice red coming in. Prices start at $49.99 for babies. Along with these choice jawbreakers are a handful of high end zoas, euphyllias, and some blastos. Swing by the site to see everything! Cheers, Darwin
  15. All corals are posted, enjoy folks!