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  1. Hello reefers! Just uploaded the website with 150+ WYSIWYG items! Brought a lot of rare goodies out of the vault including a WWC Bounce from the personal display. Plenty of goodies for LPS and Zoa lovers including a few limited releases. Check the site to view everything else: https://www.legendary-corals.com/new-arrivals A couple of highlights! WWC Bounce!!! Jackson's Electric Bounce. All of those nodules are bubbles! Superfreak Shroom Incredibly rare Belize Ricordea variant, first time seeing this Bubblegum Digi! RR Crazy T Monti Our Rainbow Montipora LC Grafted Sunfire Cap JKR Rainbow Apocalypse, huge well healed frag! LC Energizer Cyphastrea, very cool white polyps SCA Raspberry Cyphastrea WWC Bizzaro Cyphastrea, super cool green highlights on the polyps LC Blizzard Bizzaro Cyphastrea New release! LC Alien Blood! SUPER bright piece CC Mr. Freeze Leptoseris New piece! SCA Afterburner Stylocoeniella! One of the coolest in the vault Lemony Lime Leptastrea. Super bright piece Rainbow Goniopora! Aquacultured and bullet proof. Rain of War, great grafts on this frag LC Yellow Fever, finally available again LC High Octane Favia, one of the last pieces FX Yellow Brick Road Zen Reef's Frosted Maul Favia! A true rarity. GB Buttkissers CC Flaming Brohican WWC Superstars! This one gets humongous polyps RR USA Pink Diamonds LC Blue Lagoons Rare! LC Blue Ghosts. We only have these about once a year. LC Goth Chicks Rainbow Incinerators Super hard to find, Orange Envies LC Vampire Slayers New Release! LC Sleepy Hollows LC Hawkmoon LC Rorschach New Release, LC Power Rangers! LC Infrareds Cheers, Darwin
  2. Legendary Corals

    Met legendary corals, long convos about reef

    It's Darwin, I usually reply on the forums.
  3. Legendary Corals

    Met legendary corals, long convos about reef

    Good to meet you man!
  4. Legendary Corals

    Glittery Goniopora!

    Hey there reefers, Just showing off a very unusual goniopora we've had for some time now. It has glitters throughout the entire body and stalks. Very cool! Not as good of a photo, but shows the glitters a bit more. Cheers, Darwin
  5. Legendary Corals

    LC Swag - Utter Chaos Pocket Tee Shirts!!!

    They're unisex!
  6. Thanks for letting us know everything came in well! Always makes us happy.
  7. Hey there reefers! Made a few new shirts for fun! Utter Chaos pocket on a SUPER soft triblend charcoal tee. We wanted to make a reefing tshirt that could be warn casually. Let us know if you're interested in one. Extremely limited supply on this run of shirts. These custom shirts are running for $25 before USPS shipping. Link to purchase: https://www.legendary-corals.com/product-page/utter-chaos-pocket-tshirt Cheers, Darwin
  8. Just added a few more pieces to the sale, including this amazing zoanthid...
  9. Legendary Corals

    Rebuilding the Shallow Reef Tank Pt.2

    Amazing photos! Makes me really happy to see our corals in their new home. I see that the CC Darth Maul has a small nick on it, hopefully it recovers back.
  10. Lol! So the winner of the naming contest is... @MrsK with her suggestion of ROYGBIV!!! We thought it was an awesome and suiting name for this new rainbow zoanthid. Her frag was shipped out today along with a bunch of other boxes. We went all out this time with plenty of goodies and a cool new box design. Be sure to share all of your pics everyone!!!
  11. The winner has been contacted via PM.
  12. Ready... Set... GOOOO!! All 500+ pieces are LIVE NOW!!! Enjoy them guys, we worked really hard on this one.
  13. Sale starts in about 10 minutes!!! You guys ready? 400+ pieces all at once...
  14. I guess that's gone too, so he gets two new names to choose lol.
  15. Halle Berry is a pretty close name to an already known zoanthid morph, Halle Berries. You can redo your first submission since you might now have known.