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  1. Truth.
  2. Thanks everybody Hopefully the new feed will make a difference. @micoastreefing, I do have several SPS and LPS that are actively growing. I did a water test today, and my alk is lower than usual. I'll probably start doing some small water changes in between the big weekly water changes to help replenish alk and calcium. @JoeR, I got the acan at Cherry Corals. They have some absolutely incredible acans. The red and blue thing to the left of it is a blastomussa, also purchased at Cherry Corals. I'm glad you're getting a pico bowl A zoa or nem garden would be fantastic. If I had more time, I would set up a RFA reefbowl. And speaking of reefbowl inspiration, a couple of weeks ago I gave a talk to the saltwater staff at my LFS about my reefbowl. When I went there the other day, lo and behold, they had just set up this Pretty neat, huh?
  3. Hey, long time no see been busy with summer things. reefbowl is doing fine. Utter chaos have a 7th head! Here's a pic that shows my two leptos in the background, growing slowly but surely. witches wheel acan is doing really well too. The valida acro is liking its place at the top... Pink n golds growing like crazy... But not all is well. The pink goni is thriving, but the other two gonis aren't looking so well. Not sure what's going on. I've started feeding both Reef Roids and Goniopower to see if I can turn them around. On the whole, however, it's a happy bowl.
  4. So glad your bubblegum digi is growing for you they are wonderful corals!
  5. Nothing new going on in the reefbowl lately. I've been opening the window to give it some sun and fresh air. The blondies have a new head, and it looks like the pink and golds will soon spread to the wall of the reefbowl.
  6. Opened the reefbowl this morning before the lights came on to remove a cat hair. Took a quick snap. What a difference actinics make!
  7. No big news from the reefbowl lately. All is well, although the Pom Pom crab is still MIA. The hermit has been very visible. It's transferred to a bigger shell. Turns out the witches' wheel acan doesn't have two new heads, it has six! The Utter Chaos zoas are growing a sixth head too. I had to glue the edges of the red planet acro again to prevent it invading the surrounding zoas. It's recovering well from the big glob of superglue I accidentally dripped on it.
  8. Reef Roids are said to be beneficial to gonis. I use them in my reefbowl and have 3 kinds of gonis that are doing well.
  9. I would complain to MD about the pump noise if I were you. I thought part of the selling point of this new line of Fusion tanks was that the pumps would be good enough not to need replacing.
  10. If polyps are out, it's probably fine. I wouldn't use blasto growth as an indicator of system health, mine has grown really slowly compared to other corals e.g. acans.
  11. omigorg, love this tank Congratulations!
  12. OMG, how did I miss those rainbow acan pics? WOW
  13. I do see better success with zoas and palys in the reefbowl. I think several factors are involved: big water changes, total eradication of all vermetids and hydroids (both of which clearly irritated zoas), no flatworms (these did not directly feed on zoas, but they sat on them all the time and blocked the light to them), and less frequent feedings (I used to feed the Nuvo 8 twice a day and I think the added nutrients were a bit too much for the zoas, in addition to providing fuel for hydroids/vermetids/flatworms). I have lost a couple of zoa colonies, but it's been far less hit-or-miss than it was in the Nuvo 8. The wonderful thing about the reefbowl is that, generally speaking, I can expect it to do pretty well if I stick to the routine as written out in the TOTM profile. Thank you I'm a little biased, but I think you would LOVE a reefbowl
  14. The zoas at top left are pink and golds, I think. Pom Pom is still missing
  15. Rainy evening at the reefbowl. I noticed the other day that the witches' wheel acan has 2 new heads.