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  1. Natalia's Art Project Pico Contest Build

    Thanks guys @JoeR, the clay i used is paper clay, which is clay with paper mixed in. The paper burns away when fired in the kiln. It’s easy to work when wet and lightweight when fired. I thought it might serve well as live rock when colonized by bacteria. I suspect it may also be leaching some nutrients into the system, hence all the algae. Hopefully over time that will even out with all the 100% water changes I do. @OldManSea, you’re right on to the sort of thing i was thinking as I made this. I think of the corals as nature rising from the ruins of civilization.
  2. Natalia's reefbowl: November Update and Photo Dump

    November update! Happy bowl. Morning in the bowl ...and a video. Music by Boards of Canada.
  3. Natalia's Art Project Pico Contest Build

    Okay, the snails are making better progress. Here it is. I’ve added a couple of bubblegum digitata and nephthea frags from the main reefbowl, and some zoas and an acan and an acro from the LFS. And of course the sculptures. Think “garden of earthly delights” by Hieronymus Bosch, crossed with 20th century surrealism and Ancient Greek shipwrecks, and you have an approximation of the weird (and possibly slightly disturbing) mix I’m aiming for. Can’t wait to get some more corals and colors in here. And possibly more sculptures.
  4. Natalia's Art Project Pico Contest Build

    Update time! I seeded the bowl with some rock and gravel from the existing reefbowl, waited a few days, and added a few coral frags. Unfortunately, nuisance algae (diatoms? Looks like there’s some GHA too) took hold really quickly, before I could get around to adding snails. Hopefully the snails will clear things up. And of course there are sculptures. Pics to follow when it looks a little less embarrassing
  5. lol...that is too a condiment I use it to make chili! (I drink most of it though)
  6. Natalia's Art Project Pico Contest Build

    Equipment list: 1.75 gallon blown glass bowl from Amazon.com Lid from 1-gallon Anchor Hocking terrarium Black architect lamp from Amazon.com ABI 12W Tuna Blue Par38 LED Betta Stik 7.5 watt heater Inkbird temperature controller Dry Marco Rock TOM Stellar Air Pump rated for 10-20 gallons Bare airline Some sculptures I made
  7. Natalia's Art Project Pico Contest Build

    OK guys, I'm in Here's the empty bowl with a bottle of my favorite sauce
  8. Bump! Also edited: Price is now $650 or best offer.
  9. Hi guys I am selling my gently used Canon EOS Rebel T3i DSLR camera, along with the 18-55mm kit lens and a 60mm macro lens. I'm selling it for two reasons: (1) I'm too lazy to use it, and (2) I want to scrounge up the cash to install some new flooring. $650 OR BEST OFFER (shipped) gets you all of the following: Camera with 18-55mm kit lens (retail for new camera is $600) Operation manual (not pictured, oops) Battery charger and one lithium ion battery (will definitely need charging because I haven't used the camera in a while) EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM lens (retail for new lens is $400) USB cable Eyefi Mobi card, allows you to instantly transfer your photos to your smartphone with the Keenai app Shoulder strap Two 4gb memory cards Cleaning pen Microfiber cleaning cloth The camera is in very good used condition and takes fantastic pictures. There is a small piece missing from one corner of the housing; it does not affect the operation of the camera (see photo #6). The macro lens has a few extremely tiny scratches; if they have any effect at all on the operation of the camera, I certainly don't see it. The camera is sold as is, no returns, so please look carefully at the pictures (you can click on them to see them at full resolution) and feel free to ask questions. I will not sell to anyone who has just signed up for NR or has few/no posts. Paypal only.
  10. Natalia's reefbowl: November Update and Photo Dump

    Very very true
  11. Natalia's reefbowl: November Update and Photo Dump

    Aww, thanks @gena Yup, I'm thinking about it. Mainly wondering if I want to take on the extra work, given that the main reason I set up the reefbowl in the first place was so I could spend less time reefing and more time doing other fun things
  12. Live Free or Reef, New Inhabitants!

    +1 to the above. Acans love vase reefs and can be fed a few hours before a big water change to keep nutrients down. Also, LOVE your container and how your system is taking shape! I was thinking about getting one of those but was wondering if the water volume would be adequate. Looks like it is!
  13. Natalia's reefbowl: November Update and Photo Dump

    Thinking about it