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  1. I could see it being a bac bloom. Now that I think of it, it's possible I've lost my pom pom crab, she's been MIA for the last week or so. The hermit and all 3 snails are accounted for. Water change is tomorrow. If she's dead, the remains will probably be flushed out when i blow out the scape with a turkey baster. I hope she's still alive! The bowl was cloudy again yesterday, but today is crystal clear. All corals have been open and happy through all this. This was yesterday afternoon. Looking at the pic now, it doesn't do justice to how cloudy it was. Sorry, I should have gotten a better pic Happy nephthea happy euphyllia (the shadow is my phone lol)
  2. So glad the info on vermetids was useful Your corals will thank you (or at least they would if they could talk)
  3. ABI Tuna Blue
  4. The last couple of mornings, I've found the bowl a bit cloudy and all corals open except a few zoas. It clears up by midday. Could this be a spawning event?
  5. These corals are under a $25 LED.
  6. Thank you Kat
  7. Thanks Stella glad you liked it!
  8. Thank you this par38 gives pretty strong light. I currently have it 17.5" above the water line. This is perfect for most of the corals I have. The acroporas would probably prefer it to be a little lower, about 16" above the water line.
  9. Can you post a pic of the zoas?
  10. Can you post a pic of the zoas?
  11. That really is unfortunate. How does this law work? Are they going after illegally harvested coral, or all coral held in captivity? Or are they just not differentiating between the two?
  12. Haha, sure I'm going to live vicariously thru all you guys because I was totally eyeballing that specific tank before any contest was announced. I just don't want to do the extra work that another tank entails. I'll follow along and chime in wherever it makes sense!
  13. Great choice of tank I wouldn't get another tank even if someone paid me, but I can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with!
  14. Thanks I used a toothpick to position the legs while still wet. The only post-processing I did was the Structure and Sharpen filters--no color processing! That's the best thing about these new gels. Now I just need to find a better clip-on macro lens so I can zoom in on particular corals.