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  1. Just love these pics I'm about ready to declare defeat on the fluconazole treatments and just stick to peroxide. I'm seeing regrowth too.
  2. Weetie, have you considered setting up a Flickr account or similar photo storage service? It's super easy and you can bypass the file storage limitations on NR. Also allows you to attach photos by pasting the URL right in the post.
  3. The pompom decided to dig a burrow right under the front rock with the blasto on it. Which means I can see her at all times I was also able to drop a single pellet in front of her burrow using some rigid PVC tubing. So I can target feed her without polluting the tank!
  4. I didn't see the pom pom today, hopefully she'll get a little more bold over time. Meanwhile, the hermit gave me a nice photo op today Teeny, your experience with the euphyllia is exactly what I'm afraid of!
  5. Thank you for the kind words It doesn't get much smaller (or more low maintenance) than this!
  6. I was a little concerned about that too! I didn't see the algae until I took the macro shot. Hopefully with all the fluconazole in there, the reefbowl will be an inhospitable environment for whatever algae she's introducing.
  7. Went to the LFS yesterday Look who I brought home! This is a very tiny crab, maybe an inch wide when stretched out. She seemed to acclimate very well. After sitting still for a bit, she crept into the shade of the frogspawn and started grooming herself. She took one of the anemones out of one claw and held it with a couple of feet, then groomed her free claw. I hope reefbowl life agrees with her! The hermit crab still seems to be doing well. Fluconazone update: I am still seeing tiny, tiny, tiny strands of hair algae in a few places. I did another peroxide spot treatment during the water change. Today is Day 42 in all, and day 7 at the higher dose.
  8. Really sorry all this has happened I hope things continue to improve.
  9. Your corals are looking fantastic It's great that you're staying on top of the vermetids. It really isn't that hard to completely eradicate them even in a well-fed tank, but it requires a lot of vigilance. Stirring up the sandbed so that they release their strings is a perfect way to find them.
  10. Once or twice a week, in conjunction with several other small-to-medium-particle feeds. I target feed. No impact on nitrates at all.
  11. All I'm doing is the normal reefbowl routine of 100% waterchanges and a generous feeding once a week (including Reef Roids, which is specifically rumored to benefit gonis). Reefbowl conditions just seem to agree with them! Brandon, I love this idea. Much better than removing that beautiful frogspawn! I happen to have a big polycarbonate pack of batteries and will scope out options for adding a barrier or two.
  12. That's a concern of mine for sure. My frogspawn has been a model citizen for almost a year, but that doesn't mean it will be forever. I'm running a risk by having corals this close to it, and all I can do is monitor it and hope for the best. One nice thing about it is that although it has more heads, it isn't really taking up any more space than it did when I first got it. But I may eventually have to replace it with something more peaceful.
  13. In my experience thus far...just enough so they aren't touching I have zoas growing in its shade.
  14. Yup, they are aggressive. I placed the other corals so they aren't touching. Unlike some other aggressive corals like the chalice I traded in, the euphyllia doesn't seem to put out sweepers.
  15. Thank you Weetie nope, I don't usually remove the corals. Sometimes I move individual rocks to glue a frag or clean around and underneath, but that's about all. The scaping wasn't all that complicated because it was done in increments. I just wanted to create a sense of depth with a foreground, middle ground, and background, and some asymmetry with the top rock shifted to the right.