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  1. Natalia's reefbowl: October Update and Photo Dump

    Very very true
  2. Natalia's reefbowl: October Update and Photo Dump

    Aww, thanks @gena Yup, I'm thinking about it. Mainly wondering if I want to take on the extra work, given that the main reason I set up the reefbowl in the first place was so I could spend less time reefing and more time doing other fun things
  3. Live Free or Reef, Coral A Day until its full

    +1 to the above. Acans love vase reefs and can be fed a few hours before a big water change to keep nutrients down. Also, LOVE your container and how your system is taking shape! I was thinking about getting one of those but was wondering if the water volume would be adequate. Looks like it is!
  4. Natalia's reefbowl: October Update and Photo Dump

    Thinking about it
  5. Natalia's reefbowl: October Update and Photo Dump

    Hey guys, long time no see! Wow, I see there's a new contest happening. And that there's still time to enter. Hmm... So the reefbowl is still doing great. I'm still doing the weekly 100% water change but have made a couple of changes. First, I've approximately doubled the amount of stuff that I feed once a week before the water change, although the feeds I use are the same as before: -Rods Food Coral Blend -Reef Roids -Goniopower -Phyto Feast -Fauna Marin Ultra Ricordea & Zoanthus + Ultra Min D Also, I'm now doing a few micro-water changes (about 8 ounces) roughly every other day because some of the corals seemed a little peaked just before the water change. I don't think this is absolutely necessary, but it certainly doesn't hurt. In the last month and a half, I took a four-day trip and a six-day trip during which the reefbowl was not maintained at all, with no ill effects. Almost all corals are growing beautifully. I had to trim off a couple of nephthea branches because it was starting to irritate the digitatas. And unfortunately, the two small-polyped gonioporas are still showing failure to thrive. The big pink one is looking perfect, though. Finally, I lost the hermit crab a month or so ago for reasons unknown. I probably won't get another one, as they should last a lot longer than this one did. In happier news, the red planet acropora is becoming a red planet again. The growth tips are now a beautiful shade of fuchsia, and it's growing upward. I still have to glue the edges of it every two weeks to keep it from smothering the surrounding zoanthids. Oh, and a side note: The opae'ula shrimpbowl is still doing extremely well too. The population has roughly tripled. The first generation of babies is now about half as big as the adults. I'll get some pics when the ambient lighting is good. Photo dump:
  6. Natalia's reefbowl: October Update and Photo Dump

    @Friendly, believe it or not, nearly all the corals are pretty well spaced out. I let acans touch other acans, zoas touch other zoas, etc, but otherwise try to not let corals touch. I do have to glue over corals sometimes to prevent them encrusting, especially the red planet acro. @Lula_Mae, yup, the blondies are slow they're doing well though. One of the babies was dying because the red planet got too close, but it's recovering now thanks to super glue.
  7. Natalia's reefbowl: October Update and Photo Dump

    It wouldn't hurt to give it more light IME. Mine gets direct sunlight in the morning and afternoon.
  8. Natalia's reefbowl: October Update and Photo Dump

    @SeaFurn, do you have any light sources besides your overhead light? I wonder if the intermittent sun on my reefbowl helps the acros grow.
  9. Natalia's reefbowl: October Update and Photo Dump

    Hey guys, sorry about the lack of updates, been doing summer stuff the reefbowl is doing just fine. The green and rainbow gonioporas are still not doing well though (the pink one is still looking great though.) I'm going to try to rehome them locally. here are some pics: Pink and golds growing like freaking crazy Utter chaos looking chaos-y Last but not least, here's something neat: the red planet acro is becoming red again at the tips. My guess is that the added height and proximity to the light are doing it. I still have to glue around it every couple of weeks to prevent it encrusting on the blondies.
  10. Nano Sapiens 12g - Ye Olde Mixed Reef

    OMG love those fat little sausages
  11. Natalia's reefbowl: October Update and Photo Dump

    @Friendly I'll try to get video for you this weekend. @holy carp, the green stuff is a biofilm that grew spontaneously. that's what the opae'ula eat, I don't provide any other food source. (it does look like a Dr Seuss snowstorm lol)
  12. Natalia's reefbowl: October Update and Photo Dump

    Hi The airline is nothing complicated. I run airline from the pump to a piece of rigid airline that has been bent into a rounded shape to fit over the lip of the bowl. My LFS sells these bent pieces of rigid airline, or you can make one yourself by holding it over a toaster and bending it when it heats up. To the other side of the rigid airline, I attached a short piece of flexible airline, maybe 15 cm long, just enough to get close to the bottom of the bowl. This helps ensure strong circulation throughout the bowl. I don't know about the creating-current-through-the-substrate thing. You wouldn't want to have an airline under the substrate as it would just blow sand all over the place and irritate the corals. Re: how-to guides, Reefjar.com is a good one. My Featured Reef Profile and my Reefs.com article provide a good synopsis of how mine is set up. By the way, here's a shrimp update: the baby opae'ula in my shrimpbowl settled down at the two-week mark, like clockwork. There were very few, if any, fatalities. The shrimp population has more than doubled! Opae'ula are so cool.
  13. Nano Sapiens 12g - Ye Olde Mixed Reef

    Love your tank so much. Looking forward to year 10!
  14. Natalia's reefbowl: October Update and Photo Dump

  15. Natalia's reefbowl: October Update and Photo Dump

    I havent posted any updates on my opae'ula shrimp bowl in a long time. Well, now there is news. The shrimp have gotten eggs many times, but none have hatched. Finally, after nearly a year and a half of diligently doing nothing, there are babies! The shrimp at left under the overhang has a cluster of newly hatched larvae. The one at upper right also has nymphs, but those aren't really visible in the pic, In the pic below, the two tiny tadpole shapes are free-swimming larvae. They have a 2-week planktonic stage before they settle down and become benthic like adults.