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  1. doody

    Gatorade bottle = cheapest phosban reactor ever!

    cool, I just happen to have a mini jet PH around here and cpvc. So all I need is the Gaitoraid and some medea.
  2. doody

    Gatorade bottle = cheapest phosban reactor ever!

    So, what size pump are you useing, and what size tank is this good up to?
  3. doody

    Mini Tulip anemone's

    Ohh, Sorry. http://www.nano-reef.com/gallery/data/500/...mone_n_pico.GIF Is this allowed? It's from here.
  4. doody

    Mini Tulip anemone's

    Is it not working or I'm just not allowed?
  5. doody

    Mini Tulip anemone's

    Here's a pic I stole from reef central. Mine are the same. Just thought I'd post it till I get my pics up. Plus my camera is a POS. So, I'm not sure how well they'll turn out. http://reefcentral.com/gallery/data/500/31...lipperfect2.jpg
  6. doody

    Mini Tulip anemone's

    Sorry, I'll try to post pics after work. I am in Youngstown, Ohio. I'm not trying to rip anyone off. Lots of people enjoy these in there tank. However, I recommend that you keep them on a rock by themself as they can reproduce quickly. I never had a prob with them bothering other corals, but like I said they can grow quickly. I also never seen them grow off of the rock if seperated from main rockscape. I guess it's how you look at certain corals. Like GSP to me is a PITA, but I bet some of you love it.
  7. doody

    Mini Tulip anemone's

    Too much $$$ ??? Make offers...
  8. Mini Tulip anemone's $10each + shipping They are green with pink tips and grow no bigger than a quarter. If you feed them cylcop-eeze or small mysis they will split. They require moderate or better lighting for full color. I have about 10 of these guys.
  9. doody

    6line wrasse

    Just so you know, it's normal for fish to hide for some time when just added to a new tank. Sometimes weeks.
  10. doody

    Overflow Diagrams

    How the heck do I subscribe to this thread with out posting on it?
  11. doody

    black spots on clown

    Both of my false's have these black spots. They've only been in the tank about a month and started getting them about two weeks ago. They don't seem to be hosting anything yet. Although I do have xenia, hammer, zoos, etc. They seem happy and healthy, but it still worries me.
  12. doody

    Who will sting who

    Well I don't have any corals touching each other, but from my understanding the following will actually send out stinging tenticals that can reach pretty far. * candy cane * open brain * plate * branching frog
  13. doody

    Who will sting who

    Ohh. Anyone want a frog:)
  14. doody

    Who will sting who

    I know but I'm trying to figure out if the frog needs to stay away from the candy cane or everything as someone mentioned their frog beeting up their candy can.