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  1. I had a wrasse that went missing for 6-7 months... I was cleaning up my refugium n one day.. n saw something flash by.. n guess who it was... fat n happy..
  2. It's going over a 36x24x20h tank sps dominant, I have a quad that I love.. but I wanted to minimize overshadowing hence the upgrade on few extra pucks of leds!
  3. pm sent
  4. depends on what you planning to keep, this is a very debatable topic... I'm a fan of leds, T5 are also very popular or you can do a hybrid t5 and led setup.. I guess your budget can help you narrow down ur choices..
  5. yeah, if that's what the bottle says than go with that. Alk will always fluctuate more than calc. Mag should not increase as alk gets consume. If your ur alk jumps up to 7.8 after water change I suggest you keep you alk around 7.8, much more stable that way.
  6. Doubt lighting is going to be your biggest issue if you have all that algea.. more info will help.
  7. My opinion... I would replace the test kit to salifert, personal preference, been using them for years without any issues and they're pretty easy to use. If you don't want to waste the kit, why don't you take some of tank water to LFS and have them do a test and you can compare your results to theirs. Alk will normally show daily swings through the day but that depends on what corals you are keeping. If you can show us a picture of your tank that will help out. Are you dosing 2 parts? In my softie/lps tank which has really low demand of calc/alk standard biweekly water changes will do it, no dosing required. On my LPS/SPS tank I have to dose Alk/Calc daily or my alk can drop 1-1.5dkh. If you don't have much corals with high demanding calc and alk, then I would double check that test kit.
  8. Can you release this already??!! =D
  9. issue fixed, thank you!
  10. +1 on that idea
  11. I will check when I get home tonight, thank you! I use the scene time often whenever I feed my tank after lights out... and It was a hassle that I had to keep going to my phone every few mins to turn the lights back up. Will update you tonight. Thanks!
  12. It will be fine for a 24 inch tank, I have a 160 on my 24" tank also.
  13. I understand but with scene mode I have it set at 10 mins. So whenever I'm testing out different setting I'm hoping the lights will stay on scene mode for 10 mins b4 going back to normal mode. Now after the update the scene mode stays on for only 3-4 mins before going back to normal mode. I tried changing the timer on the scene mode to longer period of time n it didn't make a change at all... still 3-4 mins
  14. Hey Spencer, I'm just wondering if anybody is having the same issue... after the update whenever I use the manual settings (2nd icon from the left on the app where I can manually adjust the channel) whatever setting I have it set it doesn't stick. I will prob last 3-4 minutes or so before it goes back to the regular settings. It doesn't matter if I adjust the scene time.. any suggestions? Thanks!
  15. 7.7 is not that bad, ph is one of those parameter that you don't have to be spot on. I wouldn't worry about it too much, it's probably because of the close lid. You can always get rid of the lid and upgrade lights so you can have an open top and increase surface agitation.. but it's not necessary, First thing I would do is make a new batch of water with the salt that you got and do a test on it. See what the parameters are and then decide whether you got a bad batch and go from there. The only concern at the moment is taking care of dkh and ur mag.