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  1. hersheyb

    Can't get NanoBox fan to turn on

    I've ordered a few lights from Dave in the past, a few of them had issues right out of the box. Nothing major, but whatever it was Dave took care of it right away. I did received a light that the fan wasn't coming on, After some inspection, I realized that the wiring inside was sticking out and not allowing the fan to move. I pushed the wiring aside and took care of the issue. Maybe unscrew the lid and take a look at the fans.
  2. hersheyb

    Pump on Fusion 20 Noisy!

    I replaced the pump after 1 day of running.. It was too loud for my taste. Got a sicce pump, dead silent.
  3. hersheyb

    Garage cleanup, lights pumps and misc

    Tunze 9004 skimmer SOLD Kessil 160 SOLD
  4. hersheyb

    Garage cleanup, lights pumps and misc

    gyre 250 sold
  5. hersheyb

    Garage cleanup, lights pumps and misc

    PRIME HD sold
  6. hersheyb

    Ultum Nature Systems Tanks

    They're getting pretty good traction on the FW world. Like you said they're competing with mr aqua/ada/ aquajapan and etc. Haven't owned one but a few of the LFS around my area carry their products.
  7. hersheyb

    Garage cleanup, lights pumps and misc

    575 for nanobox anybody?
  8. hersheyb

    Garage cleanup, lights pumps and misc

    bump bump offers on any of the gear? any car question pming =)
  9. hersheyb

    Garage cleanup, lights pumps and misc

    HAHA they are all for sale too!
  10. I have bunch of stuff in the garage and I just took down my office tank need to clear stuff! Price include shipping and paypal. Local pickups welcome, in the LA area California 91733 - Eheim 1048 pump $50 - Kessil 160w w/ gooseneck $175 - AI Prime HD w/ gooseneck $190 - Iceprobe chiller with controller (not sure if controller works since I controlled this with my apex) $85 - ADA 60p drilled with glassholes overflow kit stand and sump/ref with tunze 9002 skimmer shown on the sump pic. Tank has few scratches but not noticeble when filled. DIY tank cover and DIY lamp tree to hang lights (nothing else is included) $75 PICKUP ONLY!! - Tunze 9004 skimmer with new impeller - $85 - Tunze 6040 pump - $100 - Gyre 250 (3 months of use) like new $285 - Custom 36" nanobox LED with bluefish controller, OG body but all the latest components $650
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  12. hersheyb

    ATOs in AIOs

    I have a 20 gal nuvo abyss drop off tank and I use the Tunze 3155 ATO on the tank. I like the idea of having 2 sensors, to prevent overflow. I've had bad expereiences with single sensors in the past. You'll need to put the ATO on the pump section. Having an ATO sensor on the display is not going to do anything since the water level on the display will stay constant. The only area the water level changes is on the pump area.
  13. Everything sold. plz close.
  14. hersheyb

    FS LED and LED ATI T5 hybrids nanbox

    $700 shipped on the last unit, anybody?