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  1. how about a shield for mp40? I have a small tank but the acrylic is so 1/2" on the tank that I was force to use a mp40,
  2. Sony A7 & Sony 28mm F2

    Great price for the setup! this would be a nice upgrade from the A6000 too bad i'm so broke from reefing lol
  3. WTB: Spare NBR arrays

    dave sells them
  4. FS LEDS and LED T5 hybrid (nanobox)

    cool... 1st unit sold. 2nd unit $700 shipped 3rd unit $800 shipped
  5. Reefapalooza LA : Check out NanoBox

    what time will you be there on sunday?
  6. FS LEDS and LED T5 hybrid (nanobox)

    It has everything but the wire, i believe the wire size is 3/64" which can be purchased at hardware store, or dave can prob hook u up with some.
  7. FS LEDS and LED T5 hybrid (nanobox)

    bust out that CC
  8. FS LEDS and LED T5 hybrid (nanobox)

    priced lowered $50 off listed price on all units
  9. My new tank

    so far everything looks good... but how about some pics?
  10. Please help identify what's wrong!! Asap!!

    lol yup, just pooping
  11. Some corals not looking good.

    looks like zoapox, =/ get some furan 2 and start dipping, lots of write ups with instruction, fairly easy process with great success... if you have more zoas I would just dip all of them just incase. Highly contagious to zoas. Have you tested your water? what are the parameters? Not sure what vibrant cleaner is... but just on a quick search, looks like a method of carbon dosing? do you need it? high phosphate? high nitrate? I like to keep things as simple as possible when it comes to dosing stuff... post up your tank parameters.
  12. What tools do you use to target feed your corals?

    +1 on Julian's thing, just not having to get my hands is a +++ for me
  13. I would really prefer pickup on the units, but willing to ship if I have to =/ Located in So. California (San Gabriel Valley) Covina/El monte area. I have been a huge fan of nanobox led units for a few years now... I have used Kessils, Radions, AIs and the list goes on, but since I've tried my first unit on nanobox I've stuck to them.. Have been able to grown anything from softies to SPS without any issues.. Dave at nanobox has done such a great job that even Marine Depot started carrying them.. If your not too familiar with the brand check out www.nanoboxreef.com. I am in no way affiliated to nanobox, I'm just a very satisfy consumer that started hoarding reef stuff... I'm just trying to slowly clear up my garage. Anyways I've hoarded a few units with plans that I don't think will ever come through... 1st unit - I have a Nanobox hybrid w/ 4 arrays and 2x t5. I bought it from the original owner and I sent it to Dave to do a little upgrade and tune up. Dave re-wired the unit and added 2 new arrays (total of 4), upgraded new fans, new bluefish all good to go! The t5 bulbs on there need to be replace, but I will include 2 brand new bulbs. 600 shipped or 550 picked up. 2nd unit - ATI 6x24" hybrid - 2 center bulbs were replaced with 4 nanobox array. Leds are fully controllable through bluefish app. T5 bulbs have about 3 months on them. Reflectors are in great shape! 750 shipped or 700 picked up. 3rd unit - Full LED, this was a custom order from Nanobox, 36" unit with an OG body style w/ 6 arrays, fully controllable through bluefish with 3 gooseneck. Has only 3 months of use on it. Unit is brand new was ordered in April 2017. Latest arrays. Had it running on my 80 gallon before I switch over to a nanobox ati hybrid unit. $850 shipped or 800 pickedup.
  14. Large Retro Plus M only 2 channels?

    Did you setup bluefish as plus M?