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  1. sell those! lol bump bump
  2. it's just aluminum housing
  3. 600 shipped!
  4. HAHAHa sorry got off late Here are some pics, let me know if you guys have any more questions.
  5. I'll get you some pics when I get home tonight, at work right now.
  6. forgot about this post, bump still have it, reasonable offers will be considered
  7. 600 shipped
  8. 650?
  9. Hi everybody! I have a Nanobox hybrid w/ 4 arrays and 2x t5. I bought this for a tank that I was going to setup in the office, but it never came though. I bought it from the original owner and I sent it to Dave to do a little upgrade and tune up. Dave re-wired the unit and added 2 new arrays (total of 4), upgraded new fans, new bluefish all good to go! You will need 2 new t5 bulbs. 5 led channels. Super sleek setup.. Unit looks like the one below but if you need actual pics of the unit pm me and I'll txt u some pics. 600 shipped obo
  10. bump bump
  11. Got busy with work, need to get rid of this $550 shipped!
  12. I have a nanobox quad I purchase from Dave back last summer brand new, it's white/grayish w/ black cap with 15" gooseneck. It has about 7 months of usage on it, ramping up to 55% on blue channel and 35% on whites. I have owned 5-6 units now of nanobox led cuz they are beast!! Great service from Dave and quality products! The only reason I'm selling this is because I got a bigger unit from Dave. Asking $600obo shipped for the unit. The unit has 5 channels as shown below Ch 1 - Blues/Violet/Cyan on the 2 left pucks Ch 2 - Blues/Violet/Cyan on the 2 right pucsk Ch 3 - Whites/Lime on the 2 right pucks Ch 4 - Whites/Lime on the 2 left pucks Ch 5 - Fans The only flaw on the unit.. is that there's a scratch on the back side where the gooneck connects to the unit which can't be seen. I will try get pics of that tonight when I get home. This thing grew everything from softies to SPS. I took a few shots of the tank with an iphone.. nothing special. A few shots of the light units my red dragon colony some frags
  13. I had a wrasse that went missing for 6-7 months... I was cleaning up my refugium n one day.. n saw something flash by.. n guess who it was... fat n happy..
  14. It's going over a 36x24x20h tank sps dominant, I have a quad that I love.. but I wanted to minimize overshadowing hence the upgrade on few extra pucks of leds!
  15. pm sent