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  1. fluval evo 13.5?

    I would order 10-15lbs of rock and let it cycle in a bucket for weeks and meanwhile I'd do more research until I decide what I really want. You might also want to check out the new Fusion 20 Peninsula from IM. A MarsAqua would be enough for any of these tank. You'll just need to hang it higher to increase the spread. However, for narrow, long tanks like a 20 long or Fusion 20 Peninsula, longer narrower fixtures such as the Nemolight (not sure they're available in Canada) or those Current USA Orbit Marine fixtures are more suited. I personally find lights with dawn, dusk and moonlight effects a lot more enjoyable, instead of those with just an on and off timer, so pay more if you have to and get a light that has those features. You'll eventually want that sooner or later. There is nothing wrong with a 40 breeder with a hang on back filter and if you google "40 breeder skimmerless", you'll find some very nice tanks, but most people will eventually get bored of those and go AIO or drill the tank.
  2. fluval evo 13.5?

    Koralia Nano is very quiet and reliable and it will be enough for that tank since you're not keeping SPS, but make sure your aquascape is open and allows for good flow everywhere in the tank. Leave enough room between the glass and the rock and I suggest the special grade sand since it's the easiest to clean. You don't need live sand, but try to get quality rock. Research how to cycle a tank and do it with the lights off. Once the tank is cycled add your tailspot blenny since it can be a shy fish and needs to establish territory first. These fish are jumpers, so keep the top on. Once you're happy with the setup, then start adding corals, but always dip them to reduce the chance of introducing any pests to your tank. Once the corals are growing and you have a fair amount, add your second fish, but since you probably won't quarantine it, then make sure it's a healthy one. Try getting the small stuff from china to save money, but it'll take a month or two to get to Canada. Here are some examples: Felt Thermometer Vacuum Cleaner Tong (don't put your hand in the tank too much) You'll also need a refractometer, glass cleaner, a net, extra powerhead to mix salt and maybe an extra heater too. Search Kijiji or eBay for these. This is probably the cheapest power strip you can find in Canada. It makes your life much easier. You could probably avoid the shipping cost by picking it up from an InPost Locker location. Try buying carbon and salt in bulk to save money. A bucket of Instant Ocean should be good enough. Make sure the tank is level and I definitely suggest getting a decent RODI unit, if you think you're going to stay in the hobby for at least couple of years. I'd setup the RODI even before buying the tank.
  3. very little red "worm"?

    I used Flatworm exit and they went away for couple of months, but came back. This happened a few times until the last time when I followed it up with a second treatment just a week after the first one and now there is no sign of them.
  4. fluval evo 13.5?

    How much is your total budget and what things to do own already?
  5. SW mixing issues....

    Also make sure your test kits are still good. A wrong reading can lead you into adding stuff to your salt mix that will mess things up.
  6. What AIO tank should I get? First time reefer!

    There are pros and cons to a nano, but I disagree that smaller tanks are harder to maintain in every aspect, if it's setup right and not pushed to hard in terms of bioload and hard to care livestock. Also, since most people have a limited budget, you can get higher quality everything when you go smaller, which makes life much easier imo. A proper sump is great since you can try out different stuff, but as far as AIO systems go, I don't see much difference between a 25 and a 40 gallon setup.
  7. What AIO tank should I get? First time reefer!

    Do we know the dimensions of the Cobalt?
  8. Is this Tail Rot?

    I did a little re-scaping and the next day I realized my Royal Gramma has developed some white spots on its tail. I'm not sure if it's tail rot from the stress or it was somehow damaged while I was moving the rocks around It's the only fish in the tank and it was added 2 weeks ago to a well established 10 gallon. It's eating well, but I'm not sure where to go from here.
  9. IO or RC?

    I'm getting 1100, 325 and 9dkh with IO, so I need to add 2 part every time. I didn't use RC because I don't want to shock the corals with high alkalinity every time I do a water change. Aquaforest reef salt and RC are almost the same price in Canada, so I bought a box and AF should give me a low dkh while having good mag and cal so I don't have to add 2-part to my water change.
  10. Ninja's Fluval Evo 13.5 - New Pics

    What an awesome tank. What's your bioload right now without a skimmer?
  11. Jebao DC 2000 or Sicce 2.0 for Return Pump?

    I have a fanless light fixture and also using Koralia nano powerheads which are truly silent even though they're not advertised as such, plus no skimmer, so the only noise my tank makes is the Sicce.
  12. Jebao DC 2000 or Sicce 2.0 for Return Pump?

    I'm also disappointed with the Sicce silent since it has never been silent, but it looks like it's going to last for a long time. I'm thinking of getting the DC1200, but chances are it's not going to last for even a year and the warranty seems useless.
  13. Ice Lagoon (Mini Shallow Reef)

    Did you have the special grade sand in there that couldn't handle the flow from the Gyre?
  14. Fusion 20 lighting

    Nanobox Duo and T5 combo is what I'd go with if budget allows, otherwise the duo alone would be my first choice.