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  1. Mp10Wes,Storm controller,Oxydator

    What's the date on the MP10s?
  2. I'll take the Alk checker Dave if the deal falls through!
  3. Lol alrighty, figured you might want to get some ROI after 2 years of it sitting around
  4. What are the dates on the MP10s? If you decide to part.
  5. FS: CAD-Light PLS-150 Skimmer

    How old and what Gen?
  6. WTB: Hanna Alk Checker

    Feel free to pm!
  7. ####### Fatass Challenge

    Get an el-cheapo armband from wal-mart or amazon, definitely great for runs
  8. New Type Of Frag Website

    Over half of the people that do the auctions on the Facebook pages are vendors/website owners in the first place. It's as easy as them posting a picture and letting thousands of people duke it out over their corals, no need to reinvent the wheel.
  9. New Type Of Frag Website

    Ehh...too many FB pages that are easy to auction on I think for an actual website to be successful.
  10. ####### Fatass Challenge

    Been a little while since an update, finally found a boxing gym to pick back up with...was NOT expecting to be this sore again after week one , skipped squat day since I could barely walk lol.
  11. Recommendations to replace MP40?

    If I had an infinite amount of money I would no doubt go with the ecotechs just for the sleekness and low profile, that being said the new Apex WAV does look interesting and the controllability is insane. But for 500$ for 2 pumps and the link that's something that would go more on my bucket list than my wish list lol.
  12. Recommendations to replace MP40?

    A 30 gallon custom acrylic AIO, it's 30x18x13 and I have them running slave to each other opposite the tank with no issues
  13. Recommendations to replace MP40?

    Purchased 2 Jebao RW-4s, first one was bought over a year ago the 2nd was just recently purchased...for 80$ I have 2000 GPH controllable flow in the display and the sound is definitely manageable.
  14. ####### Fatass Challenge

    BIA is usually +/- 4%, skinfold calipers are +/- 2-3% depending on tester skill
  15. Does anyone have free coral to give

    Yeah, or wait until you have been a member for more than 6 days with 24 posts lol. No offense but it just comes off as rather cheap