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  1. I almost never post here (have lost the password to like 2 accounts previous to this one), but I remember that you were a med student. Are you a 4th year? If so, I hope you received good news yesterday about the match! Nice to see a fellow reefer/med student. There are a few of us. I have liked the evolution of your style. The tank looks nice.
  2. Neopolymath

    Bommie & Floating SPS Islands (Uwdanno)

    Unfortunately, the blenny in that tank is neither accessible to catch due to the rocks and his agility or small enough to go into the tank anyways. It is very big and boisterous.
  3. Neopolymath

    Bommie & Floating SPS Islands (Uwdanno)

    Thanks for the reply. I'm sorry to hear about your fish. It's tough to lose a fish, especially in that manner. I considered getting a Sixline wrasse as well, but am extremely fearful their behavior in a tank this small. How long have you had your wrasse? It seems like it would incite a turf war with the damsel who likes to dart around the rock work. I'm thinking about getting a perching fish and or another free swimming fish in an attempt to avoid conflict.
  4. Neopolymath

    Bommie & Floating SPS Islands (Uwdanno)

    You have a very nice tank, uwdanno! I'm interested in adding a Midas to my fusion 20g and wanted to hear your experiences regarding this fish. How big is your fish? Do you feel that it will become aggressive in this size tank given that they are quite feisty and get large? I have one in my family's 400 gallon system and it certainly uses most of the tank and holds its own with the big boys. I currently have a ~2.5" Ocellaris and ~2" Starcki damsel (a very passive species akin to the Springeri FYI).