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  1. Ah leopards! I love mine! She's like hmmm i think about 9 years old now! =D
  2. it's they do awesome light configs for cubes, nice guys.
  3. flippin' sweet
  4. Is that an orbit fixture? if so, which one? I was looking at the outer orbit 36" and the orbit 36" PC that's got the 4x96 watter.
  5. Looks like a halloween or a marshall island electric blue, but i'm not sure i can't really tell
  6. whole thing was just made by my father and I. We didn't use any set plans or anything. I basically mapped out all the goodies I wanted on the stand, basic look and measurements and we just went to it! My dad does alot of carpentry so this is no problem for him haha.
  8. *Puts on flame-retardant suit*
  9. some shrooms too! those are good starters!!
  10. I'd rather have that then the cancer sticks =D haha
  11. yeah 12's a little cramped for that angelfish... i would recommend a larger tank for that guy. How long have you had your tank up?
  12. All I know is that you could kick my ass with prolly just ur pinky.
  13. If you put the sand in later, you run the risk of your tank cycling all over again. I say put it in now let the whole sucker cycle.
  14. Thanks, I miss my tank... it's on the other side of the US :-(
  15. thanks