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  1. Tunze Nano Skimmer in an AP12?

    Hey guys I was curious if anyone had success keeping one of those 9002's in the back chambers of an AP12? I know that to fit it lengthwise, I'd need to cut one of the chambers which seems pretty doable, but I wanted to know about if it had been done before by anyone? I am curious about whether or not it'd disrupt flow through the back chambers too much? I could go with a nano remora, but I've heard great things about the Tunze so I'd like to get it to fit.
  2. Best all in one tank?

    My AP12 is decently nice. I just got it cuz I wanted an open top with a halide fixture... Biocubes didn't give me that option, at least not without wasting a good deal of money. My open top AP12 also doesn't go over 80 with the glass top on! =D If you're happy with just PC lighting, I hear the BioCubes are considered to be the best crafted. They also use slightly thicker glass than the others.
  3. Whats the best MH for BC 14 ?

    Current also makes a 70watt sunpod that is like 16.5" Search this site and you'll see some people who have had success with a BC14 and a 70w Sunpod, namely DeMartini.
  4. YuKi's 24g Aquapod + 150w Sunpod!

    how do you like those koralias? I wish they were a tad smaller, I'd like to add one to my tank.
  5. YuKi's 24g Aquapod + 150w Sunpod!

    cool upgrade! where are you in boston? i'm in the Fenway neighborhood, I was wondering where u go for livestock?
  6. I think he's referring to the CPR SR3 which supposedly will fit in the back chambers of a BC29. I'm not positive though. Check CPR's site cpraquatic.com
  7. Running my 12g aquapod for leaks. Quick question

    If there isn't a whole lot spraying back out, mine was having the same issues when I put in my MJ900. I remedied most of it by pushing it in as far as it would go. That worked for me, but I guess it seems that maybe your tubing is a little thinner or the hole it goes in is maybe a little larger. Maybe purchase some new tubing from your LFS that's a little larger?
  8. Another Battery Backup Question

    Haha, hey Masterbuilder, I have no problem with you askin questions on my thread. I figure it's just more information for me to know about! =D btw, thanks for the example Paulc I think I understand the VA thing a little better now.
  9. What is this? Is it an Egg Sack?

    yeah just looks like a sponge to me, had some in my 55 that got kinda large, and my friend had one in his tank that got pretty massive.
  10. What is this? Is it an Egg Sack?

    acetaminophor... anything to do with tylenol? haha
  11. UPS Backup for an AP12?

    could you be more specific?
  12. UPS Backup for an AP12?

    Well maybe i didn't specify correctly in my original question, but my main concern is these power sags that are I think causing my halide to just flicker out and not start back up. This is my main concern, not what to do in a power failure. I figured that the UPS backup would be just an added bonus that iw as looking into. I'm curious if any of you have experienced the problem I'm talking about with their halides. I have a 70watt sunpod.
  13. UPS Backup for an AP12?

    Awesome, thanks for a number of watts! I wanted something to go by. I am not looking for a super awesome backup since all I'm concerned about is these little sags of power we get and also to give me 10 minutes to go downstairs and reset the box when we trip it. Our apartment in Boston is old and I suspect the wiring and everything is horrendous. For example, if you run the microwave without first unplugging the refrigerator, you will trip the fuses and have to go reset them. =(
  14. UPS Backup for an AP12?

    Hey guys, I have read a few things over at RC about using a UPS battery backup on tanks and most of them say it isn't worth it since it drains them rather quickly. My problem is that in my apartment, whenever my window A/C or my roommate's A/C or the refrigerator kicks on, the lights dim a decent amount in the apartment, and I believe this is causing my halide to shut off. I think I could get away with using a Furman power conditioner, but wanted to know if anyone had any good suggestions. I figured that I could get away with a smaller UPS since i only want to run a 75 watt heater, my 70 watt sunpod, and a MJ900. I'm not sure how they calculate the wattage drainage on a UPS... can anyone help me on this?
  15. Group Buy - Neptine Aquacontroller Jr

    sigh... i really shouldn't, but i'm really considering membership in your club too. =( 5 hours to make my decision!