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  1. For some reason my eyes went to this which very much looks like an Isopod to me. Absolutely not a Copepod though
  2. It may be a CIrolanid Isopod. Look at some pictures of it and see if they look similar
  3. Hello everybody, I have 2 items for sale. Both in good condition Kessil A160WE Tuna Blue with Gooseneck $125 (2 years of use) Bubble Magus Curve 5 Skimmer - works great, less than 9 months old. $125
  4. Not seeing any glaring issues here! Looks good. A lot of newer reefers will over-do it on rock but I like how you placed yours.
  5. Thank you for the kind words. Your tanks have been an inspiration to me so that means a lot coming from you! For the lights, I am confident that they would penetrate down to 24 inches. A ton of people use these on heavy SPS tanks. They are quite powerful and I have bleached corals before because I had them too high. They have an 18 inch version (mine is 16) that should have good spread for your tank. Because of the number of LED's, I don't get a lot of shading that I have had with other LEd's. I am actually currently in flight school so this fixture fits my budget. It doesn't have all the crazy features of some other lights in the market but it does have a good spread, spectrum, and track record. The owner of the company imports black box LED's in and switches out the heat sink, replaces the stock cooling fans, adjusts the spectrum, and replaces some of the optics to greatly improve the original fixtures. So far, I have been really happy with them! They have a 2 year USA warranty as well which is nice. With that said, they certainty aren't the best looking fixtures on the market! Hope that helps a bit
  6. Made a quick overview video of the coral, fish and equipment in the tank!
  7. While it is not necessary, an ATO makes life a lot easier. It's my favorite purchase I have made for my reef
  8. There's a bit of it in a couple Southern California reef stores. It's an awesome coral. Low to medium flow and it seems to do well in all kinds of light but grows fastest in medium light conditions. I frag it quite a bit. If you ever want one you're welcome to PM me!
  9. Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving I may need to start pruning some of the branching GSP. It is getting huge..
  10. Ive had mine for 6 years but I know quite a bit of people that have had clowns live past 15 years
  11. You could make some decent money selling some of those RFA's
  12. That should make feeding waaaaayyy easier
  13. That's awesome! You will absolutely love it once you get the hang of it
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