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  1. I've been keeping reef tanks for over 5yrs but had to sell everything a year ago. My wife and I have relocated (again) to RICE HILL OR (which is between MEDFORD and EUGENE). I am looking to start again with several small frags and am looking around for someone in this part of the state to purchase from. PM if you can help me out Forrest. AKA. Aviator.
  2. I'm in the process of starting a 1 gallon jar. I'm using Reef saver rock from BRS, Bio spira for bacteria and ammonia drops for bacteria food. After 6 weeks the jar clears 2.0 ppm of ammonia In 24hrs and I have done 2 100% water changes to clear nitrates. I thought I'd be ready by now to add LIFE to the jar but we are moving (again) in about 3 weeks. My question is this. Should I continue to feed the bacteria with ammonia and do weekly water changes to prevent bacterial die off or will the bacteria survive anyway if I don't. Any ideas are appreciated.
  3. Yep, I agree. I'll do a 50% water change to lower ammonia and when it's down to 2.0, I'll add some old stand by Bio spira.
  4. Has anyone had problems with Dr Tim's Ammonia drops lately? I have cycled many tanks over the years but haven't had this issue before. I am preparing a 1 gal reef jar and started cycling Reef saver dry rock in a 2 gal bucket mixing SW to a spgr. Of 1.024 and PH 8.1 I added 6 drops of Dr Tim's ammonia for 1.5 g water (they used to recommend 1 drop per gallon but must have changed concentration and now say 4. I added Dr Tim's one and only, started circulation at 80 degrees and waited. Day 2 ammonia was 2.0ppm, day 3 it was 3.0, day 4 was >5.0. I'm wondering if the ammonia was the old higher concentration labeled with the new instructions. I've waited 3 more days but the ammonia continues >5.0. I'm sure I should do a water change and start over but I'd like to figure this out. ANY THOUGHTS?
  5. Not much interest. Probably due to the older style manual controler which I requested. Tide is a 2017 model and was used only a couple months. Price reduced to $125.00 shipped. My wife and I are traveling the West coast in an RV and have difficulty attaching photos to this site but I can text them if I have a number or Email.
  6. 2017 model in black. It has a storm controller and not the bluefish because I ordered it that way from Dave. Only has 2 channels but works perfectly. Only used for 3 months in late 2017 and then packed up because we are traveling the country in an RV now and will likely not use it again. $145.00 shipped via USPS priority mail. PLEASE PM if your interested.
  7. My wife and I recently made the decision to travel the country for several years in an RV were buying. We are retired and excited about our new freedom. Therefore, I've decided to liquidate most of the reef equipment I own that can be easily shipped. I've been a member of this forum since Jan 2014 and have sold and purchased equipment many times on this site and it always works out well, so here goes. All items are priced including shipping within the continental US using USPS priority mail. PAY PAL ONLY. 1. Nano Box Duo. Black V3. Bluefish mini controller 2 channel. short and long gooseneck (long installed). Purchased new from Dave April 2016. No scratches, no damage $190.00 2. Nano Box Mini Tide. Black V3. Storm controller per my request upon ordering. 2 channel. short gooseneck. Purchased new from Dave around the same time as Duo. No scratches, no damage. $150.00 3. Ecotec Vortech MP10 QD. Manufacter date March 31, 2016. works great. 155.00 4. Sicce Syncra pump. 1.5 Purchased Feb 2017 50,00 5. Sicce Syncra pump. 1.0 purchased Jan 2017 40.00 6. Smart ATO micro complete. less than 1 year old. 70.00 7. In Tank media box for AC 70. 35.00 8. In Tank media box for IM Fusion 10, 20, etc. 30.00 9. Milwaukee digital refractometer with case. Mod num MA887 60.00 As you can probably tell, I'm not trying to make much money on these, I just need the cash for other things now. WILL SEND YOU PM PHOTOS OF THE ITEM YOUR INTERESTED IN.
  8. Purchased Syncra 1.5 new in Jan 2017 and used it for 4 months in a Fusion 20 gal and it has been sitting since. I have no current use for it but I figure the shipping would be around 12.00 USPS priority. I'd take 45.00 for it and i'll cover shipping and paypal fee. PM me if your interested.
  9. I am breaking my tank down next week due to a move and have an intank media basket for the AC 70. If you still want one, make me an offer via PM..
  10. I've never heard of a minimum number of posts needed to post pics?
  11. Forget about the size of tank. I have a 4 gal that had an Amphipod problem just like yours but mine were eating my Zoas. I set up my smartphone next to my tank on camera function, enlarged the image and spent the next 10 min watching the little buggars crawl all over my Zoa polyps causing them to stay closed. I went to Petco, purchased a small Six line and put him/her in my tank. I did not feed the wrasse at all and 2 weeks later, no more pods. I can now either choose to keep the Wrasse (for future pod removal projects), or donate him/her to an LFS. The Six lines do work.
  12. Appreciate the ideas so far, but I was wondering if anyone has an idea as to what species a tiny, almost microscopic creature like this one might be?