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  1. Muraki

    Neon stripped dottyback

    Dottybacks like rock work to hide in, is there plenty of crevices and holes to go into? Mine tunnels and has his domain.
  2. Muraki

    Auto Water Change - 4L Pico

    I would do a separate overflow where it can overflow at the rate water drips in.
  3. Muraki

    Ummm what is this

    To me it looks like a crab. I wish I could see its belly, because I don't think what you labeled as its head, is its head. I think that is the tail with the orientation of the legs.
  4. Muraki

    Ummm what is this

    Can you use some chop sticks to gently hold him open to see his underside?
  5. Muraki

    Snail ID

    Friend. Micro Conch. Good find. : )
  6. Yea I have been slacking with updates. Not much has changed other than the corals I do have are growing out. Nothing else is really new. Haven't been buying to many corals or stocking the tank much. I do need to go do a major cleaning this weekend as it has been a few months since I have pruned algae and removed unwanted coral polyps from rocks it shouldn't be on.
  7. Muraki

    Welcome to the Jungle

    C. Prolifera is also my favorite and what I recommend to others. I keep an abundance in my display as my clown fish love it. 25% of my display is probably C. Prolifera. Not once has it every gone sexual in the 4-5 years of keeping it.
  8. Muraki

    Welcome to the Jungle

    Feather and Grape Caulerpa are always troublesome for me. They go sexual too spontaneous. Never hurts my tank, but I normally lose 99% of it since I keep mine all together. Love your tank and the natural filtration btw. : )
  9. Muraki

    NEED Help with BRYOSIS

    The beast has been unleashed! Manual removal along with treatment should speed up any progress. Brandon here on the forum has lots of forum posts on peroxide treatment.
  10. Muraki

    Kijho's IM Fusion 20

    I absolutely love this shot.
  11. Muraki

    Pom Pom Crab

    I like them, sadly I cannot keep one. Dotty back doesn't like crabs..... Kills them : ( But I have seen them eat bristle worms, So that was a plus in my book when I had an overwhelmingly large supply of them at one point.
  12. Normally two fish that get around 3" is to much for a small tank. I had a clown in one for about 2 years, but moved him into a 22L once she got larger. My Neon goby is one of my favorite fish, and the second most social fish in the tank. Most people stay with gobies and fish that remain 2" or less full grown in tanks that size. Will take time away from maintenance.
  13. Marineland 606's are available again, I suggest replacing the stock pump with that. And an intank media basket to replace the sponge. usa orbit should work well as suggested, or you can find a used nanobox.
  14. Muraki

    ryans_ mr aqua 22 gallon long

    They have a sponge cover you can use that would allow for good protection. But he could also accidentally get through the overflow. Nudibranchs are magical to the places they can get too. Suggest a finer screen for the overflow as well. Just ask me how I know .