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  1. itzju

    WTB: Radion XR15 Gen 3 Pro

    close this please. found some
  2. Hey guys, looking for a XR15 Pro Gen 3 to pair up with my other one. let me know what you guys have shipped to 07208 thanks!
  3. time for an update.. So the main tank will be taking a little longer than I expected but since I really want to take my time on the build to make it perfect. I'm wrestling with a few new ideas that I'd like to do but still not sure yet if it would be worth it in the long run but i'll ask some of you guys opinion when we get there. In the mean time, I've thrown all my focus on setting up the 34 Gallon Frag Tank. This will give me the opportunity to collect and grow out some corals and fish to scratch my itch until the main tank is ready. I detailed some of the equipment up top but below is the final equipment list. Frag Tank: Deep Blue 34 Gallon Rimless RR Tank Trigger Systems Crystal 30 Sump 2x Kessil A360We Apex Jr w/ EB8, PM1, & VDM Module Cobalt 300w Heater Ice Cap ATO RO 110SSS or Eshopps S120 Skimmer 2x Ecotech Vortech MP10Wes Jebao DCT6000 Return Pump Korallin C1502 Calcium Reactor UFO Refugium Light Plan on plumbing everything this week and should be wet by early next week. have some cycled live rock already that I will be putting in the refugium section of the sump and will also be adding some MarinePure bioballs as well to help with surface area. I'll be growing cheato as well to help with nutrient export. I have the following coming in for livestock thanks to some LFS. From Philadelphia Aquatics: Acropora humilis – PA Candy Cane Humilis Acropora Coral - Vivid’s Rainbow Delight Acropora plana Acropora Spathulata - Red tips 134 Acropora Coral – Raspberry Limeade Magenta Magic Mille They were kind and awesome enough to hold the frags till i'm set up, loving their customer service and shop. highly recommend these guys. Looking forward to these frags especially the PA Magenta Magic. From Ultimate Corals: UC Yellow Dragons FF Red Robin looking forward to picking these up and catch up with Mark @ UC and see what else he has in his shop.
  4. itzju

    Bailing out sale

    pm on the seneye
  5. itzju

    Kat's METROpolitan: Retired May 2018

    any chance the presentation was recorded and will be posted?
  6. Thanks to a fellow reefer suggestion, I was able to grab 2 40 Gallon water containers from ruralking.com with free shipping. Can't wait to get those in, hate the look of brute cans!
  7. thanks guys, looking forward to getting this build on the ground. ready to fill it with some sticks.
  8. Background: I've been in and out hobby for the past couple years due to tank crashes, available time, and life in general. Fast track to a more present time, I setup a Deep Blue 80 Gallon winter 2016 upgrading from a 57 Gallon but ultimately had to break down last April due to a hectic work schedule. Sold off most of the corals and livestock and just kept the equipment. Now, renovations are being done in the basement so this gave me a perfect scenario to try and setup the 80 Gallon again. Main Tank Equipment List: Deep Blue 80 Gallon Rimless RR 48x24x16 30 Gallon DIY Refugium Trigger Systems Crytal 30 Sump 46" AquaticLife XS-US Series LED 4 x T5 36" Retrofit 2 x sBar 36" Actinic LED Bars 2 x Ecotech Vortech MP40 Jebao DCP5000 Return Pump 2 x 300w Cobalt Neo-therm Heaters Reef Octopus Regal 150 or Reef Octopus 110sss (Depending on Fish Load) AquaMaxx Star S-1 Calcium Reactor Aquarium-plants Regulator with 20lb CO2 Tank Cole Parmer MASTERFLEX 7520-40 Continuous Peristaltic Pump Apex Classic System Future Frag Tank Equipment List: Deep Blue 34 Gallon Rimless 36x18x12 2 x Kessil 360we 2 x Jebao CP25 Apex Junior System The above list is all the equipment on hand. Once I have everything setup, might change out a few things but the above list is pretty much what will sum up the equipment planned. The frag tank, I am undecided if i will be plumbing that with the main system or will be running independently. I am leaning towards independently so I will have a sort of "quarantine" tank for new coral arrivals. Planned Livestock List: Fish/Inverts: Blue Hippo Tang Yellow Tang Sailfin Tang Pair of Clowns (Designer Variant) 2 x Fire fish 2 x Banghaii Cardinals Algae Blenny 2 x Skunk Cleaner Shrimp Various Snails for CUC Corals: Mixed Reef, SPS Dominant I will be really sticking to the fish list, going to try not to make any spontaneous additions to the list. Also, for the tang police out there, those tangs will be small and will eventually move them out to bigger homes once they out grow the tank. As far as the corals go, this tank will be a bare bottom SPS dominated reef tank. I will be mostly looking for basic sticks that I have always enjoyed and may splurge on some of the hyped up ones currently. I will try to keep this thread updated but don't expect anything soon. I just wanted to get this thread started for now and once the renovations in the basement are done. I can focus on the (re)Build. Below is a pic of the 80 before I tore it down:
  9. As of me writing this, tank still needs to be cleaned, so should be ready by next week or so. I just wanted to get this up now to see if there is any interest for it. First Come, First Serve or send me PayPal to hold. Tank/stand is located in 07208. Tank: Deep Blue 57 Gal Rimless EDGE tank with glass-holes.com overflow box in the center. Originally the tank had a factory center overflow box but they are notoriously large and took up to much tank real estate. I removed the factory box and installed the GH overflow box, much less intrusive. I used a couple of bulkheads to plug the factory drains/returns. if you plan on using sand on the tank, you won't even notice. I actually used one of the holes as a drain to make water changes easier. also, tank is in good condition, no scratches or if any minimal. Stand is a standard wood stand, good condition. light pine color. $200 for tank and stand. priced to move. Photo of tank while it was up:
  10. itzju

    Kat's METROpolitan: Retired May 2018

    ahhh damn, sucks he completely disappeared - I really liked that he was able to order boxes for me, ahh well guess i'm back to buying frags. lol
  11. itzju

    Kat's METROpolitan: Retired May 2018

    maybe this upcoming spring, i have something in mind. I'll also have some more time. is Will still around or is he completely out?
  12. itzju

    Kat's METROpolitan: Retired May 2018

    wow, didn't know you had a tank crash Kat! but looks like you're recovering well. making me wish i had a tank again.
  13. Looking to clear some stuff that I've been holding on to and clear some of my clutter, currently don't have a tank running and will be adding more things as I go through them. Everything is located in Elizabeth, NJ 07208 but can meet up in 07751 on weekends - First Come, First Serve - Paypal to hold. I will post pictures this weekend Eshopps S120 Skimmer - $100 excellent condition The Snow Cone Skimmers are affordable cone-shaped skimmer that boasts compact design, has a silent operation and power to remove dissolved aquarium waste. Eshopps has innovative approaches to skimmer design by installing the silent-running Italian Sicce pump inside the waste-concentrating cone-shaped reaction chamber. The bubble plate within the reaction chamber enhances the cone-shaped design to concentrate protein-skimming bubbles and more bubbles mean better removal of dissolved protein and organic waste materials. Its unique design features a powerful in-sump snow cone skimmer with a space-saving footprint.Features Needle-wheel Impeller Removable Collection Cup Bubble Plate Slant neck Sicce Italy Pump Quiet Operation Rated for 40-120g Tank SC Aquariums SCA-301 Skimmer - $70Like New - Barely Used - Desginated For Back Up Purposes. This skimmer is designed to work for salt water tanks up to 65 Gallons of salt water. Collection Cup comes with drain tube. Removable cup for convenient cleaning and maintenance. Skimmer Size: 4.25" L x 7" W x 17" H 6 Levels of water flow adjustments A 28watt, 1380 Liter/Hour flow Power Head pump is included. Pump specs: 110-120V/60Hz 28watt, (1380 L/h) Take both for $150Again, everything is located in 07208 but can meet up in 07751 on weekends . Paypal to hold. I will mark things as sold when they are no longer available. I will also be adding to the list as I find things. I would also be avoiding shipping at this time but will eventually change that. PM is KEY.