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  1. Added a blue damsel and a yellow clown goby yesterday that have settled in well. I also have algae beginning to appear, it's brown, slimy and stringy, never seen it before. I assume it's some type of diatoms?
  2. Currently in the way of coral, I have some GSP, an elegance, a chalice, some duncans that barely survived the crash, a no name zoa frag and a new piece I bought today that I'm not sure what it is. The chalice is really hard to take a picture of, but it is gold and orange with a blue rim. I got it for $80 at my LFS which I am pretty happy with. I got the coral I'm not sure of there was well. The staff wasn't sure what it was either, but it was priced at only $14.95 so I bought it. I think it may be a Cyphastrea.
  3. Hey all, I've had this tank set up now for about two years. Originally it housed a mixture of LPS and a collection of small carpet anemones. I moved the anemones on and focused on just having corals. Unfortunately my tank crashed while I was on vacation in Sydney a few months ago. I've kept the tank running since and this past week I have been setting it up again. I used the original rock work but removed some to have more negative space. My aim for this tank is to have several larger brightly coloured pieces of coral that stand out from across the room, rather than lots of smaller pieces like I have had before. Here are the specs. Tank: 45x27x30 starfire glass Equipment: MP10 Lighting: Kessil A160WE Tuna Blue
  4. Would I be able to glue my GSP under there?
  5. Hey guys, I've got a spot underneath my chalice I'd like to grow something. Is there anything that could grow with no direct light, but be fine with just the light reflected off of the substrate? Maybe some mushrooms? I don't want anything that could damage the chalice either... Regards, Matt
  6. Sorry about the lack of updates in this thread. My tank is going really well and the anemones have healed very well. I am selling the largest hem tomorrow along with the clown pair that hosts them because I am going to Japan in 2 weeks and I don't want to have such a high nutrient load on my tank.
  7. The algae is Bryopsis, it's very difficult to get rid of. Some people have success by raising their magnesium levels.
  8. Yep, I just siphoned most of it out, there is still a little left stuck to the rock though.
  9. It is the same colour as diatoms however I've never seen them like this before, it has a few "strands" that are quite long as well. I turned off the pumps and tried to get a better picture however I'm currently limited to my phone.
  10. I've been sick for a few weeks and haven't been maintaining my tank very well. I've had this algae show up in a few places. I've never seen it before and I've no idea how to treat it. What can I introduce that will eat it?
  11. My orange walling hammer got brown jelly, I just used a turkey baster to clean off the jelly, and then I did two baths in Coral RX. I made sure to use the turkey baster to ensure it got the treatment right into all the bits of it's skeleton. It has recovered very well and it now even has new growth. Don't loose hope!
  12. The acetone may damage the plastic, I use it at work and it has dissolved some plastics for me. Some seem fine though.
  13. Diamonds aren't strong, they're hard. It's not that hard to break a diamond, I see it happen a fair bit at work and I've also broken a few myself.
  14. Hey guys, I can't find anything at all about this species in captivity. They live locally to me in areas I can collect and they are absolutely magnificent looking start fish, they come in pretty much every colour you can think of and they are very bright. I've not been able to find much about their diet, just this one paragraph: "Like other sea stars, the Cushion Sea Star is a slow-moving animal using its tube feet to move on the topic of, collecting or subduing the food items that constitute this omnivorous spp. diet, namely, algae, detritus, mussels and other invertebrates. This spp. is viviparous like a few others classified in the genus Patiriella, brooding its young within the body." Does anyone think I could successfully maintain this long term? Or if it would be reef safe?
  15. I ordered a kessil A160WE last night as one of my preferred vendors had 20% off all lighting products and it ended up being cheaper than the nanobox! I'd also like to get this set up ASAP and not have to wait for the light to be built and sent from America. I am definitely going to have to set up a second build to use a nano box on though. I've almost finished my rock scape, I'll put a picture up this afternoon. I have one more rock and I am not sure of I should add it or not. I ended up using entirely dry rock so I am going to leave my previous tank running and start this one mainly from scratch now. My mame overflow has also arrived at my US address, just have to get it forwarded to my house now. Very excited.
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