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  1. I like using the radiant color template. Just set what intensity, on and off times you want and you're set.
  2. What model did you end up getting? Have you thought about the wide angel TIR lens kit for better spread?
  3. If you're set on an angel go with a pygmy (cherub) angel. Stays the smallest and probably the most reef safe. Mines been a model tank mate, it's been a great addition to my reef.
  4. Does anyone still make and sell these kits?
  5. Following along as I'm trying to figure out lighting for a new 20L build. So a nano box duo would be good for these 30in tanks even tho it's says it's good up to a 24in cube?
  6. The radion is staying over my other tank. The 20L is a new build.
  7. Need help in search for a T5(HO) fixture for a SPS 20 long tank. As I only have LEDs (radion gen 3 pro) over my other tank I could use some advice with what fixtures to turn too. One with a built in timer would be ideal. Sounds like the ATI sunpower is the mack daddy. Looking forward to hearing what people have to say.
  8. Just bought a cheap second mp10 I was gonna use for my cube but then I found out petco is having the dollar per gallon sale. Bought a 20L in hopes to run sumpless/skimmerless. Following along.
  9. It's a 20in cube. I would like more random flow, plus it's a deal I can't pass up.
  10. I'm going to be picking up a second mp10 later this week and am trying to figure out the best placement. I currently have the one placed on the back wall with my return aiming straight down the overflow to keep debris from building up in the back where I wouldn't be able to siphon it out. Should I place one on the left and one on the right wall and aim them at each other? Basically I'm looking for suggestions so I don't spend all day moving them around.
  11. My female frolics in them before my lights turn on at noon but once the light turns on the fun stops. Had an anemone crab that hosted which was nice. Been thinking about some sexy shrimp in hopes for a better host.
  12. Here's a pic I took before I i went out for a bit today. The big guy on top of the small nem island hasn't moved since being introduced months ago. Come home to find it on the back side of the island outta view. I did bump my intensity up 5% last week to 30% on my gen 3 pro tho. Sucks cause it's not like I can just move it back. I guess if it can move it will move, just a matter of time.
  13. Here we go Brownies here we go lol if we could only have one of the three OSU qbs. Great build tho, following along.
  14. An anemone crab is always a good host, tho im not sure if there's a benefit to the BTA from one.
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