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  1. Yeah I use the lid. Part of my daily maintenance is taking it off and letting majority of the drops flow back into the tank then taking it over to the sink. I haven't upped the light spectrum yet as the tank is in a room with a large window and summer is fast approaching. Funny you mention a pygmy angel... I was planning on that being my last fish! Great minds really do think alike! Lol
  2. I just picked up the marine depot chaeto kit. It gives off a warm white glow and run it at night. I was considering the gem5 led in fact but I hadn't heard much about them and wasn't sure it'd fit behind my cvue.
  3. I was a bit back and forth on getting a blenny too. I've noticed they have gained in popularity but have been harder to find! Hopefully you can get your livestock in soon and replace your gorgonians!
  4. @billygoat, Yeah I just looked on your thread and you have the same green zoas in your biotope too! Heed my warning on them though 😂 I transferred to the C-Vue first week of Feb. As you can see coralline algae hasn't spread to the dry rock I put in making the coral glue I had to use look hideous. But glue was necessary when keeping a jawfish. I've learned that the hard way! Here is one of my zoas in the front of the tank opened up. I'm not sure what the hairlike substance is around it that came with the frag. When I tried to pull it off it was stuck like hair on a scalp! Any thoughts? I'm still unable to get a good photo of one of my zoa colonies, a more smaller deep green water zoa colony. I did harvest my chaeto for the first time. This is about a month and a half of growth filling the reactor about 90% full.
  5. I struggled with keeping inverts consistently until I switched to a legitimate RODI unit (now a BRS 4 stage) and made sure on WCs new water I was putting in was the exact same salinity as the water going out. The RO water you're using could also explain the cyano. Your Chaeto should help with nuisance algae too, is that up and running yet? Also what's your light schedule on it? I'm not nearly as much of an expert but that's my theory.
  6. @billygoat I have you to thank for putting the pressure on me!! Yup all of my zoas are from kpaquatics. I'll post some better pictures tomorrow when they're opened up looking nice! When I took the FTS above they werent all open yet. And yes those big brown palys and the green zoas on top are on a rock of its own for a reason! They spread like wildfire!
  7. Hey everyone! The time has finally come (some peer pressure was involved haha) and I'm ready to show off my tank! I upgraded recently from a Cadlights 8G to a Cobalt C-Vue 26g, transferring everything to the bigger tank. This is my first biotope however I'm pretty proud of how it's coming along. I've seen a lot of Caribbean biotopes lately and noticed a lot of interest in them. I'd like to clarify though I have had a Caribbean biotope in my home since late 2017! 🙂 Here is a FTS of my old 8G (since has been transferred and taken down): 8G - FTS March 2018: Now here are pictures of my current 26G tank: 26G - FTS April 2019: 26G - Left Side: 26G - Right Side: Bonus macro shot of my Jawfish and neon Ricordea: -EQUIPMENT- Tank: AIO Cobalt C-Vue 26G Custom black stand Lighting/Heating: Single AI Prime HD Cobalt 75W Heater Inkbird ITC-306T temp controller Filtration: Intank Media Basket with filter floss, Chemipure Blue and Purigen Cobalt filter sock DIY Chaeto Reactor Flow/ATO: Icecap Gyre 1k Cobalt pump AquaSmart Micro ATO -LIVESTOCK- Fish: Chalk Bass - Serranus Tortugarum Yellowhead Jawfish - Opistognathus aurifrons Neon Goby x2 (Non-mated pair) - Elacatinus oceanops Inverts: Blue Leg Hermit x5 - Clibanarius tricolor Porcelain Crab x2 - Petrolisthes galathinus One lone Cerith Snail - Cerithiidae Corals: Gorgonian x6 (when viewing left to right): Yellow Sea Feather - Pseudopterogorgia sp Purple Brush Gorgonian - Muriceopsis flavida Knobby Sea Rod - Eunicea sp Rusty Gorgonian - Muricea elongate Yellow Sea Whip - Pterogorgia citrina Purple Sea Feather - Pseudopterogorgia sp Rock Flower Anemone Florida Ricordea x4 Various Caribbean Zoanthid species x4. Caulerpa in the display and Chaeto in my reactor. Big shout out to KPaquatics.com for always being top notch on livestock and being patient with my questions. I apologize for the bad photos I just got a reef phone filter lens and am still playing around with it. I will keep posting photos here as I have much more planned for the future!
  8. @billygoat, I haven't been on here the past week due to vacation (funny enough in Florida enjoying the ocean) so I never saw you were struggling with your gorgs. The shedding I find is from something in your tank that happened rapidly/suddenly (water change, temp swing, nitrates, etc). I too lost one of my gorgs the hard way by constantly picking at it after it had shed. I have had that issue with a couple of my gorgs "shedding" and getting a bit worried. The best remedy is to turkey blast + little bit of toothbrush scrubbing + time. Usually in a week or two they come back. Part of this hobby is just learning, sometimes the difficult expensive way!
  9. Diversity is what makes the Caribbean interesting! Trust me I think I always had kpaquatics as a tab on my computer as I looked for compatible and interesting Caribbean fish. Constantly googling and researching each one! I just bought a generic lens from China that's why it's taking so long.
  10. Regarding your mystery masked goby death. It could be aggression issues between them. I looked into masked gobies before and some said schooling isn't possible due to the aggression they have between one another. And to answer your previous question my own thread is coming! I'm just waiting for my smart phone reef photo lens to come in! Which apparently won't be until I get back from vacation! 😧
  11. I got an Inkbird temp controller to help with the temperature. I also noticed in my Cvue 26g I was having a bit of a variance and since using the Inkbird it's helped. I have two Caribbean porcelain crabs! They are peaceful and very interesting to watch! Once they find their "spot" they rarely move!
  12. I have a Caribbean biotope myself! Upgraded from an 8g to a cvue 26g recently. Going through a bit of an algae phase right now while everything evens out! It's cool to see what everyone else does with the Caribbean/Florida biotope. Great job! When I get my polylab lens in I plan on making a thread asap. Keep updating with all you're doing!
  13. I actually have a Caribbean biotope myself! I've just upgraded to a 26g from a 8g. Never had long term luck keeping a greenbanded goby, not sure why. I may try again with a bigger tank, we will see! Looking forward to your Caribbean vision! Maybe someday I will post mine.
  14. No problem we've all been busy! I am still in the early stages of my build. Still working on setup. Would really love if you shared the file when it's perfected as I have both an Intank and the filter sock I plan to keep on either side.
  15. Give it time. Jawfish are incredibly smart and as long as you feed at roughly the same time she will come out! My Jawfish can see when I go in the freezer. Both my Jawfish and Chalk Bass recognize that is where the food is kept and get super excited waiting for the feast!
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