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  1. Only a few days to go before the biggest single day swap in the whole US! Anyone even close to CT should give the Frag Farmer's Market a shot. If you have never come out, you will not be disappointed. With close to 80 coral vendors, (over 100 total), there are more corals at the FFM than at any other swap for sure. If you have come out in the past, you are already coming out, so I will see you there! Here are some of the FFM FAQ… "I have to drive 3 hours to get to the Frag Farmers, is it really worth it?" -I always look at a big show this way; I drive an hour to go to some of the shops I like best. What if I could drive 3 to see all of the fish stores in one place. With almost 80 coral vendors this year, this is the single largest grouping of corals you can find anywhere. No conference, no show, no swap focuses on just corals like the FFM. With a number of vendors similar to a RAP, or MACNA, but a $5 entrance fee (and SUPER low vendor fee). The room after room of corals at the FFM is overwhelming, even to me and I have been at them all! “How do I get tickets?” Admission is $5 and spouses and kids under 12 are free! All sales are at the door for the FFM. There are no advanced sales. "Will there be high end Zoas and SPS at the FFM?" -Yes, there are a TON of high end Zoas and SPS at the FFM, sold by many of the vendors. The FB group for the event has been blowing up with “Who is brining (Fill in crazy name here) to the show?” and a few different people coming who have it answering. I see things at the FFM that I didn’t even know existed… "Can I find easy to keep corals? I have a new tank and am just looking to fill some space." -Yes, that is there too. Lots of the hobbyists farm easy stuff, GSP, mushrooms, leathers, xenia, etc... Our school project keeps mainly easy to keep stuff and would be happy to share! "What are the typical prices at the FFM?" -The prices at the FFM tend to be better than you will find elsewhere for three reasons. One, the shops always stock up to sell at shows and give better pricing than you would see in their store, or online. They often do package deals, 5 for $50, etc... Secondly, the buy-in for shops is so low, they don't feel the pressure to make back their set-up fee. Typical shows this size charge $1000's for the space, mine is still well under $100, and only $30 for hobbyists. People always ask why don't I charge more, and the answer is I'm not in this for the money. I just want to be able to run my coral project with the kids at the school. Lastly, with so many vendors, you can find the same coral at multiple stations. That competition causes better prices. Frags range anywhere from free (yes that happens!) all the way up to $1000+. "Do vendors accept credit cards?" -Some do, some don't. Most of the shops do but some of the hobbyists do not. I always suggest cash, it’s a sure thing. “How much money should I bring?” This is a tricky question. Let me give you a word problem to describe it (sorry it's a teacher thing): When you leave home, you have $X you are planning to spend. You spend it in the first room of the FFM (there are 16 this year) You see five other things you want in the next room. You visit the ATM across the street and take out $Y for those pieces. Your cooler now weight Z lbs. You leave having spent $X + $Y, and wishing you had bought that one other frag that you had never seen before. How long will your wife make you sleep on the couch when she finds out how much money you spent? and can you see the tank from the couch? Seriously, I always suggest that people bring 2-3X what they think they will spend. The deals and variety are too good to pass up at the FFM. “Should I bring a cooler?” Yes, bring a cooler. The good news is that you don’t have to lug it around all day. The FFM has added a FREE cooler check station. The volunteers at the station will watch your cooler for you all day. If you need to drop something off, just stop by the table and throw it into your cooler! Don’t worry your stuff will be safe at the cooler station. "Is there a raffle?" Yes there is. It is one of the biggest you will see at a swap with anything from rock to supplements, fish to coral, controllers to pumps, to AIO tanks, and a TON more! Raffle tickets are for sale all day at the FFM. "Where does all the money from the FFM go?"-Unlike most shows, ALL of the proceeds go to support the E.O. Smith High School Coral Project. I teach my students about corals, aquaculture and conservation by having them help me run the schools coral farm. The FFM has become so successful that I have been able to start helping other schools get going with similar projects in their classrooms. I have also used the proceeds from the FFM to give out $3000 in scholarships over the last four years to students who are going to college to study marine science. See you all in a few days! Jon
  2. Those are gimmies. Last year was the year of the mushroom, just a TON of crazy colors and patterns. Anywhere from $5 up to $1200. Clownfish are ALL over the place as well.
  3. The eye candy that is being posted up in the FB group has been CRAZY. I can't seem to convince the vendors to post here so here is a sampling of what has been posted there by sellers at the FFM to show off what they are bringing... Less than a week to go, 100+ vendors, not a show to miss!!!
  4. Gorgs is a good bet, and we have had macro in the past so I would say you have a great chance on both! See you in a few weeks!
  5. Less than 2 weeks to go before the biggest single day show in the US!
  6. Official rules: -It is a 16 person, single elimination tournament. -The first 16 people to email me at swansonjl@hotmail.com get a space in the 1st Annual FFM Cornhole Tournament. You need to email me with a name and a cell phone number so we can call you if you forget to come to your match. -The round of 16 will start at 1pm and times will be posted for the second round and beyond, at the FFM. -I will email the times for the matches after we have filled the spaces for the tournament. -Any player not present for their match, will forfeit and the other player will move on to the next round. -The winner of the tournament will have to hug Seth Swayne of the Reef Shine Guys to claim their prize.
  7. CTARS will have a table at the FFM, just past the entrance. They usually do memberships and have info about their upcoming meetings/events there as well.
  8. Here is the vendor list for the 2019 FFM... Corals + Livestock AC Corals Alex's Advanced Aquatics Aquatic Creations Aquadreams RozArt Corals AZNnutty's Saltwater Connections Blake's Aquaden Blastomaster Blue View Aquatics Cheesy Corals Coralcruze Koral Craze Coral Reef Connection Covey's Coral Cove Credable Coral Labs Cully's Corals DBReef Dr. Salomon Corals E.O. Smith Coral Project Elmafioso52988 Exotic Fish and Corals Fish Ninja Frank180Reef FUPA Greg Demos - Aquacultured Acropora Greg Hiller Greg's Corals Rick Correira Headie Corals Jason Foxx King Pin Coral Kwong1998 Back Woods Reefs Manny Cabral Marine Science Magnet School Matt Spaulding Mike Herbas Micheal Reeve (Underwater Bliss) Tidal Wave Aquatics Mod Corals Mocorals No Comp Clowns NY Coral King Ocean State Aquatics Pablo Pacific East Aquaculture Paulywalnuts Pieces of the Ocean Pop Corals Reef Creations Reef Junkies Reef Shine Guys Reef Trends Rich Beck Jr. Rick W. RTMA Corals Rudy Batara School of Fish Roaming Reefer SickNTwisted Corals Son and Sand SteelerMike Supreme Reefs Talon's Cove Tank Breakers Tidal Wave Aquatics The Reef Shoppe TJM Corals Triggreef TSM Corals Ultimate Corals Usctom Wet Pets Zooanthids.com Clubs Boston Reefers CTARS LIRA NY Reefs Schools Hall High School Natchaug Elementary School Marine Science Magnet School “Dry Goods” CompaniesAgcore Technologies Brightwell Caribsea Cobalt Aquatics Colchester Pet Credible Coral Labs Art Dirks Fritz GHL Kimmies Cupcakes Mike's Phyto Monti Caps Mystic Aquarium Neptune Systems Polyp Labs Quality Marine Reef Breeders Reef Nutrition Reef Rax Reef Shine Reef Trends Reef Weeds Rock Hard Reefs Sea Chem Tropic Marin
  9. A few people have asked me if they can grab a Moai but not have to do the Facebook aspect of it. Being someone who is not all that FB connected (I only use it for the FFM and reef related things), I understand. If people would like to do the Moai contest, but not have to join or post on FB, that works for me. I just ask that you do me a favor and email me the pics, or PM them on the forum, so I can post them up for people to see. Hopefully that works!
  10. I get a bunch of your LI tribe up at the FFM every year. Take the ferry, its just easier.
  11. The 2019-2020 FFM Coral Topiary Contest! Jon Simmons from Boston Aqua Farms is in the process of custom making me 50 of these Moai (~4" tall) to send home with 50 different people at the FFM this year. Your challenge is to take the Moai home and turn it into something amazing by growing coral, sponges, anemones, whatever on it in your reef. As it progresses over the year, post your best pictures in the CT Frag Farmer's Market group on FB, to show your work. One week before next year's FFM (which will be on 3/7/20), we (my students and I) will look through all of the images from the year and pick the best, most creative, Moai topiary. The winner will receive a $50 FFM Gift Certificate for the 2020 FFM, and a Boston Aqua Farms fragging prize package. Thanks to Jon for agreeing to help out with this. "Official" Rules: -Email me at swansonjl@hotmail.com to get your name on the list to be one of the 50 people to take one home - first emailed, first in -Only one Moai per person -Must be picked up at the 2019 FFM -The Moai must be added to a saltwater tank (no cactus Moai, painted Moai, etc...) -Photos must be of the actual Moai in a tank, not photoshopped
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