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  1. Kessil a150w ocean blue priced to sell!

  2. Kessil a150w ocean blue priced to sell!

    Sent a pm.
  3. Cost Of Nano Box Light Sysrem For 29g Biocube ?

    Thank you Dave !
  4. Cost Of Nano Box Light Sysrem For 29g Biocube ?

    A bit more than I wanted to spend, do you have any used lights ? I've set up two 29g Q/T for corals, so they don't need to be as high dollar, as the display tanks.
  5. I just received my 60" ATI T-5/ Nano Box LED light and really like it. How much is a kit for the 29g Biocube ?
  6. Clownfish help

    I'll comment one last time as I don't want us to change this thread. Don't do research on forums, go to the scientific establishments for research and those numbers are correct as they can come and to rely on. Read some of studies by Sanjay Joshi, Ph.D., one of the most respected hobbyist/professional reefers & Dr. His tanks are nice & low, but he states that higher amounts are not toxic as some believe. The problem at home, is we don't want any filaments algae's and red/green cyanobacteria's, etc... that higher amounts of nitrates and phosphates in our small closed home type aquaria. The oceans don't have this issue, but are relevant around the globe. If you look at some ocean reefs around the world, these issues are growing as we pollute them. It amazes me that in such vastness of oceans waters, that this is happening, but that tells us just how destructive we are. It doesn't take much, just as with our home aquariums do. We've found in the last 5 years or so, that pristine tanks are not good for most corals and even clams in out tanks. Study up on that. A lot,....of hobbyist's have just as good as equipment as large public aquariums, just on a smaller scale. That does not mean that their not as good.
  7. Clownfish help

    lol,..nope. A lot of soft & leather corals and even clams like/need some nitrates, and phosphates, even for sps corals, need use them as nutrients. Fish handle levels over 100, and most public aquariums have nitrates of 50 or more, consistently. 1.00 and a little less in the latter. A hand full of years ago, a lot of reefers wanted 0 and under, but scientists found those levels are too low, so now their creeping up back to sane levels. There for a while, some people got on to the bang wagon of having all both at 1.0 or below, but found that to be detrimental to corals. 17 will do absolutely,....no harm to fish and most corals. Some sps's may be a little unhappy, but most ok. Look at the latest scientific journals, not just us hobbyists, and you'll see the extra low pristine tanks, suffer. After all, nitrates, phosphates, hair algae and even cyanobacteria, exist in all coral reefs, but a lot of corals and clams keep the numbers in check. Clams do not do well in very low levels in our small tanks. They like the water a little, dirty.
  8. Clownfish help

    Since when is 17 nitrate high ? That's actually fine unless it's a SPS tank.
  9. Apex PM2+Salinity+probe holder; WXM module

    No problem bud.
  10. Apex PM2+Salinity+probe holder; WXM module

    Maybe I have a brain fart, but am I missing something, as a new Salinity Module is $85, and a holder is about $30, fluid is cheap, so why $180 ? How old is everything ?
  11. I have to mention, that I bought a Aquamax HOB-1 and liked it so much, that I bought a second ! Yep, I wish we were closer, being in Ne. I'd like the cube. I have two, one for new corals and the other as a Q/T. I'll ask anyway, do you still have the box for the cube ?
  12. MP10's, Refractometer, Apex, BP Reactor, Misc.

    What's the age of the system ? Will it need new probes ?
  13. Tank Break Down /MOVING Sale FS APEX JR + Xtras _MP-10

    Sent a PM on the Apex.
  14. Tank Break Down /MOVING Sale FS APEX JR + Xtras _MP-10

    Sent you a pm on the Apex.