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  1. I feel like my tank was more interesting in the beginning and has become less interesting but more beautiful as it has matured, so I'm gonna go with beautiful. How do you guys get your photos to show up larger?
  2. I would try it in a shadier area if it doesn't start opening up more soon. What kind of open brain is it though? That's a pretty generic term. You might want to think about flow too. Could be too much and that's why it's not opening all the way. I would think light first though.
  3. The tray in chamber one does come out. Definitely gives you more room for heaters or whatever. It's just a little harder to get out than the floor in the 2nd chamber. And no, you don't have to pay any attention to the max fill line. I fill mine up a few inches above that. Just don't go crazy cause when you turn the pump off a lot of the water in the display drains back into the back chambers, but with that said, I think the water level evens out and there's not much risk of overflow unless you tried to fill the back all the way up . And the 2nd and 3rd chamber are usually at the same level water wise, so no worries there.
  4. Euphylia are some of my favorite corals.
  5. Can we get an option for the length of the moon illumination? I like to have my full moon set at a decent level to give a realistic moon phase change, like 4%, but it seems too bright for the fish to be on all night. I'd love to have a setting for it to last 2 hours or 4 hours or 6 hours. Something like that. Technically, the moon isn't out all night.
  6. I agree, the ramp up and tamp down seems pretty quick, especially toward the beginning of the ramp up and end of the ramp down.
  7. I went from the 4s to the 6, so I imagine a lot changed. I know they upgraded the camera quite a bit. I'm finding the white balance to be much, much better.
  8. Finally, I can take pictures that do decent justice to the colors of the tank without post-processing raw files.
  9. Can anyone just tell me what to do if the app crashes when I try to login. Just connected to my new phone yesterday, iPhone 4s, and today my lights aren't following the schedule and I can't login, it keeps kicking me back to the home screen. I tried restarting the phone and redownloading the app, which didn't help. I thought this was a common thing, more a phone or app issue that might be easily solved by anyone with experience with the ios version of the app. Never really had any problems with android version myself.
  10. Mine is still doing the same thing, sending error reports, crashing during login and still unresponsive with the tank lights being off and the controller flashing.
  11. I came home today and noticed my lights cutting off for a second about every 5 seconds. The imp card was flashing orange just before it happened each time and the light on the controller would flash at the same time. I tried unplugging everything and doing the blink up again, taking out the imp card and reinserting. After unplugging the controller the first time I haven't even been able to get my lights to come on. I can get the blink up to work, but then I'm getting no response from the controller and the light on it is still flashing. The imp card right now isn't doing anything, but it flashed red after the blink up and never went to green like I think it should. Any advice?
  12. 1+ on persistent logins. My phone won't even save and automatically input the login. It would be cool if there was a way to access your phone/tablet camera directly through the app.
  13. I took two of the channels off to simplify it and get rid of the mess of wires to take a picture. I know the controller us putting out current cause the LEDs actually light up a little even when the driver power supply is unplugged. It actually goes on and off when I unplug the channel wire from the controller. And now with only one channel hooked up I can see the lights dim a little when I make the attachment for dimming with the lights already on, but still no action.
  14. I guess I should have gotten the breakout board, or I just got a bad one. Should I feel any voltage on the dimming lines? I don't.
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