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  1. Lighting sps 8g

    I personally cant speak for the reefbreeder, but I have the a80 over my fluval evo 5.5 and love it. The spectral controller is pretty much a must have, thats the only downside is the kessil lights dont come with it and you have to purchase it separately. Color and growth are amazing under the a80 and I only have it at 60% intensity...
  2. My first Saltwater tank. How's my scape?

    Looks great! Love to see people getting into reefing!
  3. Needs opinion my my two LED lights

    +1 Orbit. Have seen good things with this light. One of my LFS' uses this light on all their frag tanks and have no issues at all.
  4. Innovative marine 4pico lighting and pump help needed

    Kessil A80. I have one over my evo 5 and love it. 150 bucks with the goose-neck.
  5. Kessil 160

    +1 Much better to start on the low side with LED's. You can always work your way up, just let your corals acclimate to the new light.
  6. 10 Gal Cube LEDs?

    I love my a80. The only negative is the lack of a built in controller. You can pick up the kessil controller for around $100, thats my next expenditure.
  7. Another LPS ID Please

    +1 Dragon Soul Favite
  8. Frogspawn Question

    IMO, frogspawn likes a little less flow. The lower the flow, the greater the polyps will extend. I feel that most LPS is like this. Too much flow and you get shortened polyps. Its kind of like the polyps are scared of higher flow. Just my .02. Nice piece by the way!
  9. Nanobox IB8 Stocking.

    Maybe a Tailspot Blenny, I love their personalities.
  10. Streaking Hermit

    A little too much vodka, ehh?
  11. All my snails keep dying...

    IMHO, NOT weird that hermits are surviving and snails aren't. Snails can be hit or miss. Good luck sorting it all out!
  12. All my snails keep dying...

    Did you acclimate? Whats your pH? How long has the LR been in the tank, because you may have a cycle going on..? I assume you mean green chromis, they are as hardy as they come. If you have a test kit you might want to get your water tested somewhere else to see if your kit is off. Your LFS could have diseased livestock...
  13. Reef Confessions

    I once found a 10g tank in the garbage. This is now my QT tank! (Yes- I cleaned it first!)
  14. Water parameters might help...?
  15. Mystery Poo.

    My urchin poops perfectly symmetrical white balls similar to those...