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  1. I personally cant speak for the reefbreeder, but I have the a80 over my fluval evo 5.5 and love it. The spectral controller is pretty much a must have, thats the only downside is the kessil lights dont come with it and you have to purchase it separately. Color and growth are amazing under the a80 and I only have it at 60% intensity...
  2. Looks great! Love to see people getting into reefing!
  3. +1 Orbit. Have seen good things with this light. One of my LFS' uses this light on all their frag tanks and have no issues at all.
  4. Kessil A80. I have one over my evo 5 and love it. 150 bucks with the goose-neck.
  5. +1 Much better to start on the low side with LED's. You can always work your way up, just let your corals acclimate to the new light.
  6. I love my a80. The only negative is the lack of a built in controller. You can pick up the kessil controller for around $100, thats my next expenditure.
  7. +1 Dragon Soul Favite