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  1. These guys! https://www.amazon.com/OHill-Organizer-Management-Organizing-Adhesive/dp/B071FXZBMV/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=cord+organizer&qid=1553514171&s=gateway&sr=8-5
  2. Bye Bye ELOS, and frag tank. 😢Hello guest bedroom and office space - in progress. Also hello Red Sea Reefer 170. @Christopher MarksQuick question; is there any way to resize the embedded youtube videos in posts?
  3. I miss my old canyon scape. I don't miss the invasive pocillopora and the difficulties moving acropora/fragging them though.
  4. For rimless clear silicone tanks, Ultum Nature Systems is my go to, even above ADA. The mitered borders make the silicone job crazily clean. The dimensions are great too!
  5. Waterbox uses marine grade plywood.
  6. Hey Tom. How the heck did you do that stand!? I love it!
  7. Sorry about the delays guys! I ended up replacing all of my rock with a West Mariculture Bonsai Scape with most of my acroporas mounted on 2 inch-frag plugs. I made the change for ease of maintenance, and it'll be a lot easier to remove/frag/replace the colonies as they grow!
  8. Props to an awesome aquascape from Paul. Can't wait to see this grown out!
  9. DON'T DO A MAME. IT'S NOT WORTH THE HASSLE. Lmao. I had two Mame's that I was swapping out, and it was still a PIA and I eventually ended up breaking both >_>.
  10. Yeah, get a Ge6500; they're cheap as heck anyways. Another T5 to check out would be the Giesemann Midday as it's literally the definition of "full spectrum".
  11. It all depends on how blue you want your tank to run! 2x B+ and 2x GE6500 is pretty darned white, almost yellowish FYI. I haven't had the chance to run 3x B+ and 1x GE6500 yet. A standard option is always 2x B+ and 2x C+.
  12. My entire scape was made from approximately 25lb of the Stax + some extra old live rock to seed.
  13. Yess! Less is sometimes better on a more mature reef tank!
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