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  1. That seems like a pretty rapid increase in alk.
  2. xiaoxiy

    Yet another T5 4 bulb combo question

    Yeah, get a Ge6500; they're cheap as heck anyways. Another T5 to check out would be the Giesemann Midday as it's literally the definition of "full spectrum".
  3. xiaoxiy

    Yet another T5 4 bulb combo question

    It all depends on how blue you want your tank to run! 2x B+ and 2x GE6500 is pretty darned white, almost yellowish FYI. I haven't had the chance to run 3x B+ and 1x GE6500 yet. A standard option is always 2x B+ and 2x C+.
  4. xiaoxiy

    Show off you Stax scapes !!!

    My entire scape was made from approximately 25lb of the Stax + some extra old live rock to seed.
  5. xiaoxiy

    Ninja's Red Sea Reefer 350 -New Year Update

    Yess! Less is sometimes better on a more mature reef tank!
  6. xiaoxiy

    Ninja's Red Sea Reefer 350 -New Year Update

    Awesome Jackie! Any new maintenance changes to the tank to turn it around?
  7. xiaoxiy

    Coral Kingdom Of Thras ~ Power Outage

    You'll do great with that PAR range. That's actually what I have slowly transitioned my corals to over the past couple of months (from 3-500 PAR previously) in both my display and frag tanks. I've noticed that my growth and coloration are better.
  8. Thanks Ninja. The SPS have hit a stride in my tank.
  9. Sorry I've taken so long to get back to you. I actually really like the Orphek Atlantik. It puts out a ton of PAR and really even lighting, but the only downside is there's noticeable discoing with moderate-heavy water surface agitation. I like it much better than the Radions I've used in the past. Here's a series of video updates of my tank. Everything continues to plug away and color up slowly!
  10. xiaoxiy

    Choosing T5 bulbs for Nanobox Hybrid

    My montis are doing fine under 250-300 PAR!
  11. xiaoxiy

    Dog faced puffer nano tank🐕🐡

  12. Thanks Chris! Here's that top down shot of the frag tank. It's hard to take photos of due to the light reflecting back up, so I took the picture at a slight angle.
  13. Been a while! Tank is still plugging away. Made some additions and removals to the tank. More prominently, I swapped out the MH for LED due to heat issues. My fish tank room is really small, and it felt like a sauna every time I would enter the room. I'm now running the ATI/NBR Hybrid over the display and an Orphek Atlantik over the frag tank. Enjoy. I also had a good friend of mine give me some hot acropora, including an Acrolandia frag.
  14. xiaoxiy

    Alexey's Reefer 250 - New Light Installed!

    Yup! That’s the one I’m using!