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  1. SPS Canyon: ELOS Midi

    Thank you so much! One of the goals I was aiming for during the design of the aquascape was to maximize depth. The SPS on the back walls are sitting on magnetic frag racks, that way I can remove them for easy fragging in the future! Untitled by Xiaoxi Yang, on Flickr
  2. Nickbruh510 BEWARE

    Seems like a lot of sellers have been having issues with him, including @SouthFlorida_Tron. :/
  3. MIcoast's 34G - To go bigger or downsize, thoughts?

    Wtf were they thinking when they made that baffle system.... It may be hard to remove that baffle while the tank is still running; I de-baffled a cadlight 8g back in the day, and that was pretty time intensive. Furthermore, I'm not sure how you would be able to remove the baffle with the acrylic wall still in place.
  4. MIcoast's 34G - To go bigger or downsize, thoughts?

    Those back chambers sound frustrating, but clearly you've still been able to keep your corals pretty darned happy! Thanks btw, I really enjoy the STAX rocks and how easy they were to work with. It was a million times easier to scape with the STAX rock than any dry rock I've worked with in the past. In terms of growth, that Monti and your zoas are wild!
  5. MIcoast's 34G - To go bigger or downsize, thoughts?

    ^. Any particular reason you're not happy with your current tank?
  6. ZombieReefer84's "Red Sea 250 Reefer " Adventure!

    Solid equipment selection :). I'm excited to see this tank develop!
  7. SPS Canyon: ELOS Midi

    Thanks man. I felt like pictures weren't giving the depth in the tank very much justice so I made a gif!
  8. SPS Canyon: ELOS Midi

    IMB_OW3XSC by Xiaoxi Yang, on Flickr
  9. SPS Canyon: ELOS Midi

    Did they have larger SPS colonies or were the sps just frags? I can see a newly mounted sps frag being over taken by zoas, but ime SPS easily encrusts over zoas.
  10. SPS Canyon: ELOS Midi

    In my experience, the opposite happens for some odd reason. My acropora tends to encrust all around each zoa polyp and smoother the zoas out!
  11. Bottom-up flow with MP10

    @schgr.cube did this for a while. Maybe he can chime in!
  12. Icecap ATO ?!?!??

    That impeller looks broken!
  13. SPS Canyon: ELOS Midi

    The rocks are about 1 inch from the glass on the sides at the closest point and my mag cleaner cleans the glass just fine with that clearance. I won't put anything on the outside edges of the rocks, but the front and middle areas are fair game for coral placement! I might end up putting encrusting montis or zoas on the edges to have the covered up though. Thanks!
  14. SPS Canyon: ELOS Midi

    He got banished to the refugium because the display flow was too high. The moment he went into the refugium, he was like "fek yeah". Here's a view from my desk. The white balance is accurate; the picture was taken with 2 Coral Plus bulbs.Untitled by Xiaoxi Yang, on Flickr
  15. SPS Canyon: ELOS Midi

    That's the dream! I should be done adding corals now; the tank's foundations are pretty much done. Time to wait for things to grow in and fill the scape up!