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  1. Thanks Chris! Here's that top down shot of the frag tank. It's hard to take photos of due to the light reflecting back up, so I took the picture at a slight angle.
  2. Been a while! Tank is still plugging away. Made some additions and removals to the tank. More prominently, I swapped out the MH for LED due to heat issues. My fish tank room is really small, and it felt like a sauna every time I would enter the room. I'm now running the ATI/NBR Hybrid over the display and an Orphek Atlantik over the frag tank. Enjoy. I also had a good friend of mine give me some hot acropora, including an Acrolandia frag.
  3. xiaoxiy

    Alexey's Reefer 250 - New Light Installed!

    Yup! That’s the one I’m using!
  4. xiaoxiy

    Alexey's Reefer 250 - New Light Installed!

    Sweet light man! I’m running the infinity and have found that el cheap aquarium fans on amazon to do wonders at lowering my tank temp. What halide bulb are you running? Radium?
  5. 😂Everyone just seemed like they had the same frags. The overall layout of Aquashella and the atmosphere was fantastic though! My new favorite thing is to light the tank with a white spectrum during the day, and run blues in the evenings/mornings. I love the pink lemonade as well.
  6. Haha unfortunately not. I wasn't terribly impressed by the corals at Aquachella. The layout and organization of the festival were awesome though!
  7. My wife and I went to aquashella this weekend, where we met @ReefWeeds! I also picked up some pods, some chaeto, phyto and the aquariclip. Here are some actinic photos from my tank! White light photos are taken under 3x C+ and 1x ABS with Nanobox Violets and RB to 100% Unknown Tenius My super weird Red Planet: Literally has oranges and golds.... Tiny frag from the colony above. My other variant of Red Planet @HarryPotter's Unknown Encrusting Acro Unknown Acro Rose Millepora ??? (not sure about ID) Another Unknown Millepora Pink Lemonade: Last but not least, half of my homewrecker frag.
  8. xiaoxiy

    Potter’s SPS (CLEAR MY RACKS!) Sale:

    In other words I coerced him into selling it to me 😉
  9. xiaoxiy

    @HarryPotter's SPS

    I thought it was hilarious that the saltwater ended up melting the ghost poops in my package. 😂 I got my package from @HarryPotter today as well. Everything was super well packaged, and the frags were actually so chunky that a couple of them sunk out of the styrofoam. Buy with confidence!
  10. xiaoxiy

    Potter’s SPS (CLEAR MY RACKS!) Sale:

    Wait a second, there were actually 7 acropora in the box! Yay freebie ontop of the freebies. In the dip In the tank Hahaha you suckers. I bought his one and only TCK Yellow Efflo frag >:]. Awesome corals, thanks Harry!
  11. It blows the substrate. I’ve given up on trying to keep it from doing so. My gyre is set to blow at 100% for 1 minute and reverse mode for 5 minutes, recreating a surge effect. Thanks Dave. It’s lit with the hybrid!
  12. Things keep plugging along! The frag tank looks especially good. So does the red planet!
  13. xiaoxiy

    Elos Midi Tank Pics

    Hell yea! Keep up the great work!