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  1. Sushi


    Stunning setup, even more amazing that it's such a small tank!
  2. Sushi

    Sushi's ELOS

    11-2012 happy thanksgiving everyone!
  3. Sushi


    Thanks! All orders have been shipped, orders placed throughout the week will ship next Monday. Hope everyone has had a great labor day weekend.
  4. Sushi


    Alright, all PMs have been sent, thanks again everyone for participating... gotta keep your eyes and ears open when it comes to summer time around www.blackrockreef.com Happy Fragging!
  5. Sushi


    That's all folks! !! WINNERS !! 1. RC1313 2. (oYo) 3. Kylebeano 4. ccapasso 5. tcreefr I'll PM you guys within a day. Congrats to the 2012 fab five!
  6. Sushi


    So, another year has come and gone ... with the 2012 summer nearing its' last few days, I wanted to give back to the Nano-Reef community. This is where it all began! As you guys all know, I like doing summer specials. In conjunction with the giveaways the last couple of years, this year, I'll be doing ROUND 2 of www.blackrockreef.com Summer Giveaway *ONLY ON NANO-REEF.COM* for my good friends and fellow Nano-Reefers. Thank you for all the support throughout these years! RULES: The first five individual members to post: "I'm Loving My 2012 Summer!" after my post here in this thread get one free Mag-Rack of their choice You must reside in the U.S. I will individually PM those 5 posters with further instructions Feel free to browse the site at www.blackrockreef.com. I hope you guys have a great rest of the summer and happy fragging! Congrats -- Contest is over! !! WINNERS !! 1. RC1313 2. (oYo) 3. Kylebeano 4. ccapasso 5. tcreefr
  7. Sushi

    My Bonsai experiment

    Looking forward to seeing it clear up!
  8. Sushi

    Sushi's ELOS

    Yep, lead times def. increased, but it's still going Not planning on leaving the hobby, just been kinda "out-of-touch" with the community. Yea, I apologize... the tank looked pretty awesome a month or so ago (when I was planning on taking pics), but things got pretty hectic and the tank isn't looking as dapper as it used to be. Currently I plan on tearing this tank down in July. I might re-set this up, or perhaps get another ELOS. Thinking about the Midi... not sure about lighting yet. These are all just thoughts for now. All I do know, is that I want to keep the next tanks VERY simple. Probably an anemone only tank with a pair of clowns, a pair of cleaners, and probably a few gobies.
  9. Sushi

    Sushi's ELOS

    Sorry guys, still no pics. Been going through a move the past month... unfortunately, the tank is going to be torn down soon.
  10. Sushi

    Sushi's ELOS

    Tank is still running ... and I still lurk every once in a while! Will see if I can clean it up a bit and snap a few photos for you guys.
  11. Sushi


    Steve, did you use the rubber ones? Those are definitely not waterproof and aren't meant for being submerged. They are only water resistant. I do offer customers ABS coated magnets that can be submerged... those are definitely water proof. Let me know if you need a replacement set, shoot me an e-mail at blackrock@blackrockreef.com and I'll help you out there. Happy Holidays!
  12. Sushi

    rbaby' 60-F Dual View Panorama

    Love the growth shots!
  13. Sushi

    Sushi's ELOS

    Yea, it's a nice place with good food What it really needs are some reliable LFS. Thanks Thanks, I think this weekend will be the week that I get around to taking some pics Thank you! Yea, it's been a long while now. Once it hits November, it will hit its 3-year anniversary. I didn't realize it's been so long but time sure passes fast. Regarding the trimming process... I honestly don't know how it's going to happen until I actually see where the corals have encrusted. For the pieces that have grown too large on 1 stem, I will likely pluck the entire "mini-colony" out and break it up into frags. From there I'll try to shape out a piece that I can re-insert into the rockwork to maintain a balance and spacing. I definitely have too many corals... and I'm finding that my maxi-nems are being quite tempermental. Updates to come soon, hopefully within the next week or so!
  14. Sushi

    200 Gallon Cube

    Looking good