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  1. Not Alexey but I've used a Kore 5th for a few years now and it's an excellent doser. I'm sure you'll be really happy.
  2. Made in Africa - A Shallow Reef V2

    Thanks baller. Thanks, I loved that tank. I've found that over time sand beds stay pretty clean, don't stress diatoms or cyano - one day you'll wake up and they are just gone. I did also replace that sand in that tank a couple of times when I was changing my mind over barebottom or sand. I can get from the aquarium for free as well. I just prefer to make my own water as habit, doing less water changes isn't ideal but I'll make it through till we can hopefully use a little more water. Thanks Sancho! I hope you are well.
  3. Made in Africa - A Shallow Reef V2

    Hey, thanks. The drought has been an eye opener for the city, we're down to an allowance of 50 litres person per day now but we've adjusted our life accordingly and learnt how to recycle water. We're just hoping we can avoid running out, our "day zero" has been moved to June now (previously April) which hopefully means we can stretch it till the rains arrive. Worst case I might need to go bath in the ocean or take an extended vacation somewhere. I've thought about shutting down the tank because of it but I've had some of these creatures too long to talk myself into it - for now I'll just cut down on water changes.
  4. Made in Africa - A Shallow Reef V2

    Thanks. It seems to be happy.
  5. Made in Africa - A Shallow Reef V2

    This kid's bed looks comfy.
  6. Made in Africa - A Shallow Reef V2

    It's beautiful indeed, hopefully it pulls through. I had a badly timed trip now, Alk was just below 8 when I left which is still low enough (although I like to peak at 7) for me not to be alarmed but when I got back it had gone up to 8.9 and the Tenuis did not like it. The Slimer looks OK, it's just stopped growing for the moment which is not big deal to me, the Millepora seem OK as well but Tenuis IME can be so finicky if something upsets them. I fragged a little piece and glued it elsewhere, probably a bad idea to disturb it now but figured I'd give it a go. I find it interesting though how some corals are enjoying it - it's tough to keep everyone happy.
  7. The tank looks incredible Teeny. Those colours.
  8. Made in Africa - A Shallow Reef V2

    Thanks! Thank you! Hey!
  9. Mark's 150 (NanoBox Retro)

    Wow that’s a lot of juice. Any thoughts on moving the a Ca reactor?
  10. Tank is looking great, the sticks look happy and healthy.
  11. Made in Africa - A Shallow Reef V2

    Thanks. Happy New Year! I hope you are well.
  12. Made in Africa - A Shallow Reef V2

    FTS - February 08, 2018; Image of the tank as it stands today, it's rocking some lovely Cyano - apparently it's all the rage. Things are going pretty well with the tank considering it's been on auto pilot for a few months. As I mentioned previous I was travelling a lot at the end of 2017 and in January I had to leave again. Funnily enough when I got home the tank was looking better than it had in a long time but nutrients had dropped quite a lot as all that was happening was fresh top up water for 6 weeks. My Mr Pacman didn't enjoy the lack of nutrients and died, which was strange since it was always a hardy coral for me but I am not shocked that it happened. More recently I had an Alk spike which I believe is due to a rise in Phosphates which caused a slow in coral growth - most of the corals are OK - so no major disaster. I decided to add a Magnifica Anemone and a Pink Skunk Clownfish to the tank - it's a super neat combo I've always wanted. I'll add a smaller mate in for the Clownfish when I find one. My beautiful Tenuis has some burnt tips at the moment but this image was taken when I returned home. That's it for now, I'll try get some more pictures up soon - and hopefully be home long enough to be more involved around here.
  13. Mark's 150 (NanoBox Retro)

    Tank looks incredible Mark, so nice to see those colonies getting so big.