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  1. Baller alert!
  2. Looking awesome.
  3. Thanks Brad. Hopefully have some updates soon. Soon! I'll hopefully have some equipment updates this week, the final shipment is near. Haha! Yah, I just threw my corals and a few bits on rock along with the new rock into the sump so long. May as well do what I can while I wait.
  4. Unbelievably there was another glass chipping incident. Hopefully there are no issues with take 3. The builder (and I) have just had some crazy bad luck with the glass, it's 12mm as well, so it's not some skinny panes. Oh well. Onwards we march. I started cycling my main rock in the sump so long.
  5. Oh my!
  6. Something crazy happened again. At least my other equipment is on it's way.
  7. Looking good, beautiful colours as per usual.
  8. Tank is looking beautiful Mark. And those Acros are looking mighty happy.
  9. Awesome, congratulations!
  10. Awesome, congratulations! :)
  11. Hey. Hey Ark, good to see you around. Hope you are well! I'm excited to get going. Almost time for a new tank on your side? Ahahaha. The new glass arrives this week, so unless something crazy happens (again ) - I should have the tank next week (end?). I hope so anyway, getting this tank built has been an adventure to say the least.
  12. Awesome Pom Pom. I have one as well, though I rarely see it - but it's always cool to catch a glimpse. That reactor is badass as well, maybe I need to look into DIYing one.
  13. Thanks! Hopefully it looks Ok in the tank or it's going to be awkward. Thanks for the follow. I'm looking forward to this one. Thanks, shallow tanks are the way.