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  1. Very nice! Love your Acan garden.
  2. Thanks! It's been forever and a day hasn't it. Thanks. Looking forward to stocking it eventually.
  3. Looks super good but I think you need more corals.
  4. Thanks, I didn't plan on having any under there specifically but I'd dig to look into that - thanks for the input. Thanks! Hey Dave, thanks. My plan was to have tabling acros on the tops of the overhangs and growing out creating even more of a top. I'll add Stags and other branching corals lower in the water line, a large part of the tank is open (I'll do some better pictures sometime) so I'll likely add small rocks to grow colonies from the sand in a few places. True story. Indeed.
  5. Finally indeed! Shallow all the way.
  6. Haha! It's a sign, get another tank. And thanks, I'm super happy with the tank, the space is nicer than I had imagined.
  7. Transfer Day; Transfer day(s) went pretty smoothly, I had the tank running for a couple of days while completing some last minute plumbing. But all the fish and corals seem happy. Water and Final Scape; Excuse the less than ideal images, it's almost lights out time here and the tank is not totally clear yet but I wanted to share where I am at the moment. I created the second rock for the scape to try balance out the tank - I think it works pretty well. I'll be selling the gorgonians but some long time coral and fish friends have made the trip over and are enjoying all the extra space.
  8. Excellent, looking forward to seeing some updates. Incoming! Thanks Nano, it will likely be an SPS theme but I'll have some LPS thrown in. Green zoas and brown shroom tank! Haha, thanks.
  9. Sorry I didn't mean to insinuate that you were. I was just giving Harry my thoughts as to how I'd go about it.
  10. Keep the dosage as it was and manually dose up to where you want it over the next few days is what I'd recommend. I had my Alk that low with no issues so I wouldn't panic and make big changes, that might just cause more issues.
  11. I've raised my Alk by 1 dKH per day without stressing anything, with a once off dose. So I'd raise it over 2 days and make sure it's stable after that.
  12. It is. Hey! Long time, how are things? Thanks! Start a thread, we need pictures.
  13. Thanks! Thanks, it's busy filling up. lmao.