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  1. Thanks! It's getting there. The zip ties work great depending on the rocks. Mine have a lot of holes so it was pretty easy to tie together and solid even before the epoxy.
  2. Thanks Eugene. Looking forward to getting the tank now and getting into the fun part of putting it all together.
  3. Looking good. What are your plans for the tank?
  4. Thanks, that's very kind. I'm looking forward to sharing some more.
  5. Thanks, zip ties and an epoxy from South Africa called Pratley Putty. Thanks. It should be a good starting point. I'd love some nice zoas to go along with Acros but they aren't as easy to find here. Then again, maybe I'm looking in the wrong places.
  6. Hey, thanks. MSR is super quiet at the moment. Thanks, hopefully it doesn't disappoint. I was going for majestic, but thanks.
  7. March 20, 2017 Update; It's a long weekend here and we're chilling at home, so I spent some time enjoying the sun and working on my aquascape - which was a lot of fun. Aquascape; Here are some teasers, the pictures aren't the best - sorry. I've tried to create a few overhangs, I think they look nice once in the water to create nice soft shadows under t5. The top shelf will run close to the water's surface with just enough space for some tabling Acros like Millepora - so we'll see how that goes. Once the tank arrives I can put the finishes touches on and create a couple of smaller separate islands it but it's shaping up to be my favourite yet.
  8. Thanks! Looking forward to this one. Hey man, hope you are doing well. Thanks for the comment. Me neither, if it ever arrives life will be magical.
  9. Your nutrients are super low but it would be nice to see some NO3, so perhaps feed the tank a bit more and the corals will respond to it. Dosing 1ml of Xtra a couple of extra days a week won't hurt either. Just keep an eye on your nutrient levels.
  10. March 16, 2017 Update; A few of my orders arrived yesterday, so I now have everything I need to start the tank, other than the tank. That shouldn't be too far out though. Pacific Sun Kore 5th Doser; My replacement Kore 5th arrived, which I'm stoked about - I got it on sale for $300 which is pretty insane for a 5 pump doser of this quality. Caribsea Base Rock; I ordered Marco Rocks but a box of the Caribsea Base Rock arrived instead, it looks pretty good so I'll give it a go. I think the fish will be happy to have some holes to hide in again. More updates coming soon, I'm looking forward to playing with some rockscaping ideas this weekend.
  11. It's been a while! Tank is looking nice and healthy.
  12. That's looking great.
  13. March 07,2017 Update; The builder called with an update, the glass company sent the over all the panels for the tank, unfortunately they cut the two short panels the wrong size. So he's waiting on replacement panels before it can be assembled - hopefully I'll have the tank in a couple of weeks. More time to browse for things I "need" I guess.
  14. Thanks! Me too.