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  1. Thanks! Hopefully it looks Ok in the tank or it's going to be awkward. Thanks for the follow. I'm looking forward to this one. Thanks, shallow tanks are the way.
  2. April 18, 2017 Update; A quick update, I'm still waiting on the tank - unfortunately there was a bit of an incident and a pane of glass broke at the LFS before he was able to start the build so he is waiting on a new one to be delivered, getting this build completed has proven to be quite a struggle but it will be worth it in the end. All my livestock is now in holding, so hopefully the tank arrives soon. The delay has however given me some time to touch up the stand, clean the sump and equipment and generally prepare a bit more. I've also made the final purchases (for now ) for equipment for the tank. I ordered a ATI 8x54W, a new more powerful Eheim return and I'll be testing out a couple of Tunze pumps for added flow as I've always wanted to try them. Hopefully my next update includes pictures of a tank, because frankly this thread is useless without them.
  3. Tank looks great Mark.
  4. Welcome back. Looking good, what are your plans for this tank?
  5. Awesome, congrats!
  6. Looking really good, I love the Yasha Goby - I've always wanted one.
  7. Sorry to hear. Unfortunately all fish can escape a tank.
  8. If it's being eaten and not trying to get away I think it's safe to assume it's dead. If it was decaying you'd know all about it when you smelt it.
  9. I agree, that Tenuis is badass. I had one like that and it was one of my favourites.
  10. Looking good. I like the starfish.
  11. Thanks! It's getting there. The zip ties work great depending on the rocks. Mine have a lot of holes so it was pretty easy to tie together and solid even before the epoxy.
  12. Thanks Eugene. Looking forward to getting the tank now and getting into the fun part of putting it all together.
  13. Looking good. What are your plans for the tank?
  14. Thanks, that's very kind. I'm looking forward to sharing some more.
  15. Thanks. Haha! Soon.