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  1. There really isn't much live rock for sale on CL or Flakebook.
  2. Just a word of warning about doing things to birds of prey. You better have DEEP pockets if you get caught, fines are severe. Go take the falconer's classes, they're about $400 and then you don't get fukt in the ass to the tune of 10 grand. I'd kill the fox, they carry several zoonotic diseases that can kill you or make you wish you were dead, rabies, lepto, carry ticks that carry Lyme's disease and mange are a few of them. They're bad news and should be chased away whenever possible.
  3. Hawks and Eagles yes, Owls during the day no. If you see a hawk or eagle you say a prayer and it will carry it to grandfather in heaven.
  4. It's about damn time. Hearing everyone's woes I am so glad I stashed away a few boxes of Tonga branch rock when it was available. The warehouse in NYC is bare, nada.
  5. One of my customers has a 500g tank that he grows sticks in. He has this dark brown one with green tips he calls Monkey Squirts, lol.
  6. I have this pale pink Milli in the corner of one of the runs. Dunno where it came from, but it's been growing like mad. One of the fraggers has been trying to get it off me and I won't let them touch it. It's on a little 3" piece of rock, as it grows, I drop it loser in the tank. I told him when it gets close to the surface you can buy it, but I get the top to replant. That one, a piece of Green Slimer from Kat and a Bali blue Slimer are the only sticks I have. I have the odd volunteer of Montipora here and there, but these are my babies. I'm scared shitless to move them, lol. I sell a shittonne of them, but they're only here for a few days.
  7. That's a Favia @Weikel. Favites have smaller polyps and are more sunken.
  8. Funny thing about Xenia. Right after GW1 I stayed in Israel and decompressed after spending months behind the lines there. So anyhow, I stayed in Israel and was diving every day. I watched a pair of Emporer angels and a pair of Sunshine dottybacks for about a month. I knew which way they fled and figured I could capture them up and haul ass to the plane and be gone quickly. In that area there were rocks that were covered in Pulsing Xenia, about 50 km long and probably 500m wide. I grabbed 3 coolers put my critters in them and hauled ass home. I often wonder how much of that Xenia I brought home has lineage today. I grabbed up 9 smaller rocks of Xenia. Back then I sold them for $200 ea, lol. I sold 6 of them within the month, kept the other 3. I'd imagine the retail on the torch corals will be $500ish retail if not more when I release them.
  9. I have about 50 heads and your ass will hurt after you get the bill for one head. I saw it coming, one of the collectors found a bunch of it and I ordered 2 boxes of it. Those last few shipments of corals were quite expensive. GSP and Xenia have already gone up here to $20-$30/ 1" frag or stalk. It's not going to get any better either. I have about 20 kilos of Xenia and one run that's 1/2 covered in the purple centred GSP.
  10. I've been looking through the lists and all I'm seeing are medium anglers. In a month the small ones will be showing up, usually the middle of April is when they do.
  11. I saw on one site they had them priced at $500 per stalk, when I went back the next day they were sold out.
  12. I've never had a Majano anemone, I've only ever seen one in person. With live rock collection done in all of the world except Florida I doubt they'll ever be common again for the foreseeable future.
  13. I've never had one do it and there are several people that have them in tanks with BTAs. They seem to only go after Aiptasia.
  14. Small ones are in season right now. Check with your LFS to see if they can get some. I love them, they'll pick an Aiptasia right out between zoanthid polyps without damaging them and they love GHA.
  15. Want some more before I throw the Scats in the tanks? I have some from Vietnam, Fiji, Indo and Tonga. miserable effing things, but the Scats think they're yummy.
  16. Might wanna step up your water changes till he gets sorted out.
  17. i would try to feed 2-3x a day on the weekends, 2x a day during the week. They do much better with smaller meals than 1 large meal as do most marine fish.
  18. I think they pack the shit in outhouse water. I get bulk from Brine Shrimp Direct and theirs is MUCH cleaner.
  19. Grabs some mysis. If you get that shitty PE mysis make damn sure you rinse it well. It's dirty as a used needle laying in the gutter. I have about a dozen different blennies and they all eat it. Blennies are mainly herbivores, but if plankton floats by in the ocean, they'll eat it.
  20. They restarted as Seapora @Tamberav not sure of the quality. They've gone under a number of times as have all of the older manufacturers. I miss my old Odell 240 gallon tank. they built one hell of an aquarium it had 22mm thick glass and weighed 700ish lbs empty.
  21. If you do derim the tanks, make damn sure you have a way to address any ratty edges. It would suck to keep getting cut all to hell every time you went into the tank to do anything.
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