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  1. I hope you have better luck than I did. The 3 I have are duds. 1 worked for about 3 months, the other 2 shit the bed in 2 weeks.
  2. Cold is OK, hot is not. Next thing. Take that fukn Inkbird and throw it in the trash when you get home. That's about the WORST goddamn controller on the market. I have 3 of those pieces of shit and all 3 failed. Fuk them right in the ass with a broken wine bottle dipped in Ebola. I have a Weipro and Finnex and they're MUCH better controllers.
  3. Looks like you're gonna get screwed as bad as us with this sleet/snow/freezing rain shit tonight. Be careful.
  4. When you thaw foods, save the juice and refreeze it for use later.
  5. The biggest problem with corals is people try to feed them food that is too large, smaller is better. One of my favorite things to feed is pureed clams and mussels, they love it mixed with one or more powdered foods. Tanks looks dman good though.
  6. I mix mine up in the make up water with a small pump and it's working fine for us at home and the shop.
  7. If I ever get a few minutes I'll take a pic for you. They spawned and about a month later I noticed all of these pink spots all over the run. They're about 3 months old now. Like the rest of the Aussie corals, they spawn on the full moon in October.
  8. Good, if I ever get over there I have a pink one for you, Diaseteris. 100% bred in captivity from a spawn in one of the runs, they're about an inch now. I also have a Lemon Yellow LT on that stays pissed with me, dunno WTF its issue is.
  9. We had Mermaid's shaving brushes in there, some Green Fan algae as well as Caulerpa in that 45. We used the little 70W metal halide over it and Manado live rock grew out some wild red algaes which Ellie loved to nibble on.
  10. We did that in M's fuge on the 60 cube. We had all kinds of algaes in there.
  11. M's goofy Cleaner wrasse swims by them all the time just as I'm getting ready to do a photo and the bastards close. DAMN IT CRACKERS!!!!
  12. Granny Smiths are a HUGE pain in the ass. I get them all the time from Vietnam and they take 3 days to fully open.
  13. That's how it started with us. An RSM130D, then the 57 rimless, then an 80 rimless, then another and another plus the 30 frag tank and the dual 40 breeders.
  14. Here's the first page, the planted stuff is around page 10 when we decided to call it a day with her 80. It never settled in, grew all kinds of algae so it's now planted. If you do Instagram, she's chewman2000.