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  1. StinkyBunny

    WV Reefer's 12 Gallon Long and Dirty.

    It's actually a high altitude valley, as in Billy Bob's up there in the holler.
  2. He must be one of those millenials, you know, they don't do violence.
  3. I built a dual wall smoker with some sort of asbestos like insulation so it holds the heat.
  4. I grill and run the smoker year round. The cold doesn't bother me. It only bothers the little millenial snowflakes and no test twatmuffins.
  5. Generally the no nips and no lips policy will keep you out of banned camp. 😉 Anyhoo, the bok choy and pork fried rice was off teh fukn hook.
  6. Getting ready to fire up teh wok and make pork and bok choy of some sort with Jasmine rice.
  7. What would be funny is in a neighborhood with an HOA to put it on the roof with a sign that said King Kong Wuz Here. 😄
  8. Then it would look like King Kong rubbed one off on the roof.
  9. Y'all gonna be the death of me.
  10. BoB: Battery operated Boyfriend
  11. I thought every woman knew who BoB was. I am wrong I see.
  12. I was at full attention a little while ago. Anyone up in Ct need a 30g tank? this is a damn good deal. If I was closer, it would have a new home. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1904507466252068