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  1. I have a box of Popsicles in the freezer just for such an occasion.
  2. Negative, you put that shit on my plate and about .0003 seconds later you'll be wearing it. There's only a few foods that I won't touch, sweet taters are one, they're foul.
  3. The trick to chips is to either deep fry them or dip them in EVOO and bake @400F until they're done to your liking. That said, I HATE friggin' sweet taters, BLECH!!!
  4. I ordered the new return the other day, hope the damn thing fits, lol.
  5. WOOHOO!!!! The abalones spawned, I has baby abalones!!!!
  6. R.I.P. Roger Moore
  7. But what's missing from those reefs? There's something that was glaringly missing.
  8. Already done home cookin'. I been doing sexy time for a long time.
  9. Don't need a fancy cooker. You could do that meal out on the grille over a nice charcoal. Indirect heat baby, just add a few wood chips for flavor. You can get a 22" Weber kettle grill for 100 clams on Amazon delivered. Some of my best meals have come off that Weber grille.
  10. More cushion for pushin'.
  11. I wouldn't pay what they want for a Big Green Egg, it's just insane.