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  1. StinkyBunny

    Hillbilly Lounge

    Ain't never knocked the bottom out of it, but I've torn up the sides pretty good. 😉
  2. StinkyBunny

    Hillbilly Lounge

    This is why I don't go out there, too many imbeciles to deal with. I just can't do it anymore.
  3. StinkyBunny

    Hillbilly Lounge

    Better than this shithole, known for crabs, both kinds and Herpes so, yea, there's better out there somewhere.
  4. StinkyBunny

    Hillbilly Lounge

    Just what the world needs, more nerve agents floating around. I do like watching the cage match, Stripey grabs one, then Nannerpuss grabs another and if they're too big to eat, they smash the shit out of them on the rocks into bite sized bits. Take it from someone who has been working with machines that mould or extrude plastics for the better part of 30 years, ALL plastics emit fumes. You might wanna look at the MSDS on that plastic.
  5. StinkyBunny

    Hillbilly Lounge

    I bet he's thinking..... "Man when I was younger I'd have chased that Mexican all the way back to the border." 😄 Nope, nature gives you all the weapons you need to kill off cooties. Melanurus wrasse and a Yellow Coris wrasse are all you need.
  6. StinkyBunny

    🍻 ALCOHOL and RODI maintenance 🍻

    I used to bump uglies with a psycho like that. It didn't end well for her.
  7. StinkyBunny

    Lawnmower blennys

    No, it's the reason I have 9 tanks at home and 4 at the shop for my stuff, lol.
  8. StinkyBunny

    Hillbilly Lounge

    C'mon, live dangerously.
  9. StinkyBunny

    Lawnmower blennys

    Once they're clean, they're bulletproof. We've had Lawnboy for over 5 years, he came in the first Fiji shipment and M captured him, lol. I'd be filthy with money if she didn't keep the profits. 😄
  10. StinkyBunny

    Hillbilly Lounge

    If she does it nude, I want the link to the video. Giggity. I'll kill you later.
  11. StinkyBunny

    Lawnmower blennys

    They're great fish if you clean them out. They feed off the bottom of the ocean so they're gonna pick up cooties, that's the way it is.
  12. StinkyBunny

    40b or a 75 gallon

    Why not something that's already reef ready? I love our Deep Blue 80 gallon tanks, they're the perfect reef tank. The dimensions are 24x48x16 tall and can usually be had around $350 new and around $200-$250 used. Get a 40B for a sump and you're set.
  13. StinkyBunny

    Lawnmower blennys

    They are omnivores that eat a lot more algae than they do animal proteins. I usually rubberband a piece of Nori to a clam shell for Lawnboy to eat 3x a week. Yes, they're like Mexican Jumping Beans. To those that have lost Tailspot blennies: They are alive with parasites in my observations. If you get one, treat it with Praziquantel while it's in quarantine. I have 2 that I've had for 2 years and they were treated. M had one that did OK for about a year and the damage mounted until it killed him. As for the Lawnmower blennies, the best ones come from Fiji. When I order from Fiji, I usually get a dozen because his are top notch quality. When purchasing them, ask where they come from and pay the few dollars more for one from Fiji, it's worth it. With Indo and Filipino fish there's always the risk that they were caught with cyanide.