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  1. Fish Street goodies will be here tomorrow,new wave maker and gyre generator. The Solomons finally shipped me some goodies, they are scheduled to arrive to me tomorrow evening and I have stuff inbound from Indo and Sri Lanka. Ordered us a small Maculosus angel, another Emporer for myself and a customer as well as a box off the WYSIWYG list. Gonna see how good the fill is on the WYSIWYG list.
  2. Whatever you do, DO NOT corner one Ben. As big a pussy as they are, they can swim with that dorsal aimed right at you. Found that out a few days ago rescaping the 57 for the incoming shipment Sunday.
  3. More like chickenshits, I've never seen a more scared fish than the Rabbitfish out of Fiji. I even put 2 more of each in each tank and still scared to death. I walk into the room and everybody else comes up to the glass, not the rabbitfish, EEEEK, IT'S THE BOOGIE MONSTER, MUST TO BE HIDING!!!
  4. Now if every shipping company could not treat your package like a ball in the middle of a scrum, we'd have it made, lol. Looks like I ordered a kilo of blow.
  5. The only things that I know of that eats that is Barred gobies, A. phaelena and reef abalones.
  6. Just an FYI, Kat doesn't do steak, not even one of my pull apart with a fork ribeyes. I'll bring your stuff with me Sunday.
  7. And they call me Magic Smoke, sheesh.
  8. Look on Flakebook too, lots of sale groups on there as well, that's where that one came from. I have an RSS feed set up on Searchtempest to notify me if anything rimless comes up for sale in a 200 mile radius. I haven't bought a new tank since 1987 other than the 40 Breeders from Petsmart for $40 ea, lol. Yes, I embrace my inner cheapass.
  9. Gonna be kinda full with 24-25 leather corals and then 24 maricultured Montiporas. I'm going to use it as a sales tank. Picked it up for $100, missed another for $50 by 20 minutes.
  10. Gonna fill it with Fiji leathers Friday, then maricultured Montiporas next Sunday.
  11. Those little cardinals don't live very long, the most I've gotten out of them is about 2 years.
  12. Yea, those assholes wouldn't let me cross with a tote with 100lb of shrimp in it and 100 lbs of ice. Damn near got locked up over it. I know I didn't make any friends with that trooper. If a 230lb tote blows out of the back of the truck, I don't think I'm gonna do too well myself crossing the Bay Bridge Tunnel myslef, lol. OK, got the photos figured out. Pardon the dirty glass, had to get the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse out of there. Ellie the Indian Ocean Emporer in M's fuge, there's an abalone in the picture. They haul ass when the lights come on.