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  1. Katie would blow bubbles in the water bowl when she was little too. She would stick her whole nose down to the bottom, dunno WTF she was looking for. Maybe a duck?
  2. Lemme see what's on the list next week, Australia is going Friday or Tuesday the following week. I think those blue Leptastria come from Indo though. I have one piece that's been through hell and it's finally happy and growing like a goddamn weed. I bet it puts on an inch every 5 weeks.
  3. I couldn't imagine a tank without them. I've found that shrimp and gobies will pair with whatever is available. I've had Yasha gobies pair with Tiger pistol shrimp as well as Antenna gobies pairing with Tiger shrimp. I have a HUGE Blue spot goby that's paired with a Randall's shrimp pair. These guys are opportunistic and will pair with what's available as a survival mechanism.
  4. If they had a domestic dispute, Lemon would never be seen again.
  5. Just remember that everybody wants some, they just don't want it smart. 😉
  6. Well woman, don't keep us in suspenders damn it, we wanna see RESULTS!!!
  7. Mine never get a chance to grow, I always end up selling them, lol. They're stupid easy to catch, just put some food in a specimen cup and the little shits swim right in. Dumb asses. There are quite a few different ones available now. I get the ovatis and sunshine chromis once in a while. I usually keep them until someone with more money than brains comes in and just has to have them. I'm usually willing to give them the Ned Beatty treatment.
  8. Green Chromis are dicks to one another. I only keep 3 per tank in the shop. If you can ever find them, Vanderbilt's chromis are much better and don't beat one another to death.
  9. I would get something to cover it too so you don't get a soap splash in there. I think I have a fix for the intake. You're going to have to cut out what you want on the lower section and use a piece of flexible hose to reattach it. You're right, you can only cut out 1" at the top, the rest will have to come out of the bottom. I just took Bob's intake off to see what could be done and that's the only way I can see it being shortened up enough to work.
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