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  1. I had to jump in here and say I am sad to see the Pico go... It still makes me nervous about my tank, but mine is nothing compared to yours
  2. Did you see the ReefBuilders unboxing? http://reefbuilders.com/2015/11/18/unboxing-jellyfish-art-cylinder-nano-aquarium/
  3. I feed like every other day and I feed NLS pellets and sometimes I mix it up and feed brine or mysis shrimp. I usually feed like 1/3 of a cube of shrimp (from the blister pack) and with the pellets I have no idea.... I usually feed them for around 2 minutes (my clown eats a ton), but I have not consistently measured an amount. Maybe I need to start being more consistent on the amount of pellets...
  4. Here is an long overdue update.... I had the assumption that getting the dosers and getting my CA and Alk steady was going to fix a lot of my issues. Well it has not done anything. I initially had a problem where I kept increasing the dosage because it would not stay consistent (both CA and Alk), but I got it so high that it was precipitating out (I guess). So I have started over on my dosing amounts and I THINK I almost have them dialed in... I just wish it did not take me 3-4 months to figure out what was going on... I still have all 4 of my fish and my original pistol shrimp. However I did loose my 4 Line Wrasse in the back sump area of the tank for almost 2 weeks. I have not missed a water change in over a year and try to keep a pretty good eye on chemicals (this tank is at my office, so I have to keep it somewhat presentable), but I still cannot get this thing to look anything like any of the tanks I see on here. I have little to no growth, poor color, and constantly battling algae. Remember I run Purigen & ChemiPure along with a reactor of GFO & Carbon. I need to spend a couple of weeks with someone that actually has a thriving tank and figure out what I am doing wrong. There has to be something inherently wrong with what I am doing and I have yet to figure it out. All in all, this tank is a pretty consistent disappointment in my lack of skills to keep a thriving reef tank. Anyway, I am not giving up. I am going to get my dosing dialed in properly (hopefully) and get the CA and Alk as rock steady as I can and then I am going to try to get this algae under control. I just got a new CUC, so hopefully that helps.
  5. I did not think of that... I guess I was assuming that the bigger ones were just "bigger" and not older... This is on Kickstarter so there are no actual customer reviews of the tank yet... because no one has them. They have a video review towards the bottom of their campaign page on Kickstarter. You can look around for some of the review of their other jellyfish tanks (Desktop or JellyFlap), but just watch out for older reviews because they have added improvements/updates to their tanks to address some of the initial problems & concerns..
  6. Hey Joe, I have 4 more questions and then I am done (I think). First, does the light and the air pump use 2 separate cords (plugs) or are they wired together? Secondly, how long after getting the tank setup should we wait to order the jellyfish (in order to cycle)? How long does the Chemi-Pure bag typically last? Finally, is there any particular parameter we should watch on the tank that might have the biggest effect on the jellyfish? Also, I was really hoping that I could use this thread to get some referrals for a bigger jellyfish, but I have nothing so far. Anyway you can hook me up for starting this thread?
  7. Thanks for the detailed reply! With the awesome support I have gotten so far, I am sure I will love the jellyfish! Just to be clear, a salinity of 35ppt will not harm the jellyfish? Why do you recommend a little lower salinity?
  8. Well I originally had a concern with needing an auto top off with this tank. With only 2 gallons it seems like just a little evaporation would cause a big change in salinity. The second issue that I was going to try to figure out had to do with salt and recommended salinity. I know you guys sell your own salt and recommend a salinity around 28 and 32ppt. But I was hoping to be able to use my existing water change routine on this tank (Red Sea salt and 35ppt). The salinity issue is not that big of a deal since I can just dilute the water a little after I am done, but I am hoping there is not some weird or random issue with using another salt... The fact that your website states: makes me thing that the salinity and type of salt are not an issue. Can you clarify? I may be jumping the gun a bit with my 3rd question, but what do you guys recommend to use to clean the acrylic tank with? I am not sure the algae magnet scrubbers would work that well on a cylindrical tank (plus not scratch it).
  9. I tried to search to see if anyone was talking about this on here, but found nothing... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jellyfishart/jellyfish-aquarium I just backed the campaign because I have always been fascinated with jellyfish. I know there was some concerns with their previous tank, but I think they have addressed all the issues with modifications/updates. What do you guys thing about this? Anyway, if any of you guys decide to back it then let me know and we can both get a free "upgrade" (larger jellyfish) using their refer-a-friend program.
  10. I hate to see this. But I have not been a real fan of the "quality" of the pico since I got mine. Especially the silicon... Do you remember my thread on how disappointed I was when I first got my tank? http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/336717-just-received-my-pico-iii-some-concerns/?fromsearch=1 Anyway, my tank is about 6 months away from yours and I have a mp10 as well (running 50%). I am scared, but at least I can start thinking about a backup plan.
  11. Just a quick update (because I still have not had time to give my tank the attention it deserves) #1. I will never buy/own another Eshopps product -- see below I spent about an hour with a magnet on a rod trying to get all the rust and magnet fragments out of my tank. I learned my lesson and tossed both my Eshopps frag rack and other tube holder. I have purchased Vertex probe holder and tube holder to replace them. #2. I finally got my dosing pumps mounted and my chemicals mixed up. I cannot start running them though because everyone says that you need to run them off the "Relay" plugs on the apex and I do not have any left. So, I had to order another Energy Bar (that made the dosing pumps an expensive upgrade). I only had 1 free plug anyway, and that is only because of the WXM module I just got and was able to fee up the plug that the MP-10 was using. See my setup below: Now once I get the new Energy Bar in, I just need to get my ATO resovoir cleaned up and the Kalkwasser removed. Then hopefully I can start using the dosing pumps and make my tank much more stable.
  12. Well I have been gone on vacation last week and have been trying to get caught up at work. So I have not installed the MP-10 upgrade kit. I also got the wireless upgrade with the Quiet Drive (packaged together) and I got the Apex module to control the MP-10. If that was not enough, I also got the BRS 2-Part dosing kit (with 2 dosing pumps). I have no idea when I will get around to installing them because I am out of outlets on my Apex. I am an equipment junkie and had a birthday recently, so that is where that came from... Anyway, lost one of my favorite corals while I was gone (this always happens to me) so that sucks. However, my 4-Line is doing great. Well that is about it for now...
  13. Some Quick Updates: Got my 4-Line Wrasse and I love it! Red Sea sent me out brand new Ca, Mg, and Alk test kits (for free) Found out my Ca & Mg are really low (375 and like 1100) Got my new MP-10 Upgrade Kit in today!
  14. If the $99 included the board upgrade, then I am in....
  15. Even though I have an older unit, will I bee able to have the "full spectrum" control as shown in the pictures. Even though I really only have control over the blues & whites right now.
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