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    VidaRock vs Dry Rock

    I have a PicO III (18x18x16 – 20g) tank on order and I was trying to figure out what I want to do with the “aqua-scaping”. Let me first say that I have ZERO artistic ability and the rock placement in my previous FOWLR tank was horrible. So I started trying to look at other PicO build threads to try to get some ideas, and I stumbled upon this Vida Rock stuff and it seemed to be the solution to my lack of artistic talent. I am wanting to try to do a nice reef tank this time, so coral placement/locations is important and just puts more pressure on me to do this right. Anyway, the reason I started this thread was to figure out how most of the tanks I saw had less than 8lbs of Vida Rock (and nothing else). I know that typically there is a 1-1.5lb per gallon rule for regular live rock (I know this does not always apply) and the tank is about 20 gallons. Is this Vida Rock stuff just that porous or is there something else going on? I have seen similar setups in probably 3 or 4 tanks that look pretty good, so I know it is not just a fluke. I really like the idea of the Vida Rock, but there is no way I can afford/fit even 10lbs of that stuff into my tank. I was thinking of doing just one piece of Vida Rock and the rest BRS Reef Saver Rock (since I already have about 20lbs of it), but I would have no idea how much additional Reef Saver rock I would need (or what to do with it)... I would really hate to spend all this money on this tank/supplies, only to have the “aqua-scape” look like garbage… Thanks in advance for your input... TL:DR - How much Vida Rock is necessary for a 20g tank?