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  1. JR is weak sauce & couldn't organize his way out of a wet paper bag. holla!
  2. Most likely. Not for the Holidays though. Maybe in time for the Super Bowl.
  3. Grindin' Probably relocating again soon. Been laying in the cut, planning moves.
  4. siwelk


    Vertex Triplex plz srsly
  5. siwelk

    Ballz' Reef

    If this isn't TOTM soon I'm going to ####ing kill myself.
  6. siwelk

    What's up with LEDgroupbuy.com?

    If you use godaddy you deserve to be down.
  7. siwelk

    Labor Day Sale!

    Where are those Vertex Triplex mag cleaners? I'd like 10% off of one of those plz... :waitingpatiently:
  8. siwelk

    FS- NIB Reef Supplies

    ^ good seller bump
  9. $100 10g Atomic Reef ATO reservoir?? Yes please.
  10. siwelk

    Natural Sunlight Reef

    Yeah, I'm gonna need to do that once I get my underground house built.
  11. siwelk

    The Ultimate Reef Ready System Update!

    So you're taking it upon yourself to redefine the widely used and understood acronym AIO? How about just calling it RR?