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  1. miller_time

    is my current too strong?

    Strong Current+Constant Swimming=Exercise Its good in my opinion! My clown always swims around in my currents.
  2. miller_time

    Worm ID Plz.

    I know pics are better, but i don't have a digital camera. I really hate to sound repetitive, but it looks just like an earthworm, a really small one.
  3. miller_time

    Worm ID Plz.

    Edit: sucking up sand in my siphon sorry
  4. miller_time

    Worm ID Plz.

    Alright, so I'm doing a water change tonite and I'm sucking up sand in my gravel when i notice something rolling around. Well I got a little closer and this thing was wild looking. I'd say it was about 1/2 inch long and looked just like an earthworm, i mean dead on like an earthworm. Just FYI i know what bristleworms look like, but this thing was no bristle worm, I hate to repeat it again, but it was dead on like an earthworm. Any ideas and to what it is, if so, are they harmless or not? Thanks Guys, Joey
  5. miller_time

    my 10 gal 1 1/2 years old.

    Corriewf, i just wanted to ask how you had your powerheads setup in your tank, also what kind would help too? Thanks
  6. miller_time

    Mowing the Chaeto?

    well i guess its time to cut back the chaeto, its grown to the top of my refugium. Any suggestions and/or comments???? thanks
  7. miller_time

    GSP's still not coming out

    Here's what i did to my GSP. It had been about 3 weeks from the time i bought my GSP and they never did come out. So I got the idea to move them to my fuge, where i keep the lights on 24/7. After about a week, they all came out, so i gave them another couple of days in the fuge and then i moved them back into the main tank. Its been about 4 weeks now and they are looking really good. So if you have a fuge or another tank which you can keep the lights on 24/7 maybe you should try it. Good Luck!!!!1
  8. miller_time

    To skim or to fuge, but not both?

    just to add my 2 cents. I had my tank set up for a year with an emperor 280 and a seaclone 150 and my skimmer would always have massive amounts of gunk in it. Recently, about 4 weeks ago, i purchased a CPR 12" and put cheato in it. Nowadays, my skimmer has 10 times less gunk in it at the end of the week. I still plan on keeping them both, just due to the fact that was metioned earlier, they have different purposes of filtration. Hope that helps. Also, just a little tid bit, i love having the extra explosion of mysis shrimp and pods in my tank as i think they are fun to watch! Good luck in your decisions!
  9. miller_time

    Stupid Bristleworm

    Yeah my friend went with me last night, got drunk and lost $300 on Texas Hold'em
  10. miller_time

    Stupid Bristleworm

    wow who thought that A@@hole was that bad of a word. Anyways i'm not trying to get an argument going. Just wanted to add that I did get fired up last night and decided to go to the casino and play blackjack and won $200, so thanks for gettin' me all worked up. Besides i hold no grudges for that matter anyways.
  11. miller_time

    Stupid Bristleworm

  12. miller_time

    Stupid Bristleworm

    Well I'm going to jump in hear for Soup fellas. And frankly i can understand why Soup got so pissed off, hell i would too. Yes he may of been misinformed about the pros & cons of britsleworms in the tank, but there are much better ways of communicating with someone than calling them ignorant. I mean hell we are all on this website to share knowledge of our experiences through reef keeping, not to bash each other for having the wrong notion on a particular issue. And in no way am I calling you wrong Soup. I myself have seen the benefits and destruction of bristleworms first hand. So let's check are egos at the door and do what we all came here to do. Share knowledge and help each other!!!!!
  13. miller_time

    2 shrimps

    I agree adding the two can be a little dicey by all means. Here's my story: I first added my CBS three months before i added my skunks. I did notice that my CBS is aggressive with my skunks but he's never really tried to go after them. Usually when they get near each other they just turn and go about the opposite way. But for the most part as i mentioned earlier, my CBS has his established territory on one side of the tank where he stays and my skunks have their territory on the other side of the tank where they stay. Perhaps i should of been a little more specific in my earlier posting as I do agree with kraphtymac, because it can be somewhat of a risk. But if you have the space, as is my case, it can work out.
  14. miller_time

    2 shrimps

    they'll be fine. i have a CBS and 2 Skunks in my 26. MY CBS stays on one side of the tank, while the skunks stay on the other side.
  15. miller_time

    Peppermint and Coral Banded Shrimp

    I have two skunk cleaner and one coral banded shrimp together in my 26 bow. They do fine, my skunks stay on one side of the tank while the CBS stays on the other side. Nano-nemo is right on about the size issue as my skunks and CBS are roughly the same size, i guess thats why they seem to get along.