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  1. be carefull if you get a maroon, i had one, but i finally got rid of it. Off all the clownfish species the maroons are the most aggressive and largest. I made the mistake of adding one to my tank and it bullied everything in there, so i sold him real quick. Just some advice for you to keep in mind.
  2. i have a single percula in my 28 gal. and he is happy as he can be, just bopping around the tank. Also, he has taken to my frogspawn, he'll swim around my tank, but won't leave my frogspawn for very long.
  3. i like the "corals under lower lighting" topic myself
  4. -edit- and mounting the body... sorry, i type wrecklessly
  5. I'm thinking about buying the medium fuge, but if i do that means i won't have room for my seaclone 150. I had the idea of placing the powerhead to it in my aquarium and have the mounting the body of the skimmer on the aquafuge. 1. Do you think this would be possible? 2. What kind of return does the aquafuge have, i.e. via tube or overflow? Thanks for the help
  6. thanks
  7. tried to find out on hagen's website, but they didn't post the dimensions of the filter. thanks
  8. IMO, i started out my 28 gallon reef with 5 damsels and later turned out that they are the meanest damn fish for their size. I ended tearing down all my live rock just to get em out of my tank. I would consider other fish to start out in your tank, the key here is long term fish, and damsels, pound for pound are just too mean for my taste. I started out with a single fish, a flame angel and he is still the pride of my tank.
  9. good point, I just got a flame angel, percula, and engineer goby in my 28 bow. I feed em a small pinch of food everyday, but i was just wondering what everybody else does
  10. Just wanting to see how many times a week you guys are feeding your fish?
  11. by the way i know the Iodine is a supplement for growth and vigor, not food, just FIY for your answers
  12. I just got a really small xenia frag, i mean tiny about the size of a dime. Anyways i was wondering what to fed it, i use Invertabre Formula for my other corals, as well as Lugol's Iodine solution, but should i feed it phyto plankton as well. thanks
  13. well no publix, but i there's a kroger across the street maybe they would have some, thanks for the replies everyone
  14. I'll be sure to use RO/DI, thanks everyone, had quite the scare there for a while!!
  15. Yeah um, i just did a 15% water change on my 28 gallon tank, and I used spring water. And i just read some threads saying you shouldn't use spring water but distilled water. So have i seriously screwed my tank or what????!!!