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  1. Stand's built. New sand and extra rock bought. I may have to get more rock. I hope 20lbs of sand is enough. I plan on cleaning the current rock to the best of my ability- there's nems and other coral on it so I gotta be careful. I want to get the bubble algae off at least, and shake out some of the bristle worms. there's just way too many in the tank (The worms will go in my sump of my 75g for cleaning) A cup or two of the current sand. I hope 1 ai prime would be enough. I can't afford $200 on another fixture at the moment. if it's not, I'll have to make due till then. here's a pic of the stand with tank. the tank I am replacing is in the back.
  2. Hi all! I've finally done it, I got a new tank to upgrade my 9g Ehiem. Presently the 9g has a pair of frostbite clowns, 3 peppermint shrimps (which will be going in my 75g to help clean aiptasia), and 2 BTA's. my stand will be arriving tomorrow- once I put that together, I'll start transferring/setting up. I am curious to what people put in the back compartments as far as filteration. I'd like to add Chaetos, but which compartment would be best?
  3. Got a little black clown goby. He's awesome 😄 I started using distilled water, got the nitrates under control. tank is happy again 😄 took some rock out to give the fish more room too. ignore color quality, cellphone pics are hard, lol
  4. I loved my CBS. He died recently, made me sad.
  5. Manager of the town's water district called, they tested nitrates at 8ppm. Bossman wants me to get the water tested at the LFS tomorrow just to recheck. If it's high, he's going to invest in an RO filter for 4 of the 8 coolers we have (As it needs to drain somewhere). I sort of feel guilty for opening my mouth. but he was glad I did, he was concerned about the health of employees.
  6. Just because I opened my mouth at work about the nitrates, the company called the town's water company to see what they say about the nitrate levels. I do hope you guys are right that the saltwater test kit is accurate for fresh water, LOL.
  7. I have corals, assorted softies. I put in DeNitrate and it helped lower the nitrates. The corals look a little happier. I haven't done a water change in a few days, and decided to not to do water change. I'll be bringing in water from home, though I am debating on taking the tank home. not sure yet- though I feel like the tank's getting on the right track. The trimma is bright and fat, eating the pellets (which I am glad for, its easier to control pellets than frozen in this size tank). The sexy is dancing her little butt away. Phosphate is is between 0 and .25ppm (color is between those two swatches on API test)
  8. its all manual, I wanted to keep things simple as possible at work. Right now I just have a trimma, one sexy and a nerite snail or two.
  9. ha, my company won't go for the RO/DI filter- we're lucky we got this water cooler, even though it's full of nitrates. it is 3 gallons (just shy of). I did bring my own water in every day from my home RO/DI filter in a 5 gallon bucket. it last a while- maybe I'll do that again- I had to lug it once a week between top-offs and water change
  10. I tested the filter, the water tested at 40ppm. Yikes! There's the source! I think I will break down the tank, or at least take it home. lugging water for water changes is goign to be a pain
  11. I'm doing a water change with a different water cooler. Ive been using the coompany's filtered water, never had a problem until now. not sure whats going on- how do I test the filter water?
  12. I have a modded aqua clear 50 with chaetos, and recently put in polyfill to help polish the water. There's no sand, the tank is bare bottom. I vacuum the gunk with every water change, at least what I can get. will have to do a larger water change.
  13. My little 3 gal pico has been having nitrate problems lately. the tank's been running for a year and half now with no problems until the past week. My clown goby died- one sexy shrimp a live and trimma goby hanging in there. I stopped feeding, it's been about 5 days since I've last fed the tank. I've done 50% water changes every other day. Nitrate is still high around 20-40ppm. I have no idea where it's coming from- I will have to remember to bring in my nopox again to dose again, was hoping to avoid chemicals. Ammonia is between 0-.25ppm (Expected since my goby died) any suggestions on what to do? I've been using filtered water from the company's water cooler, no problems with it (unless something's changed recently- no idea how to test it?)
  14. I brought my nitrate test in, it was through the roof. Took it to my LFS, it was normal. Goes to show that you can't trust API test kits. I threw mine out.
  15. Took my water to a LFS to be tested. Ammonia was a little elevated (Which was expected by the death of Minion). Nitrates went down to a better level. Another water change today and should be good to go. They're getting a green clown goby in tomorrow. Tempting... lol
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