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  1. Looks like a zenia.... lt will take over the world if you let it.
  2. Marc levenson talks about it on a video somewhere. Melevs reef.
  3. Lights came off lower than I thought, down ramp started. I'd be happier if I had some sps....😒 but that's a restart coming. Top down from earlier today I'm wondering how many rfa are to many rfa?
  4. My very first online order today. Two rfa and he threw in a zoa frag Thanks @Aquarium Care Center !
  5. I left out the parts about using a toothpick or something to scrape out books and crannies, using syringe to squirt in all the holes and crevices, soft brush to brush baddies and their eggs away... @Tamberav reminded me I need to start using bayer.
  6. You could use any clear plastic storage container with a snap on lid.
  7. Lol that's some advanced reefing stuff. From this point on, treat all your coral before adding it to your aquarium. Russian roulette. Basic stuff.... As a matter of fact I just got my very first online coral order today. One container has corals lfs water other has your aquariim water. Add capful of revive to corral swish around. When done put into the aquarium water to get all revive off. Fluconazole kills algae. Don't worry about it for now. One thing to do is remove coral from the mounting it came on if you can and glue it onto something new and clean. Like I did here with the FREE ZOAS @Aquarium Care Center sent with my rfa s today😉
  8. 15 years ago it was probably standard to cycle with fish. When the fish died you were ready I heard. Considered incredibly barbaric today. You can throw a raw shrimp from the meat counter in and let it rot for awhile. Or use any of the many bacteria additives. Such as....
  9. Plan on 3 to 4 weeks as suggested. It may go shorter if the rock is established live rock.
  10. Well you better get this back up! I want to see if @Nursecop818 goes against the crazy fish lady again! @nursecop818 @nursecop818 @nursecop818
  11. Sooooooooo this is kind of embarrassing. When I moved from the red sea e260 to my 120.....I kept the return pump from the red sea. I followed your advice and moved the lock line return on the left side more forward and down. Six inches from the spout and I can't feel any flow. I know it may cross the vortech mp40, but with the reef setting I should be able to feel something between pulses. 2 return lines are going to take up head pressure but I've got the return cranked all the way up....... did I mention this might be embarrassing? I'm thinking I need a bigger return. Going to look in garage door the box to confirm what flow is because it's going to be easier than breaking into the plumbing in my state. Last I knew I had hoarded left over reef parts in it.
  12. Hammer euphillia > Duncanopsammia Hands down. Hammer wanted more real estate .....and started sending out sweepers constantly. Moved Duncan away and recovered nicely. I think Duncan's are the golden retriever of the reef. Not a sore bone in its body.