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    Vegasgundogs 120gal Planet Aquariums

    Oreo our elderly kitty always bugs me when I get into the cabinet for anything. Today she used what strength she has to crawl into my lap. I remember my 24 year old daughter moving her around in a baby doll stroller. I've been sitting now for about an hour with my back to the center support of the stand with her on my lap. As much as it would hurt me, I don't mind if she passes right here. My feet have fallen asleep a couple of times and my back hurts but this is the most comfortable she has been in days. Her once deep purr is little more than an echo in my lap. Her sister went two years ago and he giant golden retriever brother last year. Left foot is asleep again but I don't want to disturb her.
  2. vegasgundog

    Harry’s Reefer 350

    Looks like you have several exposed screws. Cover them with silicone sealant. It is so great everything is coming together and back to life.
  3. vegasgundog

    Vegasgundogs 120gal Planet Aquariums

    Phosphate at .4 according to red sea. 20gal water change ready.
  4. vegasgundog

    Vegasgundogs 120gal Planet Aquariums

    Exasperated.....clam is surely on it's way out, encrusting montis are all fading.....last tiny piece of Hollywood stunner I saved fading too. Dont know bbn if you lighting or water quality.....or something entirely else. Testing water now. So frustrated. Alk 9.6 Cal 430 Nitrate 20 Mag 1600 ...according to Red Sea, even though I haven't dosed ever and only did a 10 gal water change to vacuum sand bed a little...? Nitrates may be the problem, going to plan on water change I guess. Not going to lie, my fish are fat..... Double check on red sea mag 1500
  5. vegasgundog

    In TanK Media basket worth it?

    Wet water is essential for a successful reef. The wetter the better.
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    Vegasgundogs 120gal Planet Aquariums

    The four horsemen....
  7. vegasgundog

    In TanK Media basket worth it?

  8. vegasgundog

    How to Move a Tank - Any and All Opinions Welcome!

    Plan on how long it will take and multiply that by 2. This is going to be very stressful on you. Have extra help if available. Don't plan on moving anything else that day except for aquarium. Have as much extra water as you can and save as much existing water as possible. Keep some sand for seeding new sand. Old sand can be rinsed without issue but will take more valuable time. Disturb the old sand bed the very last or as close to the last thing you do to preserve as much clean existing water as you can. Use a cooler with a thermometer and a air stone battery pack air pump for your fish.
  9. vegasgundog

    Six line wrasse lips swollen and blotchy

    He's been hiding in the rock work for about four days. Smoked him out once and he never stopped running back and forth through the rocks. I managed to get a look before work and I can see white on his mouth. No idea if it's better or worse. If he's eating is without coming out. I don't think he is. Makes me sad. Had him for about four years I think. He does this weird twitchy dance when he sees me and only me. Started adding backward flips to it a couple of weeks ago.
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    120 Lt Rock Garden

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    121a's IM 20G - A Return After Five Years

    I have a galaxy s9. Messing around I found the PRO setting for the camera. I have been able to adjust everything where pictures come crisp and clean. I looked at orange jell filters and to me everything looked orange.
  14. Hey everybody. Woke up yesterday and my sixline wrasse lips were all swollen and blotchy. Last night he was very agitated and would not stop. He wouldn't do his happy dance twitch and pop when I stood by glass. I tried to get pictures but he never stopped. Catching him will be near impossible. No one else seems affected. Anybody experience this?