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  1. Just wondering if there were any plans to add HomeKit functionality? I think it would be useful to be able to control my lights using Siri or even a widget in the Dri down notifications menu would be cool.
  2. Would a way around the delay on the outlets be integrating some of the already available wifi plugs into the app? For example the Belkin Wemo plugs? Or even a module that would allow those remote control sockets to be controlled, just a basic rf transmitter?
  3. I have tried both methods and I have to say I have had more success with a sand bed. I've had three with and one without. Due to personal issues I shut down 2 of the sand bed and the bare bottom. The sand bed tanks made it to 6 and 8 months each and appeared healthier with clearer water and better growth I am still running one of the tanks with the sand beds so I am eager to hear other people's opinions on sand beds
  4. Hi Spencer, As above, thanks for the honesty. I would like to say though that although the extras were a small factor they were far from being the main reason I bought the controller. It was exactly what I wanted with plenty of versatility and room for expansion. The app makes it easily my coolest piece of equipment on my tank (well this and my tide). I am happy to wait as long as needed for the accessories because, at this point, they are a bonus. Take as long as needed Also I can't wait to see what features you have planned
  5. --Mark--

    Spec iii Reef

    I have one of the previous gen tides. I so want the new one! Mind you my tide is over a vivarium rather than a reef. Still want though. Nice tank by the way. Love the gobies!
  6. I have a 15ltr TMC pico with a par bulb over it and an eheim pump and it's silent.
  7. Also just a tip, if you use the virgin media netgear super hub, DDNS is automatic so there's no need to use a DDNS service. Edit: Or at least on mine it was I had the older one though
  8. Can I expect a UK model or will there only be a US model?
  9. What do you think he's hinting at??? Oh. The full bluefish unit bit?
  10. I like the new app but I notice it doesn't have a tab for outlets and sensors.... I take it the app will be updated for these when they are announced/ released?
  11. I know you said you won't be releasing any details but do you have a vague idea of pricing?
  12. I think the power pwm would be my best bet by a long shot but it's the cost that would be involved in getting it here. As I said above I had been quoted 1.5x the price of the actual unit (at least) just for postage. It was working out at about $70-80 with postage! I would hold off though if the power bar and sensor nose were close to being announced though and just order them in one go
  13. The led is powered off 12v DC 1000mA. I think it uses the right connectors for the power pwm. Would adding a meanwell driver work? I could effectively turn it into a diy set up and use my diy bluefish breakout board to control it?