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  1. It will be interesting to see how that light works for this, I actually have this light from a 5G FW I had for a bit. It was able to grow some plants so in the 2.5G I think it should be able to do low light corals. That’s a bummer about the tank, too bad the $/G sale doesn’t apply to these haha. Now I’m glad I didn’t go in with a clip on mount for my light, definitely would have crack the glass with the weight of the bulb.
  2. Thanks @Christopher Marks for putting this together! Looking forward to seeing all the entries!
  3. Not too much to update here but snapped a couple photos of the dimming lights of the tank. With the lights going down the euphyllia wasn’t fully extended. I have been dealing with alk swings and trying to get the dose dialed in. I recently increased the dose because my alk dropped down to 6.4 and I had got it close to my goal of 8 and then got a consistent dose going again. Yesterday I tested alk because my few sticks (nubs) weren’t looking great and it had dropped down to 6.4 again even with the higher dose. Consumption must keep jumping on me so I’m going to focus on testing daily or every other day until I get it dialed in again. Anyways here are the few photos from tonight!
  4. The rules won’t be much different than what’s listed already. Standard 2.5G with some dimension leeway. HOB only and no sump, canister filter, or dividing walls/AIO. No need to make it more complicated than you need.
  5. There you go haha, I wonder how many participants there will be for this
  6. Ahahaha, I bought the tank and all the pieces for mine and just said BTW I bought this and am doing a tank for this contest. Basically was just called a fish nerd and luckily had no backlash haha
  7. Ahaha that’s how I felt, took like 3 days for me to get my scape completely together
  8. Getting more and more excited for this to start. Received my light today and finished my scape as well. Got the light mounted and water tested the tank and HOB. Just have to figure out what to do for an ATO that won’t be a huge eyesore with such limited space.
  9. What’s a SW tank without having to do some extra home improvement work haha. ATO is something I have to figure out still.
  10. That’s one of the coolest ideas you could have for flow in a pico!
  11. Appreciate it! I’m hoping all get the build thread going by the end of the week. Almost have my scape finished for it.
  12. Totally understand with the HOB only rule but will definitely be watching your progress on this build. Looks like it will be a great one!
  13. Gotta start somewhere right. I plan on starting my thread when I finish the scape. Think it’s going to be unique but will have to see how it turns out. I know one coral I want to do is a gsp mat on the bottom glass as I’m going BB.
  14. Looks like you are off to a great start! I have almost all the pieces together for mine now. This should be a lot of fun. Excited to see what direction you take it for stocking!
  15. Picked up some dry rock today for the tank, getting super excited for the contest
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