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  1. skyscraper2290

    How often WC going with no skimmer?

    I am running a skimmerless set up on a 20G AIO cube with probably about 16-17G of water after accounting for rock and sand. I do 2 approximate 15% WCs a week and it’s been working really well. As the tank has been maturing I have been thinking about going to once a week but I like the added stability by doing 2 a week. I do dose 1.5ml of NoPox for added nutrient control but no other chemical filtration (Purigen, chemipure, etc...).
  2. skyscraper2290

    skyscraper’s PicO III Reboot (4 Month Update 1/13)

    Thanks teeny! I really appreciate that, hopefully everything fills in nicely and makes the scape look even better!
  3. skyscraper2290

    Hammer Issue

    Jus wanted to update this but the hammer unfortunately didn’t make it. After the dip more and more of what was left of the tissue slowly tore away from the skeleton. However the dip dip did help an acro that was showing STN and was able to stop it and now I’m seeing the best polyp extension it has shown yet.
  4. skyscraper2290

    skyscraper’s PicO III Reboot (4 Month Update 1/13)

    Thanks Dave, I love the reflections too! It’s amazing see how much better color is looking since getting the duo back. You can really see it on the graphed cap on the top down shots, the first top down was right when I got the duo back and just about a month and a half later it’s now bright green and red and showing good growth.
  5. skyscraper2290

    skyscraper’s PicO III Reboot (4 Month Update 1/13)

    So tank has been just chugging along. I performed my WC today and decided to take some 4 month photos including some before and afters. I have made the switch over to RS Blue Bucket and am working on getting my alk stable at 8 with dosing. All in all though pretty happy with where the tank is right now, still going to try to work on getting some non green corals in the tank to help balance it out. 1/13/2019 10/12/2018 1/13/2019 11/28/2018 (First top down I could find) 1/13/2019 10/20/2018
  6. skyscraper2290

    Budget 10 gal

    Ya macro lenses are ideal for coral pics. I personally haven’t bought one but use extension tubes which allow you to get closer to the subject. If your camera maxes at 7k I would just fix it in Lightroom or whatever editing program you use. Usually between 9-12k and then bring down the magenta tint about halfway. That should be a good starting point st least. Ya it’s tougher when you can line up the tripod with the tank, yours might have the extendable center column you can pull out and get the camera closer to the tank. I usually crop pretty heavy too.
  7. skyscraper2290

    Budget 10 gal

    You are off to a great start with the photos, i recommend setting your white balance to 9900k or setting up a custom white balance. Higher aperture is best f8 or f11 or higher. Use a tripod if you have it and keep your lens parallel to the glass. If you have a digital screen I usually use it to zoom in on where I want to focus and toggle it from there. Hope that helps!
  8. skyscraper2290

    skyscraper’s PicO III Reboot (4 Month Update 1/13)

    Thanks teeny! That makes a lot of sense, nitrates have been still staying between 2-5 since I reduced my feeding amount too.
  9. skyscraper2290

    MIcoast's IM30L - one year tank recap pg 27!

    Now that I finally learned you were my SS I realized I have never checked out your thread before and I realize I have been missing out! I love the comparison shots with a year between them. Looks like you have had much more success than any struggles!
  10. skyscraper2290

    skyscraper’s PicO III Reboot (4 Month Update 1/13)

    No chemical filtration, just filter floss and some chateo. I have been using NoPox and the past few weeks have cut my dose in half so it may be related to that. Recently I have been dosing 1ml two times a week right after my WC’s.
  11. skyscraper2290

    skyscraper’s PicO III Reboot (4 Month Update 1/13)

    So recently I have lowered the amount I have been feeding because I noticed the sand bed has been getting dirtier faster. I also have gotten to the point that I’m scraping green film algae off the glass daily which is a pretty big increase from what I had been seeing. I was wondering if I should just chalk this up to the tank going through the maturation process or if it’s something others have dealt with and what the cause was. Thanks in advance!
  12. skyscraper2290

    skyscraper’s PicO III Reboot (4 Month Update 1/13)

    Finally was able to track down a small bucket of Red Sea blue bucket today so I will be able to do my first WC with it tomorrow and then begin a closely monitored dosing program. I have been consistently going through .3 alk per day and because of that and seeing about 1.0 alk swings during WCs which I definitely don’t like. I plan to start with keeping the tank at 8 but may drop it a little bit. And because I went to one LFS today I decided to go to a Second after work and picked a 5 polyp frag of magician palys for $15 which felt like a steal. Just have them on the sand bed for now and will mount it tomorrow during my WC. I have been working on getting women on green corals in the tank to help with the balance so have been much pickier with what I’m adding to the tank at this point and am up to 46 total frags. Also have been been contemplating adding a TSB to the tank but have hesitated because of concerns of aggression with the other fish. That’s about all right now with the tank ATM.
  13. One of my nems moved to the middle of my 4 hammers and hasn’t moved since so I would say you shouldn’t have to worry. In fact my other 2 nems are right around my hammers too so you should be good to go!
  14. skyscraper2290

    2G Cube [Casa Del Zoa]

    Excited to see what you turn it into! When do you think you will get everything put together and get the tank wet?