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  1. Lil update, Calcium reactor was sold the day before install due to unexpected expenses. Still hand dosing as the ghl was sold as well 🙁
  2. Crazy interesting read, good luck on the ID.
  3. Dramad1

    Skimz Sumpro UP30 Sump

    I have the same one minus the adjustment sticker for the skimmer. Mine failed after 15 months use, resealed and all good again. Ato chamber leaks into sock section, wouldn't advise using the ato section because of this.
  4. Mystery Reef box has some nice surprise boxes as well as promo codes for discounts.
  5. I've been away from nanoreefs for way to long! I've got the bug again. ... I currently have a 150g cube/mixed reef and have several reef buddies setting up new tanks, frag systems, upgrading to the latest and greatest equipment. After refurbishing several systems and then passing them along, unable to make up my mind on what I want to do, a local reefer had me settled on the im25 lagoon. Hectors is absolutely stunning imo! While his is an AIO, I wanted a lil more options equipment wise so I went with the EXT version. I'll save the ramble for later and get to the tank, equipment and possible ideas, tank is currently still being set up, missing a few pieces of plumbing, cord for power, dry rock, ato reservoir. Tank: IM 25g EXT Lagoon 2nd edition, 1st one broke in shipping. Stand: D.I.Y plywood 36"L×20"W×32"H Sump: Skimz UP30 Return: varios2 Skimmer: Aquamaxx FC-80 ATO: Tunze nano 3152 Heater: Neotherm 100w Power: energy bar 832 aquabussed to the 150g cube apex EL 1x marine pure bioplate 1×1×8 Sand: questionable but do like having sand 20# special grade dry Flow: Nero5 Lighting: 1× Kessil 360x w/ mount Gear unboxing: Gear unboxing Pt2 Tank unboxing take2 pt1 Tank unboxing take2 pt2 More equipment unboxing Final unboxing 25g EXT lagoon walk around Stand build More stand build Some pics: Diy stand paint: Starting to plumb, missing some pieces: Tank shot: That Kessil though: So that's where I'm at now. Still need to pick up some plumbing parts, apex aquabus cable, finish stand door, build electrical box or board, install the ato and find a reservoir, purchase rock. I'm thinking marco dry rock or tlf stax rock, still undecided maybe some tonga branch. Fill and fine tune plumbing, acquire some bacteria for the cycle, source a custom lid/screen and on and on it goes lol, more updates as they happen. Anyone have and idea for a scape or see something I should have done different or tips, lmk it is valued and appreciated Plan is an lps some sps tank/frag ??Still undecided as I constantly change my kind about things.... Well that's a long read, more updates as they come.
  6. Very nice indeed, started your build thread on my b day, lol. I'm in the process as we speak of setting up the same tank, plan to do a new build thread maybe
  7. I ran a duo over mine w/ a ceiling hanging kit for a couple years with excellent results. Year later
  8. It's crazy how the first tank cost so much or gives you a bit of sticker shock, then it blooms into multiple tanks. How's the electric Bill? Cool idea buring the tanks
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