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  1. How Long To Attach?

    yeah shoot for like 5 days and if not strong go for a couple more
  2. clown goby

    they are the best fish ever. awesome, friendly, outgoing lots of personality. eats well, flakes as long as you arent getting sps (im sure like montis and stuff would be fine)
  3. SPS 'regrowth'

    the original color was completely pink
  4. xdannyx_ New Cube

    hey, its crazy. with only 1 it goes straight to like 86 in like 30 mins a nice heat wave right now
  5. xdannyx_ New Cube

  6. xdannyx_ New Cube

    Pics (sorry for the bad camera and bad glare: fts <br>fts2 <br>clown in his garden <br>shroom and ric <br>purple monti, porites, favia <br>monti's <br> sps (other than favia) : purple monti, porites, not so pink yet birdnest, elkhorn monti, two monti caps. <br>frag shelf : 5 pink birdsnest frags, ora green birdsnest(for me), red monti digitata(for me), elkshorn monti *there is no tissue damage, just glare from being taken from above water* check it PEEPS!!!
  7. SPS 'regrowth'

    im sure this has been mentioned but: With this particular case im talking about a birdsnest. first added this coral and it did very badly, turning brown within a couple days then started to die off. polyps never came out. since it has 'come back' and its polyps are all completely out (for the past week or more) even though the color has not yet started to get pink again. but alot of the branches completely died off and lost the tissue. other than on the tips of most of them. my question is this: will it re grow over the bare skeleton? it looks like its building up some algae in spots. or should i clip them off? and a side question, how long does it usually take to get a browned out coral to get its color back. its under 150w 10,000 ab bulb. (as a gage, i have seen a tip that a hermit broke off, fall onto another branch and it has since grown into that branch and fused together, so im fairly positive it is healthy now. at lease all but the branches that were completely lost. - although even some of those have tips that are still alive and well- ) so clip them off and frag the tips, or just leave it? (the tips that are still alive are about 3/4 inch long) apologies for the chaotic message
  8. shrimp ID

    ok so, hate me but my brother has my camera in his car so... this pic is the best i could do. so heres the description its clear mostly. it is 1/2 inch long It has one Large claw and another normal size one. the dark spot in its head area is its guts and its set of back feet (or whatever you will call them. those tons of little things they swim with) are green and ideas. sorry for no photo i always hate it when people do this
  9. how to beat the heat?

    i have to have a small 4 inch fan blowing right on the water, and a 12 inch fan blowing the surface from the side just to keep it 80 - 81.5 and i have to wait till 7pm for my lights to kick in. they go from 7 - 2am heat sucks!!!! the only reason san diego is a bad place
  10. DIY calcium test

    yikes. maybe once i do more than teach surfing as a job. haha i think i might call the manufacturer, i was thinking about doing that, but just wanted to check if anyone knew
  11. DIY calcium test

    so. don't know if anyone has done this (couldn't find it on the search) One of the bottles to my calcium test dried up (cap not on all the way) and i got to noticing that on the bottles it says: bottle 1 : contains Sodium Hydroxide bottle 2 : Calcium Chloride bottle 3 : Ethanol Absolute These all seem like fairly straight forward solutions. I am taking chem 201 this semester and then organic chem the next. just wondering if anyone knows the specifics on the solutions needed for calcium testing. im pretty sure i can get it from my lab. i could also ask my prof. once school starts and hed probably help me figure it out but just wondering if anyone has tried this before. calcium tests are WAY too expensive!!!
  12. sad - birdsnest

    thanks for all the suggestions guys. today nearly all the polyps are out. but i did completely lose 1/3 of the colony, not just color bleaching but completely bone white. tissue came off. but i fragged the ends of those branches losing tissue yesterday and all 6 frags look like they are coming back. all but one have polyps out.
  13. Acclimating tank to MH

    one suggestion i've heard is start with one hour the first day, then add an hour every day, so 2 hours the next day, then 3 then 4........ i did something similar to that a long time ago and it worked fine
  14. sad - birdsnest

    hope so...
  15. sad - birdsnest

    no filtration, but water changes go down all the time. 14x14x14 Aqua Medic 150w MH pendant new ab aqualine 10,000 K bulb been up like 2 months i think. just thought it would be ok due to the montis doing extremely well, but then again montis are just as easy as apstasia to grow. params are all zero. temp did fluctuate a bit during the days i put it in. hot spell in the last few days. so i got a bigger fan. as of the middle of yesterday into today has not gone out of the 80 - 80.8 degree range. so that could be it as well. maybe with the fan it wil;l start to come back to me.