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  1. Thanks for the mention! I haven't been able to be active on here for a variety of reasons, so no thread updates. I would say though that of course any time you can replicate a natural diet, that is the best. Pods should definitely be supplemented and really aren't that hard to culture... As far as getting fish to eat frozen, one thing that has worked many times for me is hatching baby brine, mixing it with frozen food and then turning off pumps to feed. That way, there is live food and fish have a feeding response, while at the same time there is a high probability of them grabbing frozen while going for the brine. Good luck with everything!
  2. Yes, you definitely have more freedom πŸ™‚ It's fun to see how your tank progresses. On this end, all my tanks are good and the ponies are wonderful πŸ™‚ I just don't ever have the time to do an actual update....
  3. Your tank is looking great! With the non-photosynthetic gorg, it's similar to sun corals/dendros in the sense that once you see it's polyps out, the more you feed it, the more it stays open consistently. I've got a couple of them and love them! Reef roids or any other foods like that work great πŸ™‚
  4. Thanks and thanks! Really looking forward to seeing where this can go πŸ™‚
  5. It's been awhile since I've been able to be active on here but I set up a donors choose site last night and now that I think about it, I might have a bit more luck and flexibility with a GoFundMe page... I will propose the ideas to my aquarium club. Thankfully, my students and I were finally able to have our first meeting of our Aquarium Club and they are extremely motivated because we now have the frag tank set up and I was showing them all of the zoas and the idea of using zoa sales to try and fund maintenance supplies and new inhabitants for our aquarium. I think they are particularly interested in acquiring new tank inhabitants because we have now lost 4 fish due to what first looked like ich (and what I treated for) and then the clowns were struck with what looked much like Brooklynella or at least some kind of fungal disease (treated them as well and also had them in hypo salinity). Here is a quick shot of the frag tank ....
  6. It's an asterina star - one way they reproduce is by fission (splitting themselves in half). This is the reason you're only seeing part of one. Most are harmless, but keep an eye on them because I've had some that liked to eat my zoas.
  7. They do a great job with hair algae!
  8. Blue tuxedo is fine in just about any tank as long as it has enough algae to eat. You can supplement with algae sheets if you don't have enough growing on your rocks - same for most inverts.
  9. It's definitely a blue striped pipefish - I have a pair at home. Hatching brine shrimp or feeding some pods to see if it eats might be a good next move, although I'm sure he's been through quite a shock! Keeping my fingers crossed for you that he survives!! My pair actually took pretty readily to frozen and now eat mysis like champs. Good luck and looking forward to seeing how this progresses.
  10. Here's the tank as of now. I recognize it's not nearly in as good of shape as I would like it to be because there was a dip in alkalinity - which is now under control and I am dosing Tropic Marin Carbo-calcium and have been maintaining consistent parameters for the past two weeks. In addition (and hopefully as a way to fund this) I had enough equipment lying around to set up a small 5 gallon that I am going to use as a frag tank. The plan is to bring in some corals from my home tank, grow them out, and use them to generate a bit of income. What my big goal with the frag tank though is to really involve my students in all aspects of the hobby by starting an aquarium club during recess time. During that time we would do tank maintenance, testing, learn about the animals, and discuss finances as far as tank expenses are concerned and income generated through various sources (considering a GoFundMe as well). In addition to this, I want my students involved in writing to people who grow corals/maintain tanks for a living and see what they are then able to apply to our setting. I've been doing this for years and am always looking for ways to learn and grow with this hobby. As always, comments and suggestions are welcome!
  11. Great suggestions as well, thank you! Thanks everyone, I appreciate the suggestions! I guess I am just looking towards what larger organizations offer grants πŸ™‚
  12. I've thought about that too. I will have to see if I can get it up and running! I'm trying to be a little more active with tank stuff on social media. Thanks for the suggestion.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion, I had tried awhile back and not much luck though - which is why I'm curious to know if there are other grants available πŸ™‚
  14. Here’s the tank as it is right now, can definitely get it into better shape, but having the 10 instead of the 20 makes things much easier!
  15. Hello! I have had a tank in my classroom for the past several years and have not done a great job documenting it with how busy this year has been, but what I am wondering is if anyone has knowledge of ways to help offset costs of the tank or to get it stocked with some more corals? I have received the Pets in the Classroom grant and when I look for others to fund saltwater aquariums, there seem to be very few out there. Any suggestions would be much appreciated - thanks all!
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