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  1. Just saw your last post - mine was posting at the same time! (KP aquatics I'm assuming...) Any recommendations on what types of gorgonians to go for? I'm not looking for any non-photosynthetic ones.
  2. Your tank is absolutely beautiful! Love the nano serpent stars too - how big are they supposed to get? Also, I've skimmed your thread and probably just missed it, but where did you get your gorgonians from? I'm setting up a seahorse tank in the very near future and ideally would like it to have the look that your tank has. Thanks for any info!!
  3. Classroom Pico - Check out the new creatures :)

    What about them makes you nervous? They just need to eat algae, so if you don't have any in your tank you can supplement with algae sheets. Other than that, just make sure your frags are glued down well
  4. Classroom Pico - Check out the new creatures :)

    I'm not sure what to tell you. I don't have an airstone or anything on the end of it though.... I get more microbubbles in my IM 10 than anything else...
  5. Classroom Pico - Check out the new creatures :)

    This is going to be the coolest update by far to this pico tank! Because there is not much time for extras during the school day, I have aquarium club that I run every Monday during recess. During that time, we do water testing, observe the tanks, and other activities to learn more about what goes on in the aquariums and oceans. Since the pico, due to my lack of maintenance, has been developing quite a bit of algae, we investigated ways to get rid of it. I challenged the students to research what method they would prefer and it was during that time that I remembered we have someone local who has bred blue tuxedo urchins.... they would be the perfect size for the pico! I hinted to the students that it might be a good idea, but that we would have to also get in touch with him and see if he would let them go when they are as small as they are... I also had checked in with him about the urchins and he kindly donated about 12 baby urchins Since two other teachers at school have reef tanks as well, I shared with them and put a couple in our 20 gallon reef (in a smaller container). They are such cool additions!!! Looking for them, it is almost like playing 'Where's Waldo' In other news, due to various issues, the pulsing xenia has not made it through and the zoas right now have quite a bit of algae - which I will look at tackling more this week. The acan frag has been looking good and it has been interesting to see how the coloring continues to change due to the light.... Also thought I would try something new by attaching the pipette to keep up with evaporation over the weekend So much of this pico has just been been trying different things out and seeing what happens!
  6. Classroom Pico - Check out the new creatures :)

    Thank you for the suggestion about a heater - such small water volume though that it overheats. I ran the airline through the week, no heater because the school is heated, but then for the weekend threw the pump back in.... we will see!
  7. Pico gift for co-worker

    Nelson gave some good advice. Go for the aqua clear - great filter and will be good flow for the tank. As far as goby pistol pair, make sure you choose a goby that stays small - some get fairly large. Sounds like a fun project!
  8. Classroom Pico - Check out the new creatures :)

    Oh, I also forgot, I took out the tiny pump that I had running and replaced it will just an airline tube... I'm a little nervous to see how it works in relation to temperature, but that little pump was keeping it a little too warm I think!
  9. Classroom Pico - Check out the new creatures :)

    I am hardly getting on the forum at all anymore and the pico has definitely been on the back burner, but here are some updates! Because of my neglect, there has been quite a bit of hair algae in the tank and I lost the xenia frag that had been doing well.... Last week I had students start research ways to combat the algae growing and this week I am looking forward to seeing some of the solutions they have proposed (we have a weekly aquarium club on Mondays). I also will be picking up a few captive bred baby tuxedo urchins sometime this week to help combat the algae In the meantime, I literally took the tank apart and did a 'reset' by removing everything and dumping the water, scrubbing all of the rocks, and then putting everything back in with water from a water change I did on my 20. I will see tomorrow how everything is doing. I will also be putting some new frags in there tomorrow and see how they do. On an interesting note, I think the light has done a decent job so far, but don't know if I would ever use it over a reef display because of the lack of pop from the corals, but because of the light, my acan frag is doing some interesting things color-wise (sorry for the bad pic, but it really is hard with the texture of the glass and some of the bubbles that are in it). Hopefully I will have a few more pics to be uploading later this week. Thanks for taking a look and please feel free to comment and/or offer suggestions!
  10. Classroom Pico - Check out the new creatures :)

    My container is right at about a quart of water - super tiny! It's really hard to work in there and with the way things have been going, I contemplated just taking it apart, but on Friday I basically did a reset...
  11. Classroom Pico - Check out the new creatures :)

    Just sent, sorry for such a delay... everything else will be in on time or early! Thank you
  12. AI hydra 26 package

    Thanks, I appreciate the response!
  13. NanoNest

    Looks great! Where did you get your stand? I've been looking for something similar... thanks
  14. AI hydra 26 package

    Couple questions, would one be enough for the nuvo 20? Do you still have a mount left and if so, how much for one light and the mount? Thanks!