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  1. hinnenkm

    Seahorse Tank (October Update)

    Yes, if you get the chance, do it! It's such a neat experience going under the water with all of the knowledge that we have from this hobby 🙂
  2. hinnenkm

    Seahorse Tank (October Update)

    Thanks for catching up on this thread (I definitely don't update it often...)! Yes, scuba was INCREDIBLE and I'm looking forward to my next opportunity to dive. Seeing a seahorse was, without a doubt, one of the coolest experiences I've had to date and my ponies at home have been great too 🙂
  3. hinnenkm

    Seahorse Tank (October Update)

    October update... The ponies are all doing well and I am still loving them (although I wish I had a bit more time to enjoy them)! I do pretty small water changes every other day to keep up with the detritus that builds up and to make sure any additional waste is getting syphoned out. I do still have some algae going on, so I am trying to get into a better routine with the larger water changes - trying to keep those to once a week, but looking to increase the volume of them. I would like to work on the scape a bit more too, just haven't had the resources to do so yet. Beyond that, I found a really cool gorgonian about two weeks ago that the ponies have been loving 🙂
  4. hinnenkm

    TeenyReef's 10g Fusion - September FTS

    No problem! YouTube is my go to when I need to fix something 🙂
  5. hinnenkm

    TeenyReef's 10g Fusion - September FTS

    Yes! That's the exact video I was thinking about 🙂
  6. hinnenkm

    Innovative Marine Fusion 10 Club

    You can do that, theres a video on youtube I think you can look up - don't have the link though! I just took a hammer and nail to mine... not the sleekest look, but doesn't happen anymore 🙂
  7. hinnenkm

    Tasha's 3rd Grade Tank, Fed by Mr. Rogers

    Absolutely no doubt about that, I have had a lot of students with all kinds of issues use the tank as a calming tool. Helps me re-center and decompress too when things get too busy 🙂
  8. hinnenkm

    Dawn's SH garden. Yet another new scape!

    Looks good 🙂 Always fun to see an update!
  9. hinnenkm

    Seahorse Tank (October Update)

    Hahahah, thanks 🙂
  10. hinnenkm

    Seahorse Tank (October Update)

    Update time... This summer, I spent 3 weeks in Puerto Rico and while there, I ended up getting my open water scuba certification! During that time, I completed skills and dives quickly and ended up getting an extra dive in. The instructor loves seahorses as much as I do and for my last dive, she said we were going to look for seahorses (there are typically several in the area). I was the one who ended up spotting it 😍 Beyond that, it was great to get home to my ponies as well 🙂 They are now in a nuvo 25 and seem to be super happy. It doesn't look like much, but I like how the tank is going. Funny story with the fake coral too, I didn't really want it and my friend kept trying to get my to put it in the tank.... the horses actually prefer it to the natural stuff! Oh and the pole was made by him too because a couple of them like to sleep higher up in the tank 😂 The ponies are very active feeders too - which I am grateful for! Can you spot the seahorse below?The newest and last addition 🙂 She is pretty timid so far, but looking forward to her getting used to things!
  11. The tank is looking great! It's always fun to see other classroom tanks because not a lot of people have them (although at this point, I've got two other coworkers with aquariums 🙂 I ended up bring a 10 gallon to the classroom. Love the 20, but there are just a lot more benefits of having the smaller tank (at least for me). We'll see how it goes. Have a great start!
  12. hinnenkm

    Clown's 25g Lagoon Upgrade

    Tank is looking beautiful and that plate 😍
  13. That's awesome news with the pipefish - definitely looking forward to updates as that is a process I would eventually like to start up too!
  14. hinnenkm

    Traveling Questions

    Got the chance to check out a LFS and the owner had natural resources in his phone. We gave them a call and said there should be no issue bringing a few frags back - just to be sure to have the receipt proving I bought them in a store 🙂
  15. hinnenkm

    Purple Pseudochromis and Sixline Wrasse

    Pseudochromis tend to be jerks and in a 15 gallon, I would imagine even more so....