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  1. hinnenkm

    Some sort of encrusting coral (or sponge)

    Positive it's a leptoseris, one of my favorite and they come in some cool color varieties as well!
  2. This tank looks great - cool to see all of that growth!
  3. hinnenkm

    Money Cowrie (Monetaria moneta)

    Money cowries (or gold ring cowries) are the best! I got one years ago as a hitch hiker and have had at least one of these in my tanks ever since... they devour algae and don't do damage to anything else. Beyond that, they are just a cool invert
  4. hinnenkm

    5th Grade Classroom Tank - Update Time :)

    Over a month since the last update, but the tank is still doing well! It is my peace when I need a couple seconds (or minutes) to just center myself again. Starting off with a full tank video Sun coral as usual has been doing great - one of my favorite pieces! Can you spot the baby urchin below? Scarlett hermits, never knew they had green eyes... New bubble tip for the clowns - so far it hasn't moved and it is looking beautiful! The other two just kept getting smaller and smaller despite no changes in lighting/parameters and receiving food a few times a week.... No idea Dendros have been growing nicely as well Zoa garden is a work in progress Jerry, the orange spot goby Overall, the tank continues to run well. There are a few aptasia here and there, but I don't want to put a peppermint shrimp in - can't stand them.... I'll figure something out this summer. I also put some chaeto in the back chamber and have a light on it at night. The chaeto has been growing like crazy and my nitrates have definitely decreased - which is really cool to see such a noticeable difference! I like to feed the tank and the kids like to watch, so to find a nice balance between nutrient import and export has been fun. In all honesty, this has been one of my favorite set ups and I love that I get to enjoy it almost every day. Thanks for looking and please let me know if there are ever any comments and/or suggestions to continue improving!
  5. hinnenkm

    "Semi" bacterial bloom

    I had the same thing and tried everything to get rid of it in my 10 gallon. I upgraded to my twenty gallon and moved the light too, but left the 10 up and running. After a day or two without the light, the water was crystal clear. I don’t know how easy that would be for you, but seems to make me think it is light dependent.
  6. hinnenkm

    Classroom Pico - Check out the new creatures :)

    Thanks much, I appreciate it!
  7. hinnenkm

    5th Grade Classroom Tank - Update Time :)

    Long time coming.... here's the latest update! One of the several baby tuxedos that were donated to our classrooms I am in love with them! It's really interesting though how they are all growing at very different rates, some of them are relatively 'huge' (about the size of a small grape), while others are still the size of a pea or smaller. Fighting conch has been a new addition - one of my favorite inverts. Working on the acan garden too - the oranges are bright! The trumpets have all been looking super fluffy as well - which makes me happy! It's blurry, but cool perspective... Baby dendros aren't so little anymore. The plate! Full tank shot Sun corals are loving things too right now! One of the best ways to view a tank - the nepthea has come back beautifully! Things overall have been good - lost a plate coral though.... Also wondering about the bubble tips.... I was looking through pics from the beginning of the year and they were much bigger.... My lighting hasn't changed and I feed them 2-3 times a week..... if anyone has any suggestions I would love them! Thanks for looking
  8. hinnenkm

    Custom 20g Zoa Garden

    Beautiful! Love all the pictures that you have in your thread
  9. hinnenkm

    Classroom Pico - Check out the new creatures :)

    The light isn't all that great at bringing the colors of any of the corals that have been added
  10. hinnenkm

    Classroom Pico - Check out the new creatures :)

    Thanks! and do you mean the duncan frag?
  11. hinnenkm

    5th Grade Classroom Tank - Update Time :)

    Thanks for asking. The tank is cruising, but with work and my grad class, I haven't had time for anything else let alone pics or updates.... hope to get some pics to maybe upload tomorrow?!
  12. hinnenkm

    5th Grade Classroom Tank - Update Time :)

    Thanks, definitely is and it's one of my favorites. I'll have to get a better updated pic
  13. hinnenkm

    5th Grade Classroom Tank - Update Time :)

    Sorry for the delay - it's a Nikon Coolpix S9600. Decent white balance, but I usually adjust the light about so I get it as close to natural as possible. Thanks much! Yeah, I think we would all agree that it's better to have him in the tank rather than somewhere else!
  14. Just saw your last post - mine was posting at the same time! (KP aquatics I'm assuming...) Any recommendations on what types of gorgonians to go for? I'm not looking for any non-photosynthetic ones.