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  1. That's awesome news with the pipefish - definitely looking forward to updates as that is a process I would eventually like to start up too!
  2. hinnenkm

    Traveling Questions

    Got the chance to check out a LFS and the owner had natural resources in his phone. We gave them a call and said there should be no issue bringing a few frags back - just to be sure to have the receipt proving I bought them in a store 🙂
  3. hinnenkm

    Purple Pseudochromis and Sixline Wrasse

    Pseudochromis tend to be jerks and in a 15 gallon, I would imagine even more so....
  4. hinnenkm

    NEW GIVEAWAY: Polyp Lab Coral View Lens Review

    Done, thanks for the chance!
  5. hinnenkm

    Something's wrong

    One thing is definitely reducing your photo-period. Also, what size tank is it (can't seem to find it in the thread, although I only went back and skimmed it). What do you have in there for bioload already? Inverts don't really count in this sense. With an emerald crab, which corals are you so worried they will go after? I've got two babies in my tank and a ton of lps and softies that have been just fine. (I also work at a fish store and deal with this kind of stuff often). I would easily put emeralds (the small ones, the bigger ones do tend to be more aggressive) in my tank before I would do a halloween hermit - they look cool, but very aggressive. The emerald shouldn't go after any of the other stuff you mentioned. The other snails you mentioned are definitely good ones.
  6. hinnenkm

    Something's wrong

    Just read through this and sorry you’re having difficulties - that is definitely part of the challenge of this hobby. After looking at your pic of the zoas, I don’t know that they will come back (maybe though 🤞🏻). It is definitely possible that amphipods were munching on them, but asterina stars have been known to do the same and I’ve lost plenty of zoas to them. With your algae issues, this is what I would do if it were my tank (and I’ve had all types).... - check your photo period so you’re not running your lights for too long - feeding heavily is fine, but you also want a good way to export those nutrients because algae growth is fueled by what’s in the water and your lights - get some good clean up crew (don’t be scared of adding them to your tank) trochus snails are a staple, nassarius do a great job at leftover food, and for the algae that’s already there, a small emerald would be more than appropriate and possibly a blue tuxedo urchin (they stay small) - consider growing chaetomorpha in a back chamber to outcompete the algae in your display for nutrients It will take some time, but in combination these things should work. Seems like it is still a pretty new tank, patience is key and no need to be overly worried about any of these things. Good luck✌
  7. Definitely some good ideas, thank you! What are your plans for your tank this year? Looking forward to seeing what you do with it 🙂
  8. Thanks! The nuvo.20 is the account I use only to upload stuff to here. Beyond that, and where I post a lot more of my other tanks and some of me, is my kamor0686 account. Trying to get this classroom tank back to the shape it was in earlier this year!
  9. Thank you! Being that we are right in the middle of the country, it definitely exposes a lot of them to animals they might not ever get the chance to see. Beyond that though, it has been a really great tool to help motivated and focus a lot of students. There has been some great work done through the years 🙂
  10. Yup, I played around with it and they just didn’t end up working well, so now they’re sitting with my miscellaneous fish supplies. That’s why I was curious what the difference with the new ones was. Thanks much 🙂
  11. hinnenkm

    Dawn's shrimp chalet & 5.5 AIO !

    Awesome, I’ve found that the more you feed, the longer and longer they stay open during the day. I had my classroom Ones to where they’d be open all day. Need to get them back to that point 🙂 love how fluffy the trumpets are looking!
  12. Thanks for the response! I did add more water, but felt like it kept the water in the display too high.
  13. I bet it would have had some nice reds in it 🙂 Would love to get an underwater filter for my camera to really get the colors to pop!
  14. hinnenkm

    Dawn's shrimp chalet & 5.5 AIO !

    Such a cool little tank! How's it going with the sun coral??